"Okay, if the bottle lands on you, you have to kiss the person who spun it, and once you've done so, it is your turn to spin the bottle!"

Everyone who wanted to play were sat in a ring in the middle of the living room floor. Among them sat Charlotte, Danny, Tiffany, Skipper, Brooke and Tom. Most of them had drunk too little to participate in this game right now; but Charlotte's persuading skills were unbelievable.

"I'll go first!" drunk girl who'd suggested they'd play said, and placed the empty vodka bottle on the floor.

She spun it, and it landed on Calvin Moore. Skipper rolled his eyes as the two kissed, and Charlotte couldn't help but chuckle. Calvin was the guy who Tiffany had made out with when she was still dating Skipper, and he was Skipper's main nemesis. Not only because of Tiffany, but because both worked at Jensen's, the only car shop in town, and were constantly fighting for their boss' attention.

"Now you go, Calvin!" drunk girl said with a pleased grin and sat back down in her spot.

Calvin spun the Vodka bottle and Charlotte closed her eyes, hoping dearly that it wouldn't land on her. She despited this guy almost as much as Skipper, for almost ruining their group when he caused Skipper and Tiffany to break up.

"What the hell!"

Charlotte opened her eyes, and couldn't keep from bursting out into laughter like everyone else in the ring when she saw that it had landed on Skipper.

"No way, not gonna happen," Calvin said, shaking his head.

Drunk girl put her hand up. "If you won't do it, you have to show us your thingies!"

"No, no! No body wants to see that!" Tom objected quickly. "Just spin again, Calvin."

Everyone laughed as Calvin spun the bottle again; this time landing on Tiffany. The ring fell silent, and everyone looked over Skipper. Skipper raised his eyebrows, and looked over at Tiffany, who was looking at him as well.

"What are you waiting for?" he asked her. "Kiss, and let the others have their turn."

Tiffany gave him a hesitant look, until she nodded and crawled over to Calvin. Their lips touched, and Charlotte couldn't help but cringe. It was such an unfortunate situation. They broke apart pretty quickly, and Tiffany grabbed the bottle and spun it.

It landed on Charlotte.

All the guys whistled, and Tiffany rolled her eyes as she laughed and reached over to Charlotte, giving her a gentle kiss on the lips. Charlotte laughed and looked over at Danny, who winked at her.

"My turn!" Charlotte said, and spun the bottle around.

She spun it quite hard, so it went a few laps before it finally landed on Luke Cooper, one of the guys on the football team, and the school's biggest flirt. But who could blame him for taking advantage of his incredibly great looks, and charming ways. Charlotte crawled over to the guy, and leaned in, when he unexpectedly put a hand on her cheek and went in for the kill before she could.

"Whoa," Tiffany whispered to Brooke, as they watched the duet go at it.

Danny cleared his throat, and Charlotte realized what she was doing and who she was doing it with, and quickly pulled back, climbing back to where she'd sat, next to her boyfriend.

"Intense," Danny said to her, and she blushed.

"He caught me off guard," Charlotte explained. "But it's just a game, right?"

Danny nodded, and the two watched Luke spin the bottle, having it land on last year's Junior prom queen and aspiring super model Eleanor Shaffer. They kissed, before it was Eleanor's turn and she spun, having the bottle land on Danny.

"Just a game, right?" Danny said to Charlotte, as he leaned over to Eleanor and reprised the intense kiss that Charlotte and Luke had shared.

Charlotte's eyebrows raised, as the two broke apart and Danny sat back down. "What was that?"

"What are you talking about?" Danny asked, and grabbed the bottle, twirling it around.

It landed on Charlotte, and just as Danny was about to lean in, she stood up and walked away.

"The hell, Char?" he asked, and stood up, following her.

Everyone who remained in the circle looked at each other awkwardly. Brooke sighed and stood up, grabbing Tom on the way, as the two left in another direction. Left in the circle were now Skipper, Tiffany, Calvin, Luke, Eleanor and drunk girl.

"It's safe to say that spin the bottle sucks," Skipper said, shrugging his shoulder and leaving as well.