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Chapter 12

"Bella I don't want you to worry about this." My father is livid and it shows. "I'm meeting with the Board, including Esme this afternoon." He looks at Garrett. "She is not to leave your sight until this is sorted out."

"Way ahead of you," Garrett grins at me. "Hey buddy!" He playfully punches my arm.

"Do you think that's a good idea?" I ask my father, "I don't want to cause you any issues within the organization." I didn't want to mention that I'm not comfortable having him fight my battles for me. I feel like it makes me seem weak and around these people that is the last thing I want.

"Good idea or not, that's what is happening." My father looks at me, "Unless you have an issue with me interceding?"

"I just don't want people thinking I go running to you whenever things go wrong. It's not good for either of us." I notice Garrett's smile, he knows I am catching on to how things work.

"This isn't a simple issue Bella, this is a power play. Putting aside that you are my daughter, if I let this go unchallenged I risk losing face anyway." He looks over at Garrett. "You have an opinion on this?"

Garrett looks at us and chooses his words carefully. "Charles, I know your reasons for wanting to keep Bella away from the Red Collars." He holds his hand up as my father opens his mouth to speak. "They are valid reasons; that is not the issue here. The issue is first, what is best for Bella, second it is what is best for the organization. In this instance you may have a way of dealing with two issues at once."

"How do you mean?" my father asks Garrett. I have to admit, I'm a little confused myself.

"Simple, you agree to the training and insist that Esme be the one to do it…" Garrett gets a twinkle in his eye. "Then you put stipulations in place, she can't leave the compound, she can't be forced to perform certain… acts." He glances at me. "If she refuses she is admitting she can't do it. If she agrees, well I think we can be certain she will fail. She won't dare cross you again after that."

"I don't know..." My father looks thoughtful. "I don't like using my daughter as a pawn on a chessboard."

"I want to help, and if it keeps me safe then why not?" I don't really understand the details of this plan, but I trust Garrett and if he thinks it is a good idea then I do too.

"Very well Bella, if that is what you want I will call for you to attend the meeting when it is time." He looks at Garrett. "I trust you will ensure the success of this little gambit of ours?"

"Of course." Garrett leaves no question as to his meaning. Having him as a safety net makes me feel infinitely better.

After breakfast I join Garrett in the antechamber to the Board room. We are waiting for me to be summoned inside. I notice that no one is giving Garrett tan issue being in the room with me this time. I get the impression it is something he dealt with personally.

"Ms. Dwyer? A kindly looking man opens the door to the Board room and enters the waiting area. "Would you please accompany me? The Board has requested your presence." He offers me his arm.

"Who are you?" I ask uneasily, it helps a little that Garrett is not objecting to this man's presence. Even so, I'm not about to walk away with a complete stranger.

"Where are my manners?" The man looks slightly embarrassed. "Vladamir Olaf Grigorii, at your service; I help Ms. Young with the day to day operations within the compound." His English is flawless and he has an old world charm about him, he is actually quite dashing.

"Thank you Mr. Grigorii." I take his arm and look back at Garrett. "Wait for me?" I ask him, trying to keep the nervousness out of my voice.

"Always." Garrett smiles back at me. "Vlad, you look after her, I'll be right outside."

"With my life sir!" Vlad clicks his heels together and I get the impression that this is not a figure of speech for him. We turn and walk the dozen or so steps to the Boardroom.

Upon entering I am confronted with the familiar sight of the table and the familiar faces of the board members. Eleazar is there this time, with my father and the others. Everyone looks very serious.

Vlad escorts me to a seat at the end of the table and holds the chair for me. He pours me a glass of water after I am seated, and gives me a kindly smile before standing off to the side of the room.

"Ms. Dwyer, it's so nice to see you again. I trust you are well?" Emily Young's smile is as phony as ever and seems to say to me, "Let's see how you do without Garrett here to watch your back." I return the smile, I really dislike this woman.

"Very well thank you. Garrett sends you his regards." I notice my father let a smile flicker across his lips at that one. Nothing better I suppose than seeing his daughter verbally spar with the best and come out on top.

"Emily, I think we can dispense with the pleasantries, we have a lot of ground to cover." Esme is dressed as usual and has obviously decided she will be leading this meeting. "The reason we are gathered here again is to discuss the training of Bella Dwyer. I move that in order to correct the obvious difficulties she is having with her current training, that it be immediately expanded to include training from my Red Collars.

"I'd like to say something before we vote." My father is deadpan, no emotion in his voice at all.

"Charles we tried things your way but the fact is the girl is not suited for the training. We have to do this before… other measures are entertained." Esme is not about to let my father steamroll her and is on the defensive.

