Welcome to my newest story, The Heart of a Jasonette. This is my own take on what might be another Jason love story, but I will attempt to make it very different. Any of the "romance" will take place much later after my character goes through Hell to even get close to that point. Yes, she is pretty much based on myself, including her name, personality, and being an obsessed fan of Jason. Jason Voorhees will be as canon as possible. If, in the future, I'm not sure about something, I will mention OOC, just in case.

I will also try to not be terribly hard on myself with this story as far as taking too long to write the chapters. I still will put forth my best effort, though it may not be as eloquent as my Vengeance for the Innocent story. But I hope that if you're fans of that story, then you'll like this one too(:

So let me know if you're interested in this one and want me to keep going.

An ebony, midnight sky hung over the woods of Crystal Lake, beaming down another sense of false peace. All niches of the surroundings seemed to be glancing upon a common sight: a couple seated before a roaring campfire, their tent behind them. The basic law around here gave no shame to more obtrusive humans. They should have understood the full extent of what they were getting into. A quick passage of time would decide their fate.

Diana was one of the two entrapped in this vengeful land. She sat with her knees positioned just below her chin, giving a faraway stare. She of all people should know that this was a fatal mistake just being here, and she did. If her disinterest in the man next to her didn't explain it, then the Jason necklace she always wore around her neck was the major confirmation. Diana slid it gently through her fingers while taking in the setting that had dominated her dreams for years.

Lorne was the man who had brought her here in the hopes of making her happy. Crystal Lake had been Diana's most favorite place in the world since…well, forever. To make her visitation here a reality should score some friendship points between them. And hopefully, maybe more. So far, it didn't pass off as going well. Lorne continually glanced at the young woman, ending each turn with a sigh before reverting his face back to the campfire. Those attractive, blue eyes of Lorne's, which would have sparked the interest of any other female, mirrored the fire's glow.

"So, Diana. Don't you love the peace and quiet around here? Always a good time for people to get to know each other."

Diana eventually replied, still caressing her necklace. Her tone was steady, yet gave an ominous connotation.

"Yeah, but the peace is so deceiving. It's like the quiet before the storm. Especially around here."

Lorne's face fell into confusion at her response.

"If that's the case, then why do you like it so much? I just don't get the attraction."

Diana's expression showed deep thought as she finally stopped playing with her prized Jason jewelry and let it drop into a resting position. Lorne widened his eyes at where it landed. Right in between her…Wait. Why was he staring there? Diana's family viewed him as a gentleman with strong Christian values. That's what motivated them to bring Lorne into the girl's life. To steer her away from the obsession they called unhealthy, to put it nicely.

The dim cloak of the land failed to accentuate Diana's cascading, brown hair and hazel eyes of a certain sophistication. Her usual, fair features would have ignited with a fierce beauty if the moonlight had shown upon them. It was a bit of a sad situation to Lorne. He wasn't the only man to find her lovely. So why was she throwing her life away on a passion that would get her nowhere?

"Nobody does. I don't know. There's just something I…"

Diana's eyes increased to huge spheres as she took in a sight behind Lorne. Her whole body became rigid. She showed incompatible feelings of fear and wonder. The voice within her was as frozen as she was to the ground.

"Diana, what…"

Lorne ended his confusion mid-sentence. He soon felt a tower of dread breathing upon him. A chill as cold as the figure's soul stunned Lorne's very bones. Turning around, he emitted a cracking noise brimming with an indescribable terror. The storm of vengeance choked out the repose of the air, blood caked machete at his side. His exposed ribs and spine glinted in the hearth of the fire.

Jason Voorhees had found them. No shocking truth there, his killer instinct had detected them within seconds. He immediately locked on the human where the most fear originated from. A little strange in Jason's experience was that this time it was from the man. The young woman a few feet away sat there almost calmly, staring at him with this extraordinary acceptance.

As Jason looked at Diana for even a few seconds, Lorne seized that moment to stand up and sprint out of the campsite for his very life. He moved past Diana without any awareness that she was even there. The fleeing Lorne incited Jason's thirst for blood to a stronger degree, causing him to snap his head away from Diana and head in pursuit after the other human. The giant covered the ground with steady, lumbering steps, yet caught up to Lorne quite swiftly.

