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Man Cave


One year later...

Jane had been working a tough case, and got up about an hour before me one Saturday to head into the precinct. She told me that she was supposed to meet her partner Barry Frost to question a suspect as soon as the suspect got off of his night shift. They didn't have grounds to arrest him, but they had invited him in for a "friendly chat", as Jane had put it. Jane was aggravated that she had to do this on a Saturday morning, so I decided to placate her and tell her I would meet her at the precinct so I could do some paperwork that needed to be taken care of. She seemed less irritated over missing a Saturday off since I would be at work with her, even though I had decided to sleep a little later. My paperwork really wouldn't take as long as her interview, so I told Jane I would meet her there. We had had a very late night the night before, celebrating our one year anniversary as a couple.

I was expecting Jane to be in the middle of her interview when I arrived at the morgue that morning, but was surprised to find her sitting in my office with a cup of coffee waiting for me.

"Morning." She said, and gave me a sweet kiss on the lips.

"It is a good morning indeed, Jane. I wasn't expecting to see you down here. What a nice surprise."

"Patrol picked up a guy covered in blood at 2:30 this morning. Not his own blood, someone else's blood." Jane clarified. "Turns out the blood he had on him belonged to our vic, and I didn't need to question the other suspect. We were able to get a confession out of the blood-covered guy pretty quickly. I guess it's hard to lie when you're covered in your own murder victim's blood."

"Wow, what a lucky break."

"Yep. Sometimes you just get lucky." Jane replied.

"Like last night?" I asked coyly.

"Not the same thing, but yes, like last night." Jane replied as she sat down on the couch. "Hey, do you remember we had a morning just like this last year? We were just heading up to Frankie and Tommy's man cave right around this time."

"How could I forget?" I asked.

"That was an amazing trip, wasn't it?" Jane asked in reply.

"It definitely was. I can't believe an entire year has gone by already."

"Me either." Jane said. "Time flies when you're having fun though."

Jane patted the place on the couch next to her, and I sat down, this time not hesitating to lean my head on her shoulder and give her a peck on the cheek.

"I can't believe we made all sorts of plans about coming out to our families and friends on the trip back home, and your mother caught us kissing before we were even home for five minutes." I reminisced.

"That was... horrifying." Jane said. "But her inability to keep her mouth shut saved us a lot of effort in breaking the news to my family. I was surprised she took it as well as she did."

"She did better than take it well, she was overjoyed. I wasn't surprised though. Your mother is an amazing woman." I replied.

"But I was right when I said the first thing she was going to ask us was when one of us was going to start giving her grandchildren."

"You did see that one coming, yes." I agreed.

"I was also kinda bummed that Korsak and Frost already assumed we were a couple, and were more shocked that we were just then getting together than they were over the fact that we had become a couple. I mean, both of them thought the same thing!"

"That was a bit surprising." I said, grinning at the memory.

"Your mother and father were really good about it too. I don't think your mother was surprised either. It's like everyone could see what we didn't want to see, or what we didn't want to admit to seeing. Sometimes I can't believe we waited as long as we did. Looking back at it, I can't believe how long I hesitated in trying to tell you how I felt about you."

"Well, we were both unsure of ourselves. The idea of losing you terrified me, and I was afraid you would run away after I told you I had feelings for you."

"I was afraid of the same thing." Jane said as she nodded her head in agreement. "I didn't want to risk losing you. I don't ever want to lose you, Maura."

Jane stuck her hands in her suit jacket pockets and looked down at her shoes. I watched her take a deep breath and then look back up at me.

"I actually wanted to ask you something."

Jane had looked worried as she spoke, but I suddenly flashed back to the morning a year ago, when Jane asked me the same question and I instantly imagined her proposing to me. I couldn't help but smile.

Seeing my smile, Jane said "You're not having that marriage proposal fantasy again, are you?"

"Actually I was. I can't help it. We were talking about our trip and everything, and I remembered telling you about that little fantasy of mine."

"Well that's good, actually. I'm glad to see that you still think about that."

Before I could reply, Jane pulled something out of her pocket and stood up, before quickly kneeling in front of me. "Maura Dorothea Isles, you are my world. I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you do me the honor of marrying me?"

Jane held a ring between her thumb and forefinger and held it out toward me. She looked at me with wide eyes and a hopeful expression on her face as I gasped in surprise.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes!" I yelled, and held my hand out so she could put the ring on my finger.

Jane gave me that bright, hopeful smile again. The same one she showed me when we talked about going on our first date. The same smile she showed me the day she gave me flowers. The same smile she had been showing me almost daily since we first confessed our love for each other. It was the same smile that took my breath away, and I knew that it always would.

Jane sat back on the couch next to me after she slid the ring onto my finger and kissed me. We had to stop ourselves after a moment, because the kiss was quickly becoming heated, and though over the course of the last year Jane and I had had a few secret trysts in my office, we could both hear the lab staff working just outside. Neither of us wanted to tempt fate by having them walk in during the heat of the moment.