"Esme, if you will calm yourself before you burst the last button you have left..." my father is referring to her low cut dress. "I was about to agree with you and ask that you take responsibility for her training yourself." There is murmuring among the other Board members at this statement. "I have some conditions though; since your reputation of being able to train anyone is spotless, I don't imagine they will be too much for someone of your talents to overcome."

She is trapped and she knows it. I remember playing chess with this man; he has the same look on his face that he got when I made a fatal mistake on the chessboard. My father is the kind of man that only enjoys trapping you after the moment you realize you cannot escape.

"I'm flattered Charles, at your estimation of my skills," she continues cautiously. "I would be happy to oversee her training personally as a personal favor to a dear friend and respected colleague." She licks her perfectly colored lips and glances up at him. "What are your stipulations?"

"Oh, nothing that is too terribly restrictive. I simply want to make sure that she doesn't leave the compound during her training. I just got my daughter back and would like to keep her close for a while longer. I'm sure you understand." My father looks amiable enough and I can see he is about to lower the boom on Ms. Cullen.

"Of course Charles, that fits in with my plans anyway, so I see no reason not to grant this request." Esme has relaxed a little, thinking she has out-maneuvered my father. This is a fatal mistake on her part as her next words indicate. "Is there anything else you require before we vote?"

"Just one little thing, I'm almost reluctant to ask as I'm sure a teacher of your caliber has already considered this…" Damn my father is slick when he needs to be.

Esme's face falls. He has her and she knows it. My father has just made a serious enemy and that is no secret to anyone in the room. "What is it?" she asks in a small voice.

"Just for you to humor a father's need to protect his daughter and ensure that she comes through your training… intact." My father was referring to this in every sense of the word since I was still a virgin. I breathed a small sigh of relief.

"Of… course." Esme is defeated. "There are other methods we can use, she will be fine." She turns to the other Board members. "Shall we vote?"

With my father's stipulations the vote carried easily, and just like that I was slated to begin Red Collar training. As the Board is dispersing I catch the tail end of a conversation between my father and Esme.

"You may think you have outwitted me this time Charles, but I promise you I have a very long memory. And I can be very liberal with my interpretation of the word intact," she hisses acidly at my father.

"Ms. Cullen, you misunderstand my intentions." My father grabs the back of Esme's head and twists his hand into her red hair. He pulls her close and speaks directly into her ear. "If you think I'm playing games you overpriced gutter-slut then you have fatally underestimated me. My daughter will be returned to me in pristine condition, or I will erase your existence. You will spend the rest of your days trying to convince any government that will listen to you that you even exist. At least you won't starve to death… I hear hookers in Vegas make a pretty good living, and you won't even have to get used to fucking strangers." My father releases her and she tries staring him down for a brief moment before they notice me standing there.

"Ms. Dwyer, I will see you tomorrow for training?" Esme composes herself and my father regards her coolly when the most fantastic idea hits me.

"Looking forward to it ... But Ms. Cullen?" I begin with a phony smile on my face.


"It's Ms. Swan." I walk past her and take my father's arm. He looks down at me, beaming with pride as we walk past a flustered Esme.

"Of course... I won't forget again." She is livid.

My father delivers me to Garrett before kissing my cheek and disappearing into another meeting. I tell Garrett everything that transpired, and he bursts out laughing.

"No you didn't!" he exclaims when I tell him what I said to Esme.

"I did so, I can be tough too you know." I try to sound indignant, but I am proud of myself.

"You did good kid. Keep that up and you'll come through this training just fine." Garrett frowns suddenly as the reality of our situation hits him. "I'll try and keep tabs on you the best I can."

"I know you will Garrett, thanks!" I hug him, he drives me nuts sometimes, but I trust him and that is precious to me.

The next day I skip breakfast and go straight to my new training. Garrett shows me to the "Red Collar wing" where he hands me off to Esme. He is not permitted to go any further and he knows it. This is Esme's domain and he is now entrusting my care to an enemy. He doesn't say much but he gives my arm a reassuring squeeze before he turns and leaves.

I expect Esme to turn on me almost immediately. After all, why keep up the pretense when there is no audience to benefit from it? But she is her usually pseudo-kind self and I am taken a little by surprise.

"So, Ms. Swan, may I call you Bella?" I nod and she continues, "What have you heard about what my Red Collar's do for the organization?" She studies my face as I reply.

"Not much, I heard that you gather information through seduction and blackmail." I see no reason to not be truthful on this subject.

"So basically, that we sleep with people in exchange for information?" Esme laughs. "Don't feel bad about your misconceptions; I'm afraid we are a very misunderstood group. Most of the other members would view us in a very similar manner, I'm afraid. I hope that, if nothing else, our training will help you to see exactly what it is we do."

