Mass Effect 1: It Begins

Chapter 2: The Citadel

AN: Here is the second chapter of Mass Effect 1: It begins, The Citadel. Something I forgot to mention in the last chapter, as much as it will surprise you I don't own the Mass Effect Series that honour belongs to Bioware. Otherwise Garrus/MShep would have been a reality :P. Darn, never mind on with the chapter. ^^

The Normandy approached the colossal deep-space station known as the Citadel which houses the Citadel Council. Housing a population of over 13 million and simulating gravity by rotation, the Citadel is quite a sight and is quite obvious as to why it was chosen to be the centre of the galactic community and government. Joker contacted Alliance control requesting somewhere to dock and the Normandy was directed to a bay. Shepard and his team, Nihlus and Anderson grabbed their things and made their way off the ship towards the presidium.

Once setting foot on the presidium itself they made their way over to the Citadel tower to see the Council, once passing through the security they managed to get inside the building and to the main level where the Council convened. As the group exited the elevator they saw two turians that appeared to be arguing. The one that seemed to be doing most of the talking was dressed in the standard blue/black C-sec armour and the other was in a more formal but no less official state of dress with blue and reds. As they approached they began to make out their conversation.

"I know Saren is up to something. Just give me some more time, stall them." The first turian said. Know they were closer they could see that he had a dark grey plate colouring, dark blue face markings and blue eyes.

"Stall the Council? Don't be absurd, the investigation is over Garrus." The other turian who had a deep brown plate colour and green eyes raised an arm making a dismissing gesture and then turned to walk away.

The other Turian watched him walk away before turning to Shepard and the group. "Commander Shepard? I'm Garrus Vakarian I was in charge of the investigation into Saren."

"Who was that you were talking to just now?" Shepard asked him.

"That is Executor Pallin, head of Citadel Security. He'll be the one presenting my findings to the Council." Garrus explained.

"Sounds like you have something against Saren."

"There is something about him that's not right. He'll tell you one thing while his hand does another, I'm sure he has some hidden motive. But everything he touches is classified so I can't find a thing." There was anger in his voice as he said it.

"We need to go Shepard." Nihlus cut in.

"Good luck Shepard, maybe you'll have a better chance at this than I did."

Shepard nodded to Garrus and the group moved past up the stairs and along the few offices and garden feature in the middle. As they moved up the back staircase they could hear voices.

"Seems they started without us." Anderson noted.

Once they reached the top they saw the three Councillors across from them on the other side. The Asari Councillor Tevos had a purplish skin colour and wore a red and white garment. To her left stood the Salarian Councillor Valern wearing a robe that covered most of his dark coloured face, the only thing noticeable being the eyes. The robe also being a black colour with red and gold coloured edges. To the Asari Councillors other side stood the Turian Councillor Sparatus taller than the other two with a dark plate colour and cream coloured facial markings. His attire consisted of different blues with some slight red. On their side of the chamber stood Ambassador Udina, his face concentrated in an angry expression with grey hair and light brown eyes wearing a cream coloured suit. To the right of both parties stood a holographic projector which was showing an image of a very large Saren in a orange glow with what seemed to be a matching angry expression.

"We have heard no evidence to suggest that Saren is connected to the geth attack in any way. The asari councillor voice crossed the gap.

"The investigation conducted by Citadel Security showed us no evidence either." The Turian Councillor added.

"I saw Saren with my own two eyes, he was there and he tried to shoot me." Nihlus interjected.

"I'm sorry for what happened Nihlus but the blow to the head must have affected your memory. It must have been some other Turian." Saren responded, sympathy in his tone that didn't reach the eyes.

"How do you know he was shot in the head unless you were there? We also have an eyewitness who saw it all" Udina gestured angrily.

"Seeing as I've been accused of a heinous crime it's only fair that I know what I'm being accused of Ambassador." Saren replied condescendingly.

"We also find the eyewitness account of one traumatised dockworker hardly satisfactory evidence." The Salarian Councillor spoke to Udina.

"If you give us time we will find the evidence to prove it." Shepard tried.

"I'm sorry Shepard, Nihlus but we've already given more than enough to this accusation as it is, at the end of the day its just one beings word against another's."

