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Jack Tonight, MidoTaka

Getting Midorima to drink alcohol was nearly next to impossible - it was like trying to get that cocky Aomine bastard to give up his precious gravure magazines or asking Murasakibara to go on a diet and banning him from all snack-eating.

But then again, Takao liked to think that he had a special talent in dealing with Shin-chan. Or at most, have that quixotic green-haired giant wrapped more than halfway around his pinky, unwillingly bending to the raven haired boy's careless whims and unfair requests (which Takao thought, was nothing close to Midorima's endless demands for him to peddle the rickshaw and look for his ridiculous lucky items.)

Today was a ludicrously special day, and Takao was going to milk this for everything that it was worth, especially for a new photo album of a red faced and blubbering Midorima.

Boy, was he going to enjoy this.

At least, that was what Takao had initially thought when he first brought out the amber bottle of Jack Daniel's, alcohol spilling into the shot glasses Midorima had grabbed from the kitchen cupboard.

"Not too classy, but you sure about this, Shin-chan?"

Midorima spared a brief nod and customarily pushed up his black-framed glasses. "It can't be helped, what Oha-sa says, I must do."

Takao laughed, raising a slim eyebrow. "Hard liquor in the evening? It's only six, isn't a bit too early to get smashed?"

"Deciding to avoid the lucky item of the day was an erroneous mistake on my part, I can't have my next 12 hours ruined by horrid luck." Midorima sighed. Spending the day with Kise and being blackmailed into 'helping' him out with his love troubles with Aomine was taxing enough already. (Though, he had to concede that the sight of a naked Aomine covered in duct tape and bound to a chair was amusing. For the first three minutes before the screaming began at least.)

"You know….." Takao had a teasing glint in his eyes. "I've never ever seen Shin-chan drunk before."

Midorima's eyes widened. "Don't you dare even think about - "

"Come on Shin-chan, do think I'd be that cruel? Don't worry, I won't take any pictures." Takao dangled his smartphone tauntingly in front of prodigy shooter.

"I don't trust you."

"Don't be so tsundere, Shin-chan, you don't need to worry either, I'm too jealous to share them with anyone else!"

- 30 minutes later, Six shots of Jack later.

"Cancers are ranked 9th today! You might want to consider investing yourself in a bottle of Jack Daniel's, four shots will ensure you a day of smooth sailing, but the more the better - though we wouldn't recommend it if you were driving! And if you're underage, we're sorry - you'll just have to make do with a day of bad luck and misfortune!"

Takao had never regretted a decision so much in his life.

"Would you like to hand that phone over to me?" Midorima's hot breath tickled Takao's right ear as the man leaned over and languidly placed a kiss on the side of Takao's white neck. "What happened to your resistance?"

His large hands tightened in the point guard's silky hair, pulling him in for another long kiss. "So?" Midorima's voice was dangerously low, glasses off - the intensity of his smoldering eyes was only enhanced, and for once, Takao felt like he was helpless prey in the jaws of a terrifying predator.

"You're enjoying this, aren't you?" Midorima expertly unbuttoned Takao's shirt and teasingly bit at his collarbone before taking off his own top in one fluid motion. A furious blush colored Takao's face as his fingers grappled for purchase on the soft suede material of the sofa his lover had pinned him to. The person - no, the wild animal - had taken over Shin-chan- The cute tsundere he had known was completely gone, replaced by a thirsty beast.

"Get the hell off of me, and give me back my phone, my clothes, and my Shin-chan."

Midorima placed a finger gently at Takao's lips with a smirk.

"Quiet. I have a proper name, Kazunari," grabbing one of Takao's slender hands and placing it on his chest over his heart. "After all, I still am your Shintarou,"

Takao wanted to die.

He had never planned for this to happen, never once imagined that Midorima had such a…..dominating and disgustingly seductive side to him - Takao wanted to puke. Out of embarrassment or sheer incredulity, he didn't know.

"Stop daydreaming and think only of me." Midorima leaned in, undulating muscles keeping Takao trapped tightly in a heated embrace and forcefully locking lips once again, a tussle of possession and dominance, each stubbornly unwilling to yield to the other. A thin string of saliva connected their red lips as they broke apart