A woman with long blond hair comes up and addresses Esme. "I'm sorry to interrupt Mistress, but the room you requested is ready."

"Fantastic, Bella this is Rosalie Hale, she will be assisting me with your training."

"Call me Rose, everyone does." She smiles at me and I smile back.

"Please follow her to the inspection room. I'll join you shortly; I'd like to see what we are working with." Rose takes my hand and I follow her down the hallway.

"I'm so happy to meet you Bella; I hope I can help you through your training. It isn't easy, and I know I wish I had someone to help me when I went through it." If she is trying to make me feel better she is failing.

"What is the inspection room?" I ask her as we walk. I notice no one else is around, but there is a lot of surveillance; more than in the other areas of the Compound.

"It's where we get you out of those clothes and see what we are working with." Rose gives me a head to toe look, "but I must say I think you'll do just fine." She gives me a wink.

I feel a little uncomfortable having my sex appeal rated but I push my fears down and reply, "Not looking so bad yourself." I am surprised to see her blush a little.

We make it to a room with a wardrobe in it. Rose tells me to undress and she will find something suitable for me to wear for Esme's inspection. She hands me a red silk robe and leaves the room.

I quickly undress and put the robe on, the last thing I want is for Rose to come back while I am halfway through disrobing. I like the silk robe; it feels cool on my skin.

Rose returns with a small black thong and a bikini top that should be called "why bother", I look at Rose questioningly.

"C'mon Bella, you will look great in it," Rose says sincerely.

I slide the thong on, take a deep breath, and drop the robe to put on the bikini top. I see Rose's eyes look appreciatively at my breasts and the erect nipples that are a result of the cool cloth running over them, (or so I tell myself). I put the top on and it barely covers me decently, but it lifts my breasts and makes them look fantastic, I look at Rose for approval.

She whistles and winks at me. "Good enough to eat," she whispers.

I put the robe back on and we wait for Esme, about five minutes pass and she comes in. "Good you are ready. Okay, let's see what we are working with." She motions for me to stand and drop the robe.

I comply, and she looks me over with a critical eye. She has me turn so she can inspect my calves, buttocks, hips, and stomach. "Very nice, what is your breast size?"

"Thirty-Six B," I reply quietly. I look at Esme's ample cleavage and feel slightly inadequate.

"They are forty-four double D's dear, and yes, they are mine," She answers my unasked question. "Don't worry, every man has very specific tastes, believe it or not, some men are actually turned off by a giant rack." She smiles. "Besides dear, it takes more than a good set of tits to do what we do. Isn't that right Rose?"

"Completely, my talent for instance is a little more… versatile." Rose licks her lips.

"Now Bella, I'm going to ask you some personal questions about, for lack of a better word, your love-life." Esme pulls out a tablet and starts going down the list. "Have you ever engaged in sexual intercourse of any kind."

"No." Any kind? How many kinds are there?

"Please state the extent of your sexual experience with men." Esme is inputting data on the tablet.

"I made out with a guy in high school once. We kissed and he touched me a little." I feel uncomfortable sharing this but the sooner this part is over the better.

"I see. Did he use his tongue? Where did he touch you?"

"Yes, just on my breasts." My face is a mask, betraying nothing.

"Did you enjoy it?" Esme looks up at me.


"I-I'm sorry?" I stammer.

"Did you enjoy it? Did you become aroused?" Esme is still staring at me.

"What difference does that make?" I snap back at her.

Esme sighs and stands up. "I had hoped we would skip this part of the training, you were cooperating so nicely." She stands very close to me and looks directly into my eyes, her smile is now gone. "You will answer my questions whether you understand their purpose or not. If you do not, I will recreate the scenarios and judge your reactions for myself… is that understood?"

"Yes," I reply softly.

"Yes, what?" Esme is obviously not playing around.

"Yes… Ma'am?" I answer cautiously.

"I'm sorry Mistress, I didn't tell her yet." Rose steps forward. "Bella, you will refer to her only as Mistress Esme or Mistress Cullen."


"Yes Mistress Esme." I correct myself.

"Good, now let's continue." She looks back to her tablet. "You made out with a boy in high school, he kissed you with his tongue, and he touched your breasts. Did you enjoy this?" She looks back up at me.

"No, Mistress Esme; I mean not really." I decide to save myself some trouble and play along for now. In my mind the words "Mistress Esme" and "Queen Bitch-Monster" are interchangeable.

"Explain, you don't like men?" Esme is making more notes.