"What about the Commander's vision?" Anderson interrupted.

"Captain there is nothing that can tell us, it may not have anything to do with the beacon and even if it did it hardly proves anyone's guilt now." Shepard tried to keep the role out of his eyes but the Captain was pulling at straws now. They needed something solid, that was clear if they wanted the Councils help.

"The commander is right Captain Anderson, unless you have anything substantial to add I think we can reach a conclusion." The Turian Ambassador spoke to Anderson.

"No we don't Councillor." Shepard cut in before Anderson could make things worse. The Turian Councillor turned to the other two, it seemed they had a silent conversation before they nodded to each other and the Asari Councillor spoke again.

"The Council has found no evidence to support the charges against Spectre Saren Arterius. The motion made to have him stripped of his Spectre status is denied Ambassador."

"I'm glad to see common sense has prevailed and justice has been served." Saren gave the group a glare before giving the Councillors a respectful nod of the head and the hologram faded.

"The meeting is now adjourned." The Asari Councillor finished.

The group walked back down the steps to the lower level where Udina and Anderson began arguing, Udina blaming Andersons presence due to his past history and Anderson just kept going on about how Saren would kill us all. When it got to the point where they just sounded like children, Shepard felt abit like having to be a parent breaking them up.

"Why don't we try talking to the C-Sec investigator, Garrus Vakarian wasn't it?" Shepard broke in.

"It sounded like he may know something but he didn't have time to put it in the report. It could be a lead." Ashley added. Anderson and Udina turned to look at the group, Udina seemed to collect himself before answering.

"We need anything we can get right now to expose Saren. I have a contact in C-Sec his names Harkin, you should talk to him and he should be able to tell you where to find this Garrus Vakarian. You'll find him in Chora's Den."

Anderson snorted. "That fool, I wouldn't trust him he just got suspended for being drunk on the job."

"Well you don't need to. As it has little to do with you now Anderson." Udina snapped back.

Shepard held back a sigh before replying. "I'll go to see Harkin then first. Kaidan, Ashley head back to the ship we're going to need to be ready for when everything goes up in the air if we can find what we need." They nodded in the affirmative before heading for the exit.

"Good luck Shepard." Anderson and Udina said in almost perfect unison before giving each other an annoyed glare.

"Lets get moving Shepard, we don't need to give Saren anymore of a headstart than he already has." Nihlus spoke to Shepard in an urgent tone.

Shepard and Nihlus got in a Citadel transport vehicle and went to the wards, taking an elevator down to Chora's Den. When they arrived and stepped through the door that lead to the entrance to Chora's Den there was a shout from the other side of the walkway and two figures clad in black jumped up. Anticipating what would happen Shepard and Nihlus rushed forward into cover as gunshots sailed overhead. Shepard pulled out a pistol and Nihlus a sniper rifle. When there was a lull in fire Shepard raised himself from cover and focusing his biotics held his hand out in front of him, biotic energy encompassed one of the two black clad figures. Shepard raised his hand in one quick motion the figure being raised to mimic it, then he closed his fist and brought it back down just as quickly and the figure was brought crashing back down with a shuddering force not likely to walk again. Shepard took a couple of shots at the other figure before ducking back behind cover. After another couple of shots Nihlus jumped from his cover sniper raised and looking down the scope. When the other figure tried to lean out from their cover to take a shot, Nihlus managed to take the figure out before they could even raise they're weapon with a well placed bullet in the head. Shepard and Nihlus cautiously made there way over to the two downed figures, close up revealing them both to be Turians.

"I don't think Saren wants to risk us getting in his way." Shepard muttered.

"Agreed." Nihlus said darkly.

They both holstered they're weapons and made there way into the entrance of Chora's Den. Once inside they looked around at the dark lights, the dancers which were mostly Asari and the many drunk patrons and probably thought the same thing. They didn't want to be here longer than they had to be. Nihlus noticed a man nearer the back of the establishment that seemed to be in a rather dirty, but still noticeable C-Sec uniform.

