Sam had somehow found his way to the Doctor's room. He'd figured out that there was a more-or-less infinite number of rooms in this thing, and there was no way he could ever find them all, but he did happen to stumble upon the hallway that appeared to be dedicated solely to bedrooms. Which isn't saying much considering this hallway appeared to be about a mile and a half long (how many 'companions' does this Doctor guy have, jesus) and Sam had finally gotten to the end of it.

The room was surprisingly nice for someone that didn't look like he slept much. The younger Winchester figured it had to be the work of that blonde chick, Rose, because the Doctor didn't seem like he would care for a bed sheet set. There were bookshelves in the room, maybe three or four, and all of the books were written in a weird circular language that Sam had never seen before. There were also pictures of random people that didn't look too much older than Sam and they were usually standing with an older looking gentleman. The more time he spent looking around the TARDIS, the more Sam started to wonder if the Doctor was a serial killer or something.

"Those are all him." Sam jumped when he heard the voice and turned to find Rose watching him from the doorway, "Sorry. Didn't mean to snoop... just... curious." She smiled and shrugged, "'S fine. I did the same thing when I first started traveling with him. At least you didn't find the baby photos..." That hadn't been a good day for either one of them. The Doctor mad and then crying, Rose hating herself for making him feel this way. Sometimes traveling with the Doctor came with a lot of baggage she had no idea how to deal with, but she did her best. It was the least she could do.

"What do you mean they're all him?" Sam was looking at the photos again and there were some with the guy they'd met earlier, there were even some of Rose and a slightly older looking guy with a shaved head, big ears, and a black leather coat. Dean would probably like that guy. Or at least his coat. Rose laughed and walked over to the photos and started pointing the Doctor out in each one, "Here he is... fourth regeneration if I remember correctly. He still has that ridiculous scarf in here somewhere... and oh, this was the second place he took me. Lovely picture of me... I'll have to make a copy of that." The more Rose talked the more confused Sam became, "What's a regeneration? And why would he keep that scarf?"

She laughed, an actual real laugh, and smiled him, "Sorry. Forgot. The Doctor's a Time Lord. They have the ability to regenerate when they're dying... my Doctor is nine hundred plus years old, I believe this is his tenth regeneration." Sam's eyes got really big but he tried to hide it which only made Rose laugh more. He stuttered for a second, "He's... how old? And you're... how old?" She snorted and shook her head, "Oh my god you sound like my mum! He's nine hundred and four the last time I checked. I'll be twenty one." Sam whistled and tried not to judge but jeSUS that's kinda creepy, "Wow... and I thought ten years was a big age gap."

"Yeah well, I'm nine hundred and four but I've been told I'm quite immature for my age Sam." The Doctor joined them and smirked at the slightly embarrassed taller boy, "You are aware of how old your angel friend is, right?" Sam stuttered for a moment again because, actually, no he wasn't really sure how old Cas was. He'd just kind of picked the age Jimmy Novak looked and stuck with that otherwise the whole thing with him and Dean would be even weirder. "Uh... Honestly Doc, I try not to think about that." The Doctor actually laughed at that, "Age, time, space, right, wrong, it's all relative Sam. People think that time is a linear progression of things but in reality it's more like a great big ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey things all going on at once."

"Is that a technical term Doc?"

"Oh yeah, haven't you humans gotten to that point in history yet?"

"Uh no, we haven't even cured cancer yet."

The Doctor scoffed and crossed his arms, "Well that's easy. You just -" Rose elbowed him in the side and said his name in a warning tone, "DOCTOR." He pouted at her for the elbowing and sighed like a child who was just told they couldn't get the toy they wanted, "Sorry... forget the rules sometimes myself."

Sam smiled at them, "I should probably be getting back to my brother before he has an aneurism... he's not a fan of other people touching Cas." The Doctor smirked, "Yeah I noticed." The younger Winchester rubbed the back of his neck and sighed, "Sorry about him." Rose grabbed Sam's arm, "Come on. I'll walk you out. It can get a bit confusing in here sometimes if you don't know where you're going." Sam laughed and nodded, "Yeah I noticed that. Thanks." He stepped forward and extended a hand to the man (alien? Time Lord? Well he is a dude so... man yeah, man's good) in front of him, "Thanks for letting me poke around Doc. And sorry again for my brother... he's just... overprotective." The Doctor took Sam's hand and shook it, "No problem." The two others in the room started to leave when he remembered a question he had, "Oh and Sam?"

Both of them turned around and Sam arched an eyebrow, "Yeah?" The Doctor scrunched his face, "What is it that you lot do exactly?" He laughed and smiled at him, "Uh we're hunters. We hunt all things supernatural... keep people safe and whatnot."

"And how did you get into that? Never met a hunter before so I assume it's not a popular area of work."

"Yeah uh, it's not. Not a popular line of work. Our dad started hunting after a demon killed our mom. It's a long story."

"Oh... I'm sorry."

"Me too."

"And how did you guys meet Castiel?"

"Oh Cas saved Dean from hell. Pulled him out."

Rose and the Doctor looked at each other before she spoke, "Yeah. Would you guys like to get food or something?" Sam laughed and shrugged, "Uh... yeah I mean, I don't see why not. We're not getting anywhere on the job so we can get some food." The Doctor stepped forward and tried not to look too excited, "You're on a job now? What are you hunting?" Sam sighed and rubbed the back of his neck, "Couple-a werewolves in the area. We're thinking it's two or three."

It was Rose who spoke first since she couldn't pretend she wasn't excited, "Werewolves? Like a real, proper werewolf?" Sam nodded slowly, "Yeah... why?" The Doctor walked over and grabbed Sam's other arm as they started to walk him back to the control room to find Dean and Cas, "Any chance you guys need some help with that one?"

"I don't know... it's not exactly safe..."

"Oh trust me Sam, last week we've dealt with werewolves before. He and I will be fine."

"I mean... I don't mind as long as Dean doesn't..."

The Doctor smiled, "Allon-sy!"