Twelve Days of Xmas

Chapter 14 – Epiloge

This idea for this story was brought to you by the readers/writers on FB and my besties at JUF. I hope everyone enjoys and attacks their other halves. They'll enjoy the extra Christmas presents.

Reminder: Stephenie Meyers own the characters. I just use them for my sexual pleasure. LOL


Tracey heard the doors to the rooms open. She listened at the patter of footsteps continued to get louder as they neared the living room.

The murmurs of the voices became more distinct as her guests entered the room. She stood and smiled at her friends. She gestured for them to sit and make themselves comfortable.

She snapped her fingers and waited. Her friends quietly discussed the details of their night. The room, their experiences, the confusion of what they had found when they had awoken.

Emmett entered the room, pushing a cart covered with cups and containers full of coffee, tea and cappuccino. She motioned for them to serve themselves.

Tracey waited for the rest of her friends to settle themselves back into their seats. "Breakfast will be ready in a few minutes, but before we eat I think I should explain away some of your confusion. Answer some questions I'm sure you all have."

Tracey took a spot near the fireplace. "First, thank you for accepting my invitation to this special party. I'm sure everyone enjoyed their presents last night. Children makes a list to give to Santa Claus, and sometimes they wish for a toy, candy or a new pet. As adults, we have different wishes or fantasies, and some of these things we would normally never ask for. Sometimes it's not realistic.

Last night, I wanted to give you all Christmas wishes to last a lifetime. A memory you could carry with you for the rest of your lives.

I know you all woke up this morning alone in a normal bedroom. Your fantasies were gone, as were your beautiful rooms. There is a reason for this. Your real presents are the memories you take home with you.

You will always be able to close your eyes and remember the beauty within those rooms and the wonderful time you had.

Merry Christmas to all of you.

I hope the party next year is bigger and better than this year. Of course, you are all invited, and you can also invite some of your friends to join."

Tracey moved across the room to the door.

"Breakfast is served."

Merry Xmas, everyone

Thank you to everyone for making my year a memorable one. I hope everyone enjoyed my Xmas presents. I have learned so much from writing this little drabbles.

I have grown as a writer since I started writing again in the last six months. I have learned that betas are a dime a dozen. The truly gifted ones, though, are rare like Haley's Comet. You only find them once in a lifetime.

I have also found that friends come from everywhere. The true and beautiful ones are there forever, holding your hand or being a sympathetic shoulder in your times of need. They laugh with you not at you. They cry when you cry, they rejoice when you rejoice. I love you all. These people know who I'm talking about.

The thing I'm most thankful this year is meeting my soul mate, my twin and ma belle. I love you and will always cherish every moment or word we share with each other. I said it before and I'll say it again; One person's loss is definitely my gain. I'm overjoyed to have you in my life.

Till next year, happy holidays.