"Hey, Brooke!" Charlotte called, and caught up to her best friend in the hallway. "I tried calling you all weekend, but you didn't pick up. What were you up to?"

Brooke shrugged her shoulders. "Oh, nothing."

"Come on, you always pick up your phone. I know you did something," Charlotte stared at the curly brunette, who'd grown to look so mature and beautiful in the last few years.

It was crazy to think they'd known each other since diapers, and here they still were; always there for each other to rely on. Of course, a lot had changed since they first started high school together, but their friendship remained the same.

"Okay, I was going to wait to tell you until lunch, 'cause it's kind of huge..." Brooke said, and put a hand on Charlotte's shoulder, stopping them both in their tracks.

Charlotte raised her eyebrows, intrigued. "Go on!"

"I was with Tom," she said, and Charlotte could feel where this was going. "We kind of... hooked up."

A gasp slipped Charlotte's lips, and she put her hands to her cheeks. "You and Toejam?!"

None of them really called Thomas Toejam anymore; they'd switched to Tom somewhere in Sophomore year when they were all trying to mature and whatnot, but this was so huge, Charlotte had to emphasis on the fact that this was the guy they once used to call this ridiculously childish nickname. A guy they'd grown up with.


"Wow, I almost forgot about that nickname," Brooke said, taking a short trip down memory lane. "Anyway, yes, me and Tom. I didn't think you'd be that surprised, I mean you guys have been trying to set the two of us up for years."

"Yeah, but neither of you ever gave in, so we all kind of gave up and thought: oh well, guess it wasn't meant to be," Charlotte explained. "But it totally is now! I am so happy for you guys. Now there's you two, Skipper and Tiffany, and me and Danny. We're all couples!"

"I wouldn't refer to what Skipper and Tiffany are doing, as to them being a couple," Brooke objected.

Well, they used to be a couple, just like Danny and Charlotte; until they broke up because Tiffany made out with the captain of the football team, in early Junior year. About a year later, they found that they couldn't stay away from each other anymore, and started what they liked to call a friends with benefits kind of commitment. Charlotte, Brooke, Danny and Tom all thought this was the worst idea ever, but they insisted it's exactly what they needed.

"They're a thing, at least," Charlotte said with a shrug, and Brooke nodded in agreement.

The two friends continued to chat as they reached their lockers, placed right next to each other. Charlotte looked for her History book, and when she found it, she closed her locker door, only to jump back at a figure who'd been hiding behind it. But when she realized it was someone she liked, she sighed in relief.

"Hey babe," Danny said and pecked her lips, a kiss which she gladly returned.

They broke apart, and he put his arm around her as they both turned to Brooke.

"Hey, Brooke," Danny said with a smile. "I heard you got busy this weekend. I always knew you two would end up together!"

Brooke raised her eyebrows. "Wait, you know about me and Tom?"

"Yeah, he called me yesterday around 9 and was extremely excited about it," Danny told. "He's liked you since forever."

A blush crept onto Brooke's cheeks, as she cleared her throat. "Well, uhm, great. Where is he, anyway?"

"Class starts in like 3 minutes, so I'd guess he's gonna pull up to the school parking lot in about 4," Danny replied, and Brooke rolled her eyes, closing her locker and excusing herself to go to class.

Charlotte smiled and turned to face her boyfriend. "So, what are you doing today after school?"

"I don't think I have anything planned, why?" Danny wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer. "Somewhere you need me to be?"

"How about at my house?" Charlotte walked her fingers up his chest. "'Cause you know, my sister's got a play date at another girl's house, and after we drop her off, we have the whole place to ourselves."

"The whole house, huh?" Danny said. "Sounds like we could have a pretty awesome play date ourselves. Count me in."

Charlotte chuckled and kissed him, as they took each other's hand and walked to class. She was happier than Santa on Prozac whenever she was with Danny. They'd been together for two and a half years, but it still felt like when they'd just got together, and she still had butterflies in her stomach when he was around. It was safe to say that Charlotte lived a pretty great life, and her biggest concern was that everything she knew so well - being with Danny, and being with her perfect group of friends - was all going to end soon. It was their Senior year, after all.

She hoped to God these next few months would pass as slowly as possible.