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I thought writing the wedding would be fun and fluffy, quite the opposite actually lmao. Seems like wedding writing is just not my thing, oh and this is the last chapter. Yea, not….my best, if I think of something better though I'll probably replace it.

A lovely early summer wedding, for a lovely couple. After a bit of quick planning and a hard decision on where exactly to hold their wedding, they decided to have a small church wedding, with the reception in the large backyard of Carlos' parent's home. While Carlos waited at the altar, with Logan beside him as his best man, James and Kendall as the other grooms men, his brother proudly strutted down the aisle as the ring bearer, with a handful of Samantha's little nieces throwing flowers around behind him. To the other side was Emily as maid of honor, with Tiffany and Zoey as bride's maids.

Since her father was so opposed to the wedding, he refused to walk her down the aisle. It was unsettling, to think that her dad had walked one of her other sisters down the aisle, yet refused to walk her down just because she wasn't marrying a white guy, but she dealt with it. In fact, she requested that Anthony, Carlos' father walked her down the aisle as replacement. It sent her own dad into an uproar, he was livid at the thought, but it didn't change his mind.

When Samantha walked down the aisle, all Carlos could think was how stunning she looked. Samantha wore a simple off shoulder white dress, with long lace sleeves and an intricately designed bodice. The grin on Carlos' face was unlike any grin anyone had seen on him before. It was off to the side, and it looked like he was witnessing an angel approaching him, and in Carlos' mind that was exactly what he was seeing. His eyes were already glassy, and the pastor hadn't even begun to speak yet. When she arrived at the altar, Samantha bit the corner of her lip as always, and smiled a bit at Carlos, who just continued to grin as he dragged her up the two steps to stand in front of him.

All was going well, until her dad stood up to object to the two of them marrying, but her brothers quickly grabbed him and dragged him out of the ceremony. While that was definitely the worst thing to happen at the wedding, that meant nothing to the two love birds, who were well aware that they were going to get married with or without his consent.

"Samantha, people may not find you fun—"

"Bad start dude…" Logan whispered behind him, completely interrupting Carlos while he was trying to recite his vows.

"Well, what I mean to say is that people…may not find you super adventurous and outgoing, but that's fine, because I love my shy, quiet teacher. You make me happy, no matter what you do or say I know I'm going to be with the sweetest person in the world…" Carlos continued through his vows, unable to look Samantha in the eyes because she was crying, and he himself didn't want to shed any tears.

"Carlos, you're my everything! You make me happy, sometimes a little angry, you've managed to make me cry, and you've managed to make me laugh and keep me safe and protect me. But most of all I think you've started to bring back the old parts of me that I didn't think I would ever let resurface…and believe me that's a good thing. I love you, you're my personal Superman." She smiled at him, and Carlos grinned, raising his arm and pointing out the Superman cuff links he was wearing on his tux, which only served to make Samantha giggle and smile.

When it was time for the two of them to exchange rings, Mark proudly walked forward with the pillow holding the two rings, but they weren't there.

"Oh my gosh…." Samantha mumbled and stared up at the ceiling.

"Mark…"Carlos gritted through his teeth, "Where are the rings?"

"Oh…." Mark looked down at the pillow, then up at his big brother with a shrug. "I forgot them somewhere." Everyone was quiet, just staring at him wondering whether or not they'd get in a lot of trouble for screaming at a little boy in church. "I'm just kidding!" He giggled and reached into his coat pocket and pulled out the two rings. "James told me to hide them!" He smiled proudly.

"You're not supposed to tell them that Mark, that's the point of a joke!" James whispered, and Mark just shrugged and held them up to them before running back to his place. The two shook their heads, both silently vowing that they would get back at James before sliding the rings on each other's fingers and giving each other a sweet kiss.

The reception was rather…interesting. When it was time for the couple to dance with one another, Mark jumped up with his little "girlfriend" and took her to the makeshift dance floor. Everyone had a good laugh, watching the two hold hands and spin around together.

"Twenty bucks says they get married." Kendall whispered to Carlos.

"Deal." Carlos chuckled and shook hands with him. They watched the little kids dance around before eventually getting too dizzy and falling to the floor. When their parents helped them off of the dance floor, Carlos immediately stood up, dragging Samantha out to the dance floor.

"Oh my god, our song." Samantha gasped with wide eyes. "I didn't pick our song. Oh my god I didn't tell the DJ what our song would be!"

"Don't worry about it." Carlos smiled and held her close.

"She's the girl that no one ever knows. I'd say hi but she's too shy to say hel-lo."

Samantha raised her eyebrows up at Carlos who started to sway with her. "That song that always played whenever you and I saw each other when we first met? I figured out what it was, I thought it would be cool." He smiled and pecked her on the lips.

"Even though it's not a slow song?" She questioned staring up at him.

"Slow songs are boring, this is so much better." He laughed and spun her around before once again bringing her back into his arms. "Let's see, no one has gotten completely drunk yet, your dad has been thrown out by your brothers which made your mom leave, Mark hid the rings and stole the dance floor, and James will probably have sex with Emily in the bathroom, how do you feel about all that princessa?" Carlos questioned.

"Eh….I'm okay with it." She smiled and rested her forehead against his, "It's not perfect….but this year hasn't exactly been picture perfect, so it's fitting. We're Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Garcia….how crazy is that?"

"Well Samantha Morgan Garcia….I don't think it's very crazy at all." Carlos smiled and leaned down to kiss her.

"MARK THAT IS NOT AN EVIL VILLAIN!" They heard Carlos' mom scream, and they immediately turned to see Mark tackling a floral centerpiece off of a table and onto the ground. "Stop it!"

"Mom I'm saving the wedding!" Mark argued.

"Wow…" Samantha mumbled before running over and lifting Mark up. "Wow Mark, you saved us from Poison Ivy!"

"I did?!" He stared up at her with wide eyes, and then realization hit him. "I mean….yeah I did!"

"Great job!" She smiled and gave him a hug before kissing his forehead.

The evening went on….relatively normally considering how interesting the group of people there were. They cut the cake, and Carlos slammed a huge chunk of cake into Samantha's face and kissed and licked it all off, while she slathered the side of his face with frosting and let him scrape it off so he could enjoy it.

When the reception was over, Samantha had changed into a light blue sun dress and flats, while Carlos threw on jeans and a red button down. Their friends and family all said goodbye to them as they made their way to the car so they could go on their honeymoon. They slipped inside, Carlos holding Samantha's left hand as he began to drive.

"One week in Hawaii, I'll have you all to myself." Carlos grinned and leaned over to kiss her cheek. "I really can't wait."

"Neither can I, I think we've deserved this night…"

"Mhm…" Carlos nodded in agreement, "Did you see James' face when Emily caught the bouquet? He almost crapped his pants."

"Oh Emily gave James the most sinister look. I don't think that'll ever happen though, do you?" She chuckled and glanced over at him.

"Well…they did actually become exclusive; anything can happen at this point." Carlos shrugged as he came on to a red light. "I love you princessa." He smiled and leaned over to kiss her.

"I love you too Superman." Samantha grinned and squeezed his hand.