"That was a very enthusiastic reply," Jane said with a smile.

"The reply itself was what I had imagined saying in my head in my fantasy. The kiss was... well, the kiss was just a natural reaction to your proposal and a symbol of just how deep my love is for you." I said as I took her hand.

"So you really want to marry me?" Jane asked, beaming.

"Of course I do, Jane. But on one condition."

Jane froze, suddenly worried.

"I will marry you so long as you don't make it a habit of using my middle name. All right, Jane Clementine Rizzoli?"

Jane let out the breath she was holding and started to laugh. "I think I can handle that, sure."

"Good. Then I'll marry you." I cupped my hands on Jane's face and kissed her again, sweetly, then looked at the ring she had chosen for me.

"This is a unique ring, Jane. It's beautiful."

"It's rhodonite surrounded by diamonds. Rhodonite is-"

I interrupted her "-is the state gem of Massachusetts. I'm impressed!"

"I actually picked up that ring for you the day at the cabin when we went shopping and you were taking forever to try on shoes. One of the few stores open after that storm was the local jeweler. I was lucky you didn't see the store was open after you came out of the shoe store. I was afraid if we went in the owner would tell you I had just bought this ring. He was a really chatty guy! So I just pointed us back toward the car and hoped to distract you with that bouquet of flowers on the front seat." Jane was grinning from ear to ear as she continued.

"The owner told me that there is a rhodonite mine not far from the town where we were staying. The gem was locally mined and the jeweler I bought it from had cut and polished the gem himself and placed it in this setting."

"You picked out my engagement ring less than twenty-four hours after we had gotten together?" I asked, slightly incredulous.

Jane blushed as she answered. "I did. I didn't specifically set out to get the ring that day, but when I was wandering through town and passed the jewelry store, the idea hit me. I knew then that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you, and it just seemed like a ring that symbolized where and when we first told each other we were in love would be a good way to ask you to marry me."

"It was a wonderful idea, Jane. And this is a beautiful ring."

"If you would prefer a more traditional engagement ring, we can go pick one out. This ring isn't... it's not cheap, Maura. But it's value isn't the same as a traditional diamond engagement ring."

"You're right, Jane. It's value isn't the same."

Jane's face fell slightly.

"It's priceless. I wouldn't trade this ring for anything in the world." I said and pulled Jane in for yet another kiss. "I love this ring, and all the thought you put into it."

"I'm glad you like it. I was afraid it wouldn't be quite up to the standard you're used to." Jane said with a weak smile.

"Jane it's wonderful. I really mean it."

"Your mother seemed to like the idea too."

"You spoke to my mother?" I asked, incredulous.

"I spoke to both your mother and your father when they were in town a few weeks ago. I wanted to do this the right way. I told them what I was planning, but didn't tell them about the ring. I was sort of afraid that they would realize their daughter was marrying a blue collar girl and that I would never be able to provide for you at the same standard that they always had. Then your mother pulled me aside and asked me if I had gotten a ring for you already, because she had your grandmother's ring if I wanted to use it. That's when I told her about the ring I had gotten. She's a romantic at heart, Maura. She really liked the idea."

"When was I ever not in the room with you while my parents were in town?" I asked.

"Do you remember the call I got about a lead on one of my cases the night before they left?"

"I do."

"I had actually set an alarm on my phone to go off. No one had called me. I used that as an excuse to go see them at their hotel."

"You're sneaky." I said, grinning.

"They thought so too, and then I was worried they would think I would be sneaky like that all through our marriage."

"I know you won't be, Jane. I trust you."

"Thank you. And we need to give my mother a prize, because I also spoke to her about this a couple of weeks ago, and she actually managed to keep her mouth shut."

"She did?!" I asked, amazed at the restraint that Angela had shown.

"Well, I didn't tell her exactly when I planned to do this, so she didn't have any kind of a timeframe to measure against and let the secret out. I've known for for a few months now that I wanted to pick today to ask you, because of your little wedding proposal fantasy. It's exactly one year to the date since I asked you to go to the cabin with me. I actually just spoke to her about marriage in general, and told her that I was planning to pop the question at some point."

"What did she have to say about that?" I asked.

"Well, she was thrilled, of course. And she had really good advice to give me. And then of course she got started on the whole grandchildren tangent again."

I laughed, thinking of Jane's mother demanding one (or both) of us to suddenly start producing more grandchildren for her.

"TJ is a year old already. He needs a cousin or two to play with." I said with a wink.

"Oh god, not you too, Maura."

"I'm just kidding. But someday, maybe."

"Someday. But for now I want you all to myself." Jane said as she hugged me. "I love you." Jane said with her face buried in my hair.

"I love you too, Jane."

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