"Over there." Nihlus spoke to Shepard over the loud noise and gestured to who was most likely Harkin. As they made there way over they caught sight of an argument between two Krogan in the doorway which must lead to some sort of private area of the club. As they approached Harkin's table they heard the first Krogan who was wearing heavy red armour and had a big scar down one side of his face that went over his red eye speak to the other one who appeared to be a bouncer.

"If Fist new what's good for him, he'd see me …. now." The Krogan growled out.

"I've already told you Wrex, he's not going to see you. Get lost its over." The other Krogan threatened.

"Its not even started." The now named Wrex threatened right back. He turned away and walked past Shepard and Nihlus.

"Out of my way I have no business with you." He shot out at the pair.

"Well he was pleasant." Shepard smirked at Nihlus.

"Lets just stay out of the way of whatever that is. We have bigger problems right now than a enraged Krogan." Nihlus replied with a shake of the head. The two of them turned to Harkins table and walked the few steps.

"Are you Harkin?" Shepard asked.

"Yeah who wants to know?" Harkin snapped back.

"We were told you could help us find a co-worker of yours, Garrus Vakarian?"

"Ahhh you must be one of Captain Andersons crew. Did you know about his secret?" He grinned at the duo.

"I don't care just tell us what we need to know." Nihlus snapped at the man.

"Yesh, buzz kill. He went to see a Dr Chloe Michel, she works in the Medical centre in the upper words. Apparently she had some information for him on his big case. Now leave me alone." Harkin went back to his drink, ignoring the two of them.

"Gladly." Shepard turned away from the infuriating man and Nihlus followed him as they walked out the seedy bar.

"If we take transport we should be there in a matter of minutes. We don't want to miss him" Nihlus spoke to Shepard.

"Agreed, hopefully this Dr Michel will be able to help us out." Shepard replied. They walked along the walkway and back through the archway to the transport terminal and made a request for transport to the Medical centre.

After getting off the transport on the wards Shepard and Nihlus made there way over to the Medical centre. Once they reached the doors they heard raised voices and a more hysterical shout from within, Shepard looked to Nihlus and he nodded. The duo reached for their weapons and opened the door, as they made there way in to the room a human thug spun road holding a human female close and a pistol pointed at her head.

"Who are you? What do you want?" The thug said shortly to Shepard. Shepard saw movement out of the corner of his eye, it was Garrus Vakarian crouched low beneath the counter and making his way round the side. If Shepard could buy some time, Garrus would be able to get a clear shot at the thug holding the woman hostage.

"Easy, we just want to make sure nobody gets hurt." Shepard tried calmly.

"Well too bad, we've been paid to make sure this lady gets it." The thug grunted out.

"Is it really worth risking your life over some credits?"

"It's a lot of credits." He snorted.

"Doesn't mean much if you never have a chance to use them, I'm not going to let you hurt her." Shepard raised his pistol slightly higher trying to aim a shot as he spoke.

"Well I'll guess I just have to take you and your friend down as well."

"Do you really think that's it? There is security all over the place, you wouldn't get away." Shepard tried to reason with him, though he had a feeling he was the greedy type that was too stupid to think 5 minutes ahead. Shepard couldn't see Garrus anymore, he'd disappeared around the other side.

"Please C-Sec is a joke we can wa…" The thug never got a chance to finish his sentence as Garrus came into view coming out of his hiding spot and taking the thug out with a clean shot to the head with a pistol. The woman took a sharp gasp of air and dived in the direction of Garrus to get out of the line of fire of the other thugs. Shepard and Nihlus both ducked into cover by the counter as the rest of the thugs opened fire on the pair. Shepard allowed his biotics to flare creating a biotic barrier around him and Nihlus, and then raised himself from cover, taking fire at a thug who was out of position by a crate. As Shepard finished off the first thug with his pistol, Nihlus came up with his assault rifle and threw a grenade in the direction of the two other thugs. The grenade exploded forcing the two thugs from behind their pillars wounded, Nihlus opened fire on the first thug taking him down and as Shepard's barrier came down he extended his arm outwards throwing an over charged throw at the other thug. It slammed into him sending him flying through the air into the wall with a crash. Nihlus took a couple of shots at the downed thug to be sure he was dead, before he and Shepard holstered their weapons and made there way over to Garrus who was consoling the woman who seemed shaken by the events.

