10 Years Later - Epilogue

Meandering slowly up the front steps of the Boarding House, I briefly considered whether I had taken on more than I could handle with my latest work assignment. Certainly, I was humbled by the praise and success I had attained for my extensive work and research on the elusive Green Eyed People, but, being the 'go-to-guy' for ancient tribes and civilisations was particularly exhausting. Most recently, my efforts to source valuable information on the almost transparent Bhaka tribe of Africa, had amounted to very little.

Attempting to clear my thoughts from the frustrations of work, I reached for the door handle, eager to race to my familiar childhood bedroom and pump classic Jazz tunes from the stereo, when I noticed the door was already opening.

Helga stood there in the hallway having opened the door before my very eyes and was currently staring down at me with ferocious intensity.

"Uh... Hello?" I offered, raising my eyebrow at her and tentatively stepping forward to enter the house.

"Georgia Kingsley." Helga practically yelled, still staring at me, no sign of her blinking anytime soon.

Racking my brain for a moment, I replied, "The author?"

"Yes!" Helga sighed in exasperation, "The author!"

Nodding, I headed to the kitchen, placing my briefcase down onto the table and removing my uncomfortable suit jacket. Helga followed closely behind me, placing her hands on her hips and watching, waiting for my response.

"When they said you'd go a little crazy after a few months, I didn't take them too seriously... I think I should have." I mused, carefully eyeing the insane young woman leaning by the doorway.

Helga scoffed, "This has nothing to do with that, it had to do with other things!" she protested.

"Now you're talking in riddles." I pointed out, grabbing a cold Yahoo Soda from the fridge and settling myself down at the kitchen table.

"I'll talk however I want, Football Head" Helga grumbled, shuffling across the floor and sitting in the seat next to mine.

"So... Georgia Kingsley, the author..." I reminded her gently.

Helga's eyes flew open, that look of crazed madness flashing through the brilliant blue, "Yes! They want me to write a sequel! ME!" she squealed, standing up so fast the chair she had been sitting on rocketed backwards into the kitchen cupboards.

"Uh..." I began, unsure of how to break the news to her that I had no clue what she meant, but thankfully she continued to talk.

"Robin Hood, the book Georgia Kingsley wrote when we were in high school. It's the ten year anniversary, they want to do a sequel, and Georgia herself called ME and asked ME to write it!" Helga explained, pacing backward and forward around the room.

"Wow, Helga!" I smiled, leaping from my chair and pulling her into the closest hug I could manage, "What will you call it? What'll it be about?"

"Envision this Arnold... Marian learning to cope with her insecurities and kicking some ass in the forest, you know, generally saving Robin's butt all the darn time. Oh, and maybe a raid on the castle! I even thought I might get mushy and have add a little baby Robin & Marian in there at the end." Helga beamed.

"Sounds wonderful." I assured her.

Helga looked up at me sweetly through those long lashes, "You remember the play we did, right?" she asked softly.

"How could I ever forget that, Helga?" I asked, pulling back a little to look her in the eyes, which I noticed were distinctly watery, "Helga, are you crying?"

"No." Helga mumbled, moving forward again to hide her face in the crook of my neck.

Running my hands gently down her arms, I laughed softly, "I think you might be, I just hope they're happy tears."

"Helga G. Pataki doesn't cry." Helga objected, sniffling a little as she spoke.

"No, but it looks like Helga Geraldine Shortman does." I countered, placing a kiss on her wet cheek.

Helga huffed in defeat, "It's not my fault! It's her fault!" she argued, placing a hand on her rounded stomach, "She's making me all sappy!"

"Phoebe warned you." I teased, wincing at the very recent memories of Phoebe Johanssen eating disgusting food combinations, organising her entire book collection meticulously every day and breaking into hysterical bawling fits for the strangest reasons.

Helga frowned, and stormed to toward the living room in a sudden panic, "Yeah and Pheebs is perfect! If my perfect best friend went off her rocker... just imagine what I'll be like!" she whined, failing her arms dramatically as she sunk into the large red couch.

"Helga.." I said seriously, gently taking a seat beside her, "I love you."

Helga's eyes wandered to mine, a bashful look on her face, "I love you too." she smiled, leaning over to place a kiss on my lips.

"You're going to be a wonderful mother." I whispered into her ear, running my hand gently over her stomach.

Helga rested her head carefully against my chest, "You always know the right things to say." she murmured dreamily, relaxing against me as my arms wound around her waist.

The End.

& everybody lived happily ever after, of course!

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