Diana just watched with a stare breathing with conflicting emotions. She could have taken Jason's distraction as a chance to escape, but didn't. Her eyes couldn't dissuade from the scene playing out before her. Voorhees grasped onto Lorne's shoulder with a deathly hand, digging easily into the soft flesh until blood flowed to the surface. Lorne fought not to scream, as if trying to prove to Diana that he could be as tough as the murderer ready to destroy him.

That quickly failed in all respects. Jason slammed Lorne against a nearby oak, the bark trembling in anticipation for a life to be gorily ended upon its trunk. The young Christian man looked at Diana with pleading eyes, a silent cry that had the air of telling her that he never should have interfered. The woman reciprocated her own expression that showed regret for Lorne's impending doom. But there was something more keeping her from "stopping" Jason.

Jason Voorhees arched his machete back and plunged the blade into Lorne's chest, where it effortlessly sliced through both the flesh and the tree propping him up. Its massive tip revealed itself on the other side, dripping with fresh blood. The hulking killer stood there with an eerie composure, watching Lorne choke up geysers of his insides, not ready to pull the machete out until it was certain that Lorne had passed from this earth. No matter how slow or agonizing the transference was for the mortal.

Lorne's eyes finally stared as a void to prove his life had escaped through the blood pouring forth. Without any inkling of contentment, Jason wrenched the machete back out and had moved on his way before Lorne's body had slumped to the ground.

Diana's remaining sense of sanity screamed at her to move in reaction to Jason's looming form closing the gap between them. There was no attempt of listening on Diana's part. Jason stopped inches from her, pouring down a glimmer of disinterest in raising his machete to her. Diana's only movement was to raise her head higher, barely breathing. She knew that only Jason could decide her fate. So she sat there with a respectful look, soundlessly accepting if she became the next lamb in Jason's line of slaughter.

Instead of her undergoing such a bloody demise, a staring contest occurred between the two, Jason seeming to size her up with those abysmal eye holes of his mask. Then he turned from her and proceeded to stride on into the night, disappearing into the silhouettes of the trees. Diana didn't know what to make of this. She was not supposed to be alive to stare after where he had gone. Her heart shouldn't have been pumping. Her long strands of hair should have been drenched in gore. Her flesh should have been….

Diana Link sat upright in her bed, while another Crystal Lake dream soaked into her mind. It was not bad. They never were. And yet they still left her feeling confused, if that was the right word. Having dream after dream and wondering if it would ever be a reality. She smoothed out the nightgown that had become ruffled when she had constantly changed positions during the dream.

Her gaze swept over her room, where its clear purpose was more as a shrine than a bedroom. Friday the 13th posters overtook the walls until there was no space left. Whenever Diana retreated into her world of isolation, she often found herself talking to the substance of Jason within the posters. Even her only best friend in existence, Henry Haruna, wondered if that should be called a problem. Diana gave off a glimmer of dark humor. Not at the thought of Henry himself, but more at the foreseeable moment of her telling him about Lorne's destruction in her dream world. For the man was indeed a real life of flesh and blood whose intentions of being Diana's practical boyfriend were all too clear. Would Lorne become perturbed upon hearing this, running away and leaving her alone for good? Or would he get consumed with a hospitable desire to help Diana even more? Diana hoped it would be the first choice.

There was even a portion of the wall with a bulletin board dedicated to newspaper clippings of the massacres in the Crystal Lake area. Assortments of merchandise created to profit from the lake's grisly legend covered every surface of her room. From action figures to novels to T-shirts, even a cardboard cutout that stared at her from the corner, it was all there. Maybe not all because Diana was still adding as she went along.

She couldn't help but smile at it all. It was her treasure trove in honor of the most amazing man to ever walk the earth in her eyes. Her family would call it warped, yet Diana held a mindset that had a much deeper meaning, one she could never explain. She lay back down on the bed, pulling her Jason Voorhees plush closer to her. A more meditative look crossed her face. Jason was real, she knew that, slaughtering any human who dared mock the boundaries of his territory. All the way in New Jersey, which seemed so far away from her current state.

Of course, Diana never suffered his wrath in her dreams, yet she was no fool. She would just end up dying like everyone else if she ever went there. Not like she would ever experience that twisted stroke of luck of nearing Crystal Lake. At least, that's what she thought. She closed her eyes, while stroking the doll she called Jason Jr.

The heart of a Jasonette beats with a passion behind the bars of a prison.

As a unique touch, I plan on including a little quote at the end of each chapter about what the heart of a hardcore Jasonette goes through. Hence, it enhances the title of the story and kind of explains the feelings of Diana.

Talk to you all soon(: