"AGHH!" McGee cried slamming the door to Gibbs's house behind him.

"You OK McGee?" Gibbs asked.

"They just started shooting!" McGee cried.

"Well towel off and then tell the DiNozzo brothers that dinner is ready." Gibbs replied tossing McGee a towel.

"Tony! Jimmy! Lunch is ready!" McGee called.

Tony and Jimmy and Jimmy jumped up from their hiding spot behind Gibbs's car where they were attacking everyone else who came into the party with water guns. Gibbs walked out the door and watched as Tony and Jimmy sprinted past him into the house. He could not believe it had been a year since the day that changed everything. It started when a crashed school bus was recovered from the river and one of the bodies was revealed to be Jimmy Palmer. That led to learning that Jimmy was the half-brother of Tony the one he had thought for almost twenty years was dead. Then DiNozzo Sr. Tony and Jimmy's dad released the list of victims to the press leading to Jimmy's mom shooting him. This caused him to be in a coma for almost a week. Then two Metro cops one of whom had a grudge against Tony kidnapped him along with Breena, Jimmy's mom and Jackie and Jared Vance. Jackie and Eunice had not survived. Breena and Jared had thankfully only sustained minor injuries. Tony however had suffered a serious concussion that left him in a coma for two days. When Jimmy woke up after being on the verge of death Tony had to tell him that his adoptive mother had died. Jimmy had fallen apart but Tony had vowed to get him through it. The night Jimmy was transferred to Georgetown something caused him to unsuppress the fact that DiNozzo Sr. had shot Jimmy's adoptive father one Jimmy was a teenager. While Jimmy watched from the stair-case. Jimmy's heart rate had increased to a near lethal speed and he had thrashed on his bed and popped his stiches. Once his heart had slowed down a bit he was rushed off to surgery to repair the damage. He was in the hospital for a month before he was finally able to return home. His injury however had kept him out of work for a year. Now he was finally returning and Gibbs was having a welcome back party. For him and Tony with the rest of the NCIS family.

So much had changed in the past year. Gibbs had been surprised but not surprised when he went up to Deputy Director Craig's office one day a few weeks after the incident and found a request for family leave on his desk with Tony's name on it. Tony had remained out of work for the full year that Jimmy was gone. Even though Breena had hired a home health nurse to handle Jimmy's care. Tony had stood by Jimmy through everything. He had held him while he cried for his family and over his previous life. He had also kept Jimmy's mind off his recovery at first by talking to him by his bedside and then playing video games and watching movies with him in bed. Then by taking walks and runs with Jimmy while he regained his physical strength. Finally he had recently started playing games a basketball and touch football with Jimmy. Thanks to Tony's help Jimmy was now almost back to normal he still tired easy at times. The psychological effects were still prevalent much to Tony's chagrin. Sometimes he's just started crying or have nightmares. Tony was always there when he called. They did get some positive news though Breena was now three months pregnant.

Vance had taken a leave as well. He had stayed out from the time that Jackie died until his kids started back at school in the fall. He was now back but took off early one night a week unless a case prevented it to be with his kids.

Gibbs didn't really change he rarely did since his last divorce. That had been a drastic change now he stayed the same. He did however appreciate Jimmy more and had become Tony's "father".

Ducky had had a string of temporary assistants. Most of which were just week long internships for college the longest one last a month. He had also announced he'd be retiring in May of 2014. Just after his eighty first birthday in September.

Ziva and Tony had been engaged since between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

DiNozzo Sr., Lynn, and Officer Allen were all in jail for varying murder charges. They were going away for life. With no hope of parole.

The biggest change however was Abby and McGee they had welcomed a baby boy in November Michael Jethro McGee. They were planning a double wedding in the summer with Tony and Ziva.

Eunice and Jimmy the real one were buried beside Elijah. They had had a real funeral for them in May when Jimmy was able to leave the house and get around easier again. Jimmy had taken the legal action to become Jimmy Palmer for real. Tony was disappointed that he wouldn't share his name but understanding he didn't really want to be a DiNozzo either after what his father had done. Though Jimmy allowed him and only him to call him Joey and Gibbs did at times jokingly call them the DiNozzo brothers.

"Yo! Boss we're starvin'! Get in here!" Tony called.

Jimmy placed his hand over his mouth and giggled in the process knocking over his glass spilling cherry coke all over the table and himself. Everybody began to laugh and playfully jibe him.

"Stop teasing my baby brother!" Tony cried jumping up.

Everybody laughed and Gibbs turned to reenter the house smiling at his family.


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