"Perfect timing Shepard, you gave me a clear shot at the leader." Garrus looked up as Shepard and Nihlus approached pleased tone evident.

"Glad I could help, it seemed to escalate quickly. Are you ok, miss?" Shepard addressed the last part to the woman.

"Dr. Chloe Michel. I'm fine Commander, thanks to you two and Garrus intervention." She smiled briefly.

"Dr Michel, why were those men here to kill you?" Nihlus asked her.

"They work for Fist, they were here to shut me up about the Quarian I treated a couple of days ago."

"What does the Quarian have to do with it?" Garrus said gently.

"She came in with a gunshot wound, refused to tell me where it came from. Apparently she has information on the geth and wanted to trade it for her safety. I put her in contact with one of the Shadow Brokers agents, Fist. I can only guess whatever information it is was important enough that I was too much of a risk to even know what little about it I do." She said quietly.

"From what I was able to find out Fist isn't working for the Shadow Broker anymore. He crossed the Broker and is working for Saren now, whatever that information the Quarian has must implicate him somehow and he's worried it will get out." Garrus added after Dr Michel.

"Crossing the Shadow Broker? That's suicidal, even I know that if you cross the Shadow Broker you won't be around much longer afterwards." Dr Michel looked surprised.

"Saren must have offered quite an incentive, or a bigger threat." Shepard inputted.

"Shepard we need to get to Fist before he does anything to her." Nihlus interjected.

"That Wrex was after Fist wasn't he? Maybe he would help us out?" Shepard's mouth quirked upwards in the corners fighting back a smirk.

"Shepard he seemed dangerous."

"But on our side a Krogan wrecking ball would be quite the advantage over whatever Fist tries to put in our way." Shepard sent right back.

"Can't argue with that, if you can convince him go ahead." Nihlus answered. Garrus had activated his Omni-tool while they were speaking and was typing something on it, after he finished whatever he was doing the glow faded and he lowered his arm.

"Dr Michel C-Sec officers are on they're way and will be here in a few minutes. You'll be safe from now on."

"Thank you Garrus." Dr Michel gave another smile to Garrus. Garrus smiled at the Dr mandibles opened before turning to Shepard and Nihlus.

"I know this is your show, but I want to help you to take Saren down. I can't do much here in C-Sec while Saren is out there doing whatever he wants." Garrus spoke slight anger in his voice.

"Why do you want to take him down so bad?" Shepard asked.

"Because he's a disgrace to my people and I won't just let him get away with this. There has always been something not right about him." Garrus replied, anger going up a level. Shepard took a moment to look at Garrus and think it over. He couldn't think of a reason to say no, he already new that Saren was going to be a slippery guy and they could definitely use Garrus's skills to help pin him down.

"Well then welcome aboard Garrus." Shepard held out his hand and Garrus took it giving a quick firm shake.

"Thank you Commander."

"Where are we going to find this Wrex, Shepard?" Nihlus asked, however Garrus answered him.

"They brought in a Krogan that had reportedly been making threats to Fist just before I left the C-Sec Academy that was probably him. We could catch him before he left."

"Sounds like a plan." Shepard spoke.

The group left Dr Michel in the C-Sec officers hands and left the wards to reach the C-Sec Academy. As they exited the elevator into the C-Sec Academy lobby they saw a crowded group to the left surrounding a familiar Krogan. They seemed, to no big surprise to be in an argument. A Human C-Sec officer seemed to be trying to threaten Wrex with little effect, Wrex just seemed to laugh before leaning over the C-Sec officer and growled something out at him. Then Wrex noticed the Shepard group, pushing past the C-Sec officer and making his way over to them.

"Do I know you human?" Wrex came to a stop in front of them.

"I'm Commander Shepard and we're going after Fist, thought you might want to join?" Shepard though that straight to the point was probably the best way to go about it.

"I was hired by the Shadow Broker to kill him, that's going to happen." Wrex got in Shepard's face, for along moment nobody spoke as Shepard and Wrex stared each other down. Wrex apparently found something he liked however before he lent back with a deep chuckle and said.

"Someone told me that if you seek the enemy of an enemy you will find a friend."

"Welcome aboard Wrex." Shepard grinned, Wrex extended a hand and Shepard shook it, experiencing a bone crushing grip from Wrex. Definitely not someone to get on the wrong side of Shepard thought to himself.

"Lets get after Fist before he knows where coming." Nihlus added. The group agreed and left the way they came, Fist wouldn't know what hit him when they arrive at his door.

When they approached Chora's Den they noticed it had been shut down, the lights all off and the door locked.

"Well it seems like he new we were coming." Garrus spoke.

"Good, that makes it more entertaining." Wrex grinned.

Garrus made short work of the lock and the door opened into a dark empty space. The group drew their various weapons at the ready and entered, the lights blazing into existence. Fist's men appeared from varying positions and the Squad crouched down into cover before the first shots fired, but it wasn't doing much good as bullets got way to close for comfort.

"This isn't going to get us anywhere. Shepard?" Nihlus questioned. Shepard nodded and closed his eyes, his biotics coming to life in a burningly bright glow, he raised both of his arms in a circular motion and a biotic sphere of energy came into existence shielding them from the gunfire. Shepard stood and moved his arms outwards, the sphere of energy expanding considerably to allow the group plenty of space to manoeuvre within it covering now a good 6 meters point to point. Nihlus started to take shots at Fist's men, while Garrus gaped for a second and Wrex gave him an appraising look before they both turned back to the problem at hand. Garrus using his sniper rifle took out the long range shooters while Nihlus focused on the rest and Wrex set about taking people out with his shotgun and a few warps of biotic energy. When it seemed that most the enemies had been taken care of the Krogan bouncer in a rage charged at the group, two other men wielding rifles behind him continuing to fire.

"The barrier's coming down now." Shepard warned to the squad. He pulled his hands back and pointed them both in the direction of the incoming Krogan, his biotics flared outwards briefly as he focused. Then with a push outwards the shield of biotic energy was sent flying at the Krogan, slamming into him with an unstoppable force as it continued on its path taking the Krogan with it and shredding furniture as they were torn from the fixings. All this slammed into the two poor thugs and they were thrown into the wall with it, the biotic field dissipating and everything crashed into the floor. Shepard took a deep breath to cool off and looked to the door near the back.

"I'm guessing Fist is through there?" Shepard asked to no one in particular.

"Yeah his office is through there." Wrex answered.

"Ah Shepard, I was just, wondering. I heard you were a biotic, but that?" Garrus spoke to Shepard, seemingly struggling to get the words out.

"Well there is a reason I'm classed as the Alliance's top biotic." Shepard grinned at Garrus.

"Yeah no kidding."

"Lets not sit around here all day, lets get after Fist." Nihlus spoke to the two. Shepard nodded, following Nihlus around the bar to the back offices, Wrex and Garrus bringing up the rear. They passed through a couple of doorways into a much more stylish space and the sound of a couple of turrets coming to life prompted the squad to take cover.

"Do I have to take care of everything myself?" A Human male shouted from behind a desk, obviously Fist in the way of his expensive clothes and arrogant expression. The turrets began to fire as Fist ducked down for cover, while the turrets focused on Wrex and Nihlus. Shepard lent from behind the pillar he was hiding by and sent a warp at the turret to take out the shields which then allowed Garrus to destroy it with his rifle. The other turret then began focusing on Shepard and Garrus, allowing Wrex and Nihlus to do a similar thing to what the other two had done and destroy the turret. Fist then swore and began to take shots at the group wildly. Though it wasn't enough to stop Wrex, who after Garrus had taken out Fist's shielding with well placed shots had charged at Fist and rammed him into the wall. Fist slumped to the floor looking a mess, though he still managed to look at the group defiantly as they approached.

"I'm not going to tell you anything!" He spat out.

"Tell us what we want to know and you can walk out of here. Where is the Quarian?" Shepard said as he came to stand before Fist.

"It's not going to work, I tell you anything Saren will kill me, so what!"

"As opposed to Wrex killing you now which will certainly happen if you don't tell us what we want to know? At least you'll have a chance to run and get away from Saren then if you tell us." Shepard hoped he had enough self preservation to see sense. Fist seemed to go quietly for a few seconds before he looked back.

"Fine, but I can't stop it now. I sent the Quarian into a trap, she's going to be meeting Saren's men and once they get the information from her they'll kill her. I told her to give it to me and then I could be done with it but no no, she wanted to meet with the Shadow Broker in person, hah. I told her I'd set it up, and sent her on her way." He muttered, Shepard sent a questioning look to Wrex.

"Nobody meets the Shadow Broker. Ever." Wrex replied, stressing the last bit.

"Right, well where did you send her?"

"In the maintenance section behind the lower wards. Better hurry." Fist Spat blood onto the floor. As the rest of the squad turned to leave, Wrex pulled out his shotgun in one quick, smooth motion and gave Fist a gaping hole in the chest. Shepard turned to stare at Wrex.

"What?" He grunted. Shepard decided now wasn't the time as they needed to get to this Quarian before it was too late. Besides he was kind of glad Wrex still did it, Fist deserved it really and he would only go on to cause more trouble anyway.

As they entered the hustle and bustle of the wards the squad made there way around the side to the back wall which most of the shops and kiosks were against. They slipped through into maintenance, went down some steps and weaved passed some pieces of random machinery to reach the meeting point. They rounded a corner and came to a stop, up ahead were a group of people each in full body armour and tinted visors. Standing in front of them was a small Quarian in a deep green enviro-suit that all members of the Quarian race wore to protect themselves from getting sick, due to their weaker immune systems. This being brought on from living in sterile environments for so long in space on their Flotilla. The apparent leader stepped forward to the Quarian.

"Do you have the information?" He questioned.

"Where is the Shadow Broker?" The Quarian replied, sounding nervous.

"I'm here in his stead, you can trust me." Though his voice sounded anything but.

"I was told they'd be coming to meet me. Why should I trust you?" She accused.

"Just give me the information!" The leader said, losing his patience with the Quarian.

"No!" She shouted.

"Grab her and let's go." The leader ordered to the people standing behind him, gesturing to the Quarian. Before anyone could move the Quarian's Omni-tool lit up and she pressed something on the display. There was an explosion and the area was littered with debris and smoke, in the confusion the Quarian ran for cover putting distance between her and Saren's people. The confusion was all Shepard needed and the leader closest to the Quarian was thrown of their feet and into two people behind them, knocking them all to the ground with his biotics. Garrus and Nihlus moved forward, taking up positions and sniping the still confused group as they collected themselves. Wrex with a biotic barrier in place got up close and with his shotgun began blasting people off their feet and Shepard with his pistol and a heavy shockwave tearing through the middle of the group kept them from getting organised. It was quite simple and well executed, Saren's people obviously hadn't been expecting them to show up and it cost them dearly. Shepard approached the Quarian after holstering his weapon and she moved from cover back into the open.

"You don't need to worry, I'm Commander Shepard, Alliance military. Were you hurt? Shepard asked concerned.

"N no I'm fine thank you. My name is Tail'Zorah nar Rayya. You saved me back there." Tail replied thankfully.

"After finding out you were getting set up we got here as fast as we could. We want to help you get your information to the Council, they need to see it."

"Really, oh thank you, I've been running for so long, Keelah." She exclaimed.

"What does this information have that makes it so valuable?

"There is a man, Turian I think. He's talking about the attack on Eden Prime and the geth, the return of something called the Reapers is mentioned as well. There's a woman talking to him, but it's the man that does most of it." She fidgets with her hands as she talks to them.

"If this is Saren then we've caught him out, how did you come across that information?" Garrus asked her.

"I was travelling to Illium when we came across a geth signal on a frozen planet. We landed and I managed to extract the memory core from one of the geth units before they could fry it. It was still pretty far gone but we managed to catch some of an audio log and when we saw what was on it we new that we had to get it to the Council." She finished.

"You said we?" Shepard picked up on.

"They didn't make it." Tali spoke softly. Shepard internally winced, real smooth he thought.