"No, that's not it… Mistress Esme." I quickly add the last.

"He was unattractive?"

"No, he was very handsome Mistress Esme."

"Then what was the problem?"

"He was, just really bad at it... I guess." I finished lamely, forgetting to use the required title.

Esme starts to laugh. I think she is laughing at me for a minute, and then I realize she is just laughing in general. She stands up and walks over to me. "Bella… that is the funniest thing I have heard in a long time. Thank you for that. Would you like to know a secret?" She locks her gaze on mine and I nod. "This is something that took me many years and many men to find out…" She puts her lips close to my ear. "They are all bad at it." She backs away to study my reaction.

I must look very confused because she continues. "Bella, this is the secret every Red Collar knows. Men want release, that's it… if we can help them with that, then they will make stupid decisions to make that happen. But essentially, all they really want is to masturbate into us… or onto us. What we need to accomplish is to make them feel special, make them desire us… Not just jump into bed with them and let them seizure on top of us for a few minutes and then go to sleep. We need to make them willingly do anything for those few moments of release. Do you understand?"

"Not really, Mistress Esme." I am being honest.

"Of course you don't, you have never desired someone." Esme looks back to her list. "Last question, do you masturbate?"

"No, Mistress Esme." I'm not about to back down now.

"Really… Never?" Esme sounds surprised.

"Never, Mistress Esme." If she is going to ask me every question twice this is going to take forever. Oh well, I have nothing but time right now.

"So you have never climaxed? That is, had an orgasm?" Esme's disbelief is evident.

"I don't think so Mistress Esme."

"Oh, you would know if you did." She gives me a pitying look. "My poor Bella, we need to correct this immediately!"

I'm not sure what that means, but I have a feeling I am about to find out.

"Alright, we have two tasks for you to perform today." Esme put the tablet down and begins addressing me. "First, you will experience your first orgasm today. I will provide you with a variety of methods for you to achieve this, and you may select what you are the most comfortable with. We need to 'knock the dust off' so to speak, before we move onto the next task."

I am shocked at how cavalier she is being when discussing my sexual future. I decide right then that if I am going to get through this; I had better develop a much more liberal attitude towards sex in general.

"The next task," Esme continues, "will be a test of your ability to use your own sex appeal to get someone to do what you want." She opens the door. "But we will discuss that later. This way please."

I follow her to another room which holds five men and four women of various physical characteristics. There is also a table with a variety of what I assume are masturbatory aids of various shapes and sizes.

"Hello everyone, this is Bella." I notice Rose taking a position with the other women in the room. "Bella has never had an orgasm, and we are going to help her out today." Esme gestures to them all. "Bella, everyone here is an expert in dispensing pleasure, you may request any of them to assist you, or you can select an aid from the table and, take things into your own hands… So to speak. However, if you choose to handle this on your own, someone will have to stay to witness." Esme smiles at me. "Don't be shy my dear."

I scan the group and decide I will have to pick someone. The thought of masturbating for the first time with a stranger staring at me is unthinkable. "Mistress Esme? I would appreciate any advice you could give me in selecting someone."

"Of course, Bella. You men may leave." The men all file out of the room. "Not for a first-timer. One of my ladies will be a much better experience I'm sure." She turns to the ladies and motions for two of them to go, and for Rose and two others to step forward. "I noticed earlier you were slightly preoccupied with the breast area, so I have selected the three of my girls with the most beautiful breasts you have ever seen. Would you like to see them?" Esme looks at me expectantly.

I swallow, my throat is dry. "Yes, Mistress Esme."

"Ladies, if you would, please."

They all remove their tops and allow me to inspect them. They all have moderate sized breasts capped with perfectly symmetrical nipples. The redhead has freckles dotting hers, and the brunette has the slight tan lines from a string bikini. They are all beautiful, but Rose takes my breath away. Her breasts are perfect, perky with nipples that stand out just the right amount.

Esme must have noticed my gaze lingering on Rose. "Ladies, I think Bella has made her choice. Thank you for your time." As they file out Rose takes my hand and walks with me to another room. This room has a bed that we both sit down on.

Rose takes my hand and holds it while looking into my eyes. "Bella, I'm so glad you chose me. I promise if you feel at all uncomfortable we will stop immediately." She kisses my cheek. "Ready?"

"What do I have to do?" I don't know anything, but Rose's beauty is hypnotic, so I don't feel self-conscious.

"Just let go Bella, I'll take care of you." Rose leans forward and kisses me. I immediately know what her "other talents" are that she referred to earlier. Her kiss is entrancing; I barely notice anything else as she lays me back onto the bed.

