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This story spoils some major plot elements in Clash of the Elements Part 1 and Part 2. So if you wish to read this story, it is suggested you read those two first before proceeding. Part 3 is not required, but you are welcome to look at that too. You can find all parts by looking through my profile, so enjoy them and this if you so wish to, and please review or comment or like!

It is a cold night inside of a quiet base out in the middle of nowhere. The heaters have been malfunctioning lately, and the soldiers inside of the base have started to grow tired of walking down the frigid metal hallways day after day. As of now, something has to be done to keep the cold from lowering the people's morale any further. Though it is late and most of the soldiers are trying to go to sleep, one familiar Lieutenant is currently making his way towards the Command Sphere where the malfunctioning circuitry has been discovered. With his control over electricity, the Lieutenant planned to fix the problem and fall back to sleep. Though actually, there was another reason as to why he was heading out alone tonight.

His Commander, a Goomba roughly in his forties with golden mechanical arms attached to his body, had been showing signs of fatigue as of recent days, and the Lieuteant was going to make certain that he wasn't resting against his chair instead of laying down on his bed once more. With the doors creaking open, the Koopa entered the dimly lit room and checked around for any signs of activity from his Commander. Sure enough, he was nowhere to be found, and the Lieutenant quickly began to hear the sounds of slumber coming from the chair high above where he stood. As of this moment, the glowing computer screens lying on the rounded wall in front of him were watching him instead of the other way around.

"Sigh…Not again…" With an unsurprised sigh, the Koopa mused to himself as the door shut behind him and he began to walk towards the staircase "He should just put a bed in here if he is going to keep doing this to himself…" As he made it halfway up the stairs he looked at the computer screens and said quietly as to avoid waking his Commander up "I really hope he isn't trying to look for him again…I'm worried that his fantasy belief is starting to consume his life…" But as he said that and moved beside the Commander's chair, he looked up and was surprised to find something different than what he expected on the screens. There were hundreds of lines of text scattered about a white backdrop, and though many different words were used they all spoke of the same subject.

"Thirty years ago…Commander Zeta…The Day of Liberation?" As he expressed confusion over everything that he was reading, he heard a mumble beside his body and instantly recognized that his Commander was waking up from his sleep because of the noise he had been making. With impeccable timing, the Koopa tapped his right hand against the arm of his Commander's chair and used electricity to shut the computer screens down as to not arouse suspicion. He then composes himself, folding his arms behind his shell and taking a step back so his Commander would be able to turn his chair without knocking him off.

After a few smacks of his lips, the Commander let out a tired yawn that kept going and stretched out the pronunciation his words as he began to speak "Haaaa…Gemini? Is that you behind me?" Upon reaching the end of his real question, the Commander's voice became more clear, his tone being a little gruff as he taps his fingers against the edge of the chair's arm and looks up at the curiously blank screens in front of him. "That it is sir…How did you know?" The Koopa asked, his tone wrought with a hint of confusion as he peeked over the shoulder of the chair and watched as his Commander gestured towards the screens above. "I saw your reflection off of the blank screens. Not to mention you left a little static behind on the left arm here."

Expressing a bit of innocent embarrassment over his marginally small yet avoidable error, Gemini flinches in place before lowering his head slightly and muttering to himself "Oh…" "Anyways, I'm guessing you came here to fix the heating, right?" The Commander said to his flustered Lieutenant to try and get him back on track, and with yet another sudden flinch Gemini says to Alpha with a respectful tone of obedience "Yes sir, let me get right on that!" After remembering his mission, the Koopa leaps down from the pedestal and heads around the cone shaped edge in order to quickly seek out the panel he needed to open to fix the problems with the heating.

Upon pulling it out and looking at the wiring, Gemini quickly deduced which of the wires had become faulty and used his powers to put everything back in order. With his job done and a warm draft emerging through the nearby vents, the Koopa placed the panel back into its proper location and stood back up, wiping a sweat drop off of his forehead as he looks up and sees Alpha standing up off of his chair with the computer screens turned back on and the same text appearing across them much to Gemini's surprise. The Goomba scowled as he looked at the text, his right fingers tapping against the back of his left elbow as he looks at the words for a few seconds before choosing to let out a melancholy sigh and saying in a tone that was purposely loud enough for his Lieutenant to hear "Perhaps it is time to talk about you…"

"Sir?" Gemini responded as predicted, with a tone of curious concern towards his Commander as with a casual tapping of a button behind him Alpha shuts off the computer screens and leaves the room dimly lit by the translucent light on the ceiling. He then turns around, staring down at his Lieutenant from atop the pedestal for a few seconds before leaping down with his arms held out beside his body and his trench coat waving around in the air. With his sudden impact with the ground, the Koopa takes a step back in surprise, especially since his Commander is being uncharacteristically silent at this moment. "Sir, you feeling alright? You look rather tired, and I know its because you are-"

"You saw the text on the computers, right?" Alpha interrupted his Lieutenant politely, his body turning towards him as he folded his arms behind his back and his eyelids began to sag below the normal level. "If so, I'd imagine you have a lot of questions that you'd be wanting to ask…So go at it Gemini, I think you are ready to hear the truth." "Y-You sure about that Commander? Again, you really look like you could use some sleep and I don't want to keep you-" "Relax, Gemini." Alpha interrupts his Lieutenant yet again as he tried to express concern for his current condition, his voice rather chipper in tone despite the clear signs that he wanted to let out a yawn between words.

"This body of mine is more machine than Goomba at this point. Fatigue isn't really going to hurt me like it would to you, so if you think I can't handle telling you a story or two then you are sadly mistaken." Though Gemini didn't believe what Alpha was telling him, the Koopa reluctantly folded his arms in front of his chest and raised his right eyebrow in slight confusion before closing his eyelids and letting out a light sigh before creaking his eyelids opening slightly and saying to his Commander "Alright then, if you insist…Why don't you just start from the beginning of it all? Who was Alpha before the M.S.I., who is this Commander Zeta, and what is the Day of Liberation that apparently happened thirty years ago?"

"Hehehe…Now that's more like it Gemini. So you want to hear the truth about my past? You know, this information isn't something that's very well-known despite how crucial it was to the history of Plit, because I made certain that all traces of my existence in those events were wiped from the history books long ago. Only those who lived past that day know about my involvement, and let me tell you that the number of people alive to this day can be counted with only two hands. But enough rambling about the secrecy of that information…Let me start from the very beginning, exactly thirty years ago when these arms of mine were not even known to me…The day, I met Commander Zeta for the very first time…"

Clash of the Elements Gaiden:

Recollections of a Former Goomba

To be continued…