"I'm sorry."

"Thanks, but I'm ok I just don't won't to dwell on it right now." Shepard nodded to her. Nihlus brought his Omni-tool up and began typing.

"I'm going to contact the Council and I should be able to get us in if I can stress the situation to them." Nihlus moved off so he could speak, other hand raised to his ear.

"I'd best contact Captain Anderson and the Ambassador, they'll want to be there." Shepard raised his own Omni-tool and contacted the ambassador's office. He didn't think that there was much point, the two would probably just end up at each others throats again or insult someone. Nobody answered so he left a message for Udina that they had found solid evidence against Saren and were going to take it to the Council. As he turned back around he saw Garrus standing by the Quarian, checking her over much to her own displeasure and Wrex was leaning against some stacked crates away from them.

"They agreed to see us, but we need to go now. The Councillors don't like us coming back trying to expose Saren again after they've already denied us once." Nihlus had turned back to the group and strode forwards.

"We need to make this count as I doubt the Council will listen to us a third time. We can take transport straight to the tower from the wards." Shepard spoke to the assembled group. The Squad made their way back over to the public part of the wards and to a transport terminal that could take them to the Citadel Tower.

As the group arrived at the Citadel Tower they hurried through up to the main level and ignored the stares they were given as the unusual group combination passed by. Reaching the steps that took them up to the Council, Shepard and Nihlus went first as the others followed behind. Councillor Sparatus looked up as they approached and glared at Shepard.

"So you've back again. I wouldn't have bothered to show myself after your embarrassing actions earlier."

"We have the solid proof you wanted, we wouldn't have come back otherwise." Shepard replied keeping his voice level.

"Councillors following a trail we were lead to Tali'Zorah nar Rayya who has an audio file implicating Saren in the attack on Eden Prime. May we play the log?" Nihlus stepped up.

"You may Nihlus." Councillor Tevos replied.

"Thank you Councillor." Nihlus gestured for Tali to step forward, she came to stand beside Nihlus and raised her arm. Omni-tool coming to life she pressed a few buttons and the audio log started to play.

"Eden Prime was a major victory! The beacon has brought us one step closer to finding the Conduct." Saren's voice sounded from the recording.

"And one step closer to the return of the Reapers." A female voice replied. The recording finished and Tali stepped back to stand beside Garrus.

"I don't think we could get anything more solid than that." Nihlus addressed the Council.

"This evidence cannot be denied. Saren's Spectre status will be revoked immediately and we will begin our efforts to have him brought in for his crimes." Councillor Valern spoke.

"It seems I was mistaken Commander. I'm sorry to have doubted you." Councillor Sparatus said clearly uncomfortable admitting it.

"I know the other voice on that recording, it is Matriarch Benezia." Councillor Tevos added troubled.

"Who's Matriarch Benezia?" Shepard asked.

"Matriarch Benezia is a well respected Asari for my people, she has many supporters and would make a formidable ally for Saren. Matriarchs are Asari who have entered the later stage of life and they are held in high regard in our culture. They're wisdom and experience is well respected."

"What about these Reapers?" Councillor Sparatus questioned.

"As far as I know they are myths that are supposed to be a race of synthetic sentient machines that exterminated the Protheans and all organic life 50,000 years ago. Then they disappeared for no apparent reason. Do you think Saren believes this? That this conduit will somehow bring them back?" Shepard asked.

"To the geth a race of machines that wiped out all organic life would sound appealing and something to even worship possibly." Councillor Valern pondered.

"Saren is a very charismatic individual. I think that Saren is using this myth to convince the geth to follow him to go after what he really wants." Councillor Sparatus replied to Shepard's question.

"We know what Saren told the geth about the conduit, but what does it really do?" Councillor Tevos asked to Councillor Sparatus.

"At the moment we are going to need to bring him in to find that out. But if he's hiding in the Traverse systems we can't send in a fleet or we will be risking a war with the Terminus system." He replied.

"Lets us go after him. We can move faster than a whole fleet can." Shepard interrupted.

"The Commander makes a good point. We can send them in after Saren without risking the fallout a whole fleet would cause." Councillor Tevos remarked.