She continues kissing me as her hands roam my body. At some point she takes what little clothing I am wearing off, but I don't care, I just want her to kiss me again. She does, harder this time, her tongue invading my mouth, and then retreats as I chase it with my own tongue… She sucks it into her own mouth and then I am kissing her. I feel our breasts press together as her nipples run over mine. It is electrifying and I am desperate for more.

Her hand travels across my stomach and down between my legs. I don't care, I want it, and I need it. Her fingers enter me and began a rhythmic massage. I begin grinding instinctively against her hand. The sensations are exquisite; I have never experienced them before. The speed of her hand increases, as has the insistence of her kisses. I don't know what is happening, but before I know it I am crying out as my brain is filling with a white hot light, and every muscle in my body clenches in ecstasy. I lie back on the bed and try to catch my breath as Rose kisses my cheek. "Welcome to the Red Collars."

And then she is gone.

After I collect myself, I get dressed (or what passes for dressed around here), and exit the room. What just happened? My mind is spinning and I am both confused and elated at the same time. I push the thoughts away. I have things to do.

I find Esme standing with her tablet, she looks up and smiles. "Enjoy yourself my dear?"

"Where's Rose?" I ask, forgetting to address Esme as I had been instructed.

"Don't get attached Bella. She has work to do, and so do you." She frowns at my forgetting the title.

"Of course, what do you need me to do Mistress Esme?"

"Much better Bella." Her smile returns. "I need you to demonstrate your ability to extract information. In the other room there is a young man that has a very important piece of information for me." I want you to extract that information from him and bring it to me. If you can do that, I will deem your training a success and you can go."

"Just like that?" I say in disbelief.

"Just like that," Esme replies. "But, if you fail… we take your training to another level."

"Well then, I better get started." Esme motions towards a door and I walk through it.

I enter what looks like a sitting room. In it are other red collars, each entertaining various people or speaking amongst themselves. I might have felt under-dressed in my red silk robe with very little underneath, but I am wearing more than some of the other Red Collars.

I spot him easily; a young man, slightly older than me. He is dressed in an expensive suit, no tie, and he looks completely bored with his surroundings.

I walk over to him and pretend to look at a painting. He stands next to me, checking his watch periodically.

"Got somewhere better to be?" I ask him.

"No, just waiting for someone," he replies in a bored tone.

"Well, I can think of worse places to be stuck waiting." I let my robe fall open a little.

"Listen, I know how things work around here, and I'm guessing you're new, so I'll give you some advice…" He is not taking the bait.

"I am new, and… untouched. They saved me just for you." I have no intention of following through with this, but if it gets me the information I need, I can play the part.

"Really? Just for me, huh? What's the catch?" He sits down in a chair and I stand with one foot on either side of his outstretched legs.

"I think you know what I need from you, before I can give you what you…need from me." I lean in close and let my breast brush against him. "The message for Esme." I whisper in his ear.

"So let me make sure I understand," he whispers back, his hands have moved to my hips as I sway to the soft music, grinding against him. "I get you, if I give you the message I have for Esme?"

"Mmmm, that's right baby, pretty good deal if you ask me." I fall into the role continuing to move against him.

"And you are sweetening the deal by saying I'm your first?" He is moving with me now. I can feel that my enticing is starting to have an effect.

"That's right, so what do you say?" I close my eyes and put my ear next to his lips, ready to hear the words that will give me my freedom.

Suddenly, he shoves me off of him and stands up. I stumble backwards but don't fall. "I say thanks but no thanks. I'm not a training pony for you to practice riding. I prefer my women to know what they are doing, and to be prettier." He walks away, leaving me standing there like an idiot, exposed.

I quickly exit the room and see Esme standing there. "Well, that was embarrassing, she says to me. Why don't you go put some clothes on and we'll discuss why that didn't work.

I go and dress in a basic skirt and blouse that is laid out for me. I don't even question how it is sized perfectly for me. When I exit the room I see Esme standing with the man who had just embarrassed me.

"Bella, please come over here, there is someone I'd like you to meet." She beckons me over. I walk up and try to act like I'm not bothered by the man's presence. "You mustn't judge him too harshly Bella; you were not expected to succeed at this task. That would have been truly remarkable, and after your other training performances with the other branches… Let's just say I wasn't expecting remarkable from you."

"So, this was just a lesson in humility?" I ask, my cheeks burning.

"Oh yes my dear, but not for you. Undoubtedly you will go running to your daddy about this, and he will know that this is the direct result of him crossing me." Esme continues to smile and the man clears his throat.

"Oh, but I'm being rude. Bella, I'd like you to meet my son. Edward, this is Bella Swan."

My heart sinks, this is Edward?



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