"Humanity isn't ready for this, it is too soon to admit them into the Spectres." Councillor Sparatus gestured widely.

"Nihlus you've been observing the Commander, what is your opinion?" Councillor Valern asked.

"Commander Shepard shows great promise, his fighting skills are strong especially biotics. Though his diplomatic skills stand out the most, being able to find compromises and defuse a situation without resorting to violence if he can." Nihlus stated.

"Sparatus if you took out the human element and based your judgement purely on his capabilities would you give the Commander a position in the Spectres?" Councillor Tevos turned to Sparatus questioningly. The Turian Councillor looked uncomfortable for a moment before he gave a sigh.

"I think the Commander would make a worthy Spectre and would be a great asset."

"Then I think we have made a decision." Councillor Tevos looked to Councillor Valern who gave her a nod. The three of them looked down to the consoles in front of them and pressed a few buttons.

"Commander Shepard step forward." Councillor Tevos spoke in authoritative tone and Shepard walked to stand before the three Councillors.

"It is the decision of the Council that you be granted all the powers and privileges of the Special Tactics and Reconnaissance branch of the Citadel."

"Spectres are not trained, but chosen. Individuals forged in the fire of service and battle, those whose actions elevate them above the rank and file." Councillor Valern spoke next, crossing his arms.

"Spectres are an ideal, a symbol. The embodiment of courage, determination and self-reliance. They are the right hand of the Council, instruments of our will." Councillor Tevos continued.

"Spectres bear a great burden. They are protectors of galactic peace, both our first and last line of defence. The safety of the galaxy is theirs to uphold." Councillor Sparatus took over.

"You are the first human Spectre, Commander. This is a great accomplishment for you and your entire species. Nihlus will continue to monitor your progress Shepard and If we feel that our judgement was premature we shall revoke your Spectre status as we have done with Saren." Councillor Tevos finished.

"It's an honour Councillor. I will prove that it was the right decision." Shepard bowed his head.

"We're sending you into the Traverse system after Saren, you can use any means necessary to apprehend or eliminate him." Councillor Valern addressed Shepard.

"Do you have any leads?"

"There have been reports of geth on one of your Human colonies, Feros and they have also been sightings around Noveria." Councillor Sparatus replied.

"Matriarch Benezia has a daughter, Dr. Liara T'Soni. She specialises in Protheans, it might be a good idea to speak to her and see what see knows. Our reports tell us she was exploring an archaeological dig site on one of the uncharted worlds in the Artemis Tau Cluster. Shepard we can't confirm if she is working for her mother or not so be on your guard when you find her." Councillor Tevos added with a warning.

"I'll start with Matriarch Benezia's daughter." Shepard concluded.

"Very well Commander. This meeting is adjourned." The Councillors left their terminals as the squad proceeded back down the steps. Shepard noticed that a crowd had gathered on the balconies as the Council had appointed him the Spectre position, it clearly wouldn't be something to just blow over in a night. As they reached the open garden area they saw Anderson and Udina hurrying towards them.

"Shepard what is going on? You should have waited for us!" Udina spoke angrily.

"If we had waited for you to arrive the Council would have moved on and we would of lost our chance to see them. The Council has appointed me as a Spectre and are sending me into the Traverse after Saren. Nihlus will be continuing to evaluate me so that the Council can be certain of their judgement." Shepard held back the fact that Udina's aggressive pushiness wouldn't have helped.

"Well congratulations are in order Shepard." Anderson reached forward and the two shock hands.

"Thank you Captain."

"Humm. Be that as it may you're going to need a ship, supplies and a crew among other things if you're going after Saren. Come with me Anderson we need to talk." Udina appeared thoughtful.

"Shepard you should go down to the C-Sec academy and talk to the requisitions officer. Now that you're a Spectre you should have access to their equipment, then you can meet us at the Normandy when me and Udina are finished." Shepard nodded to Anderson and the two made there way to the Ambassadors office. Shepard led the way to the C-Sec academy and after they were finished there back to the docks. After Shepard got over the surprise at being given the command of the Normandy he questioned Anderson and Udina for last minute facts before walking aboard the ship with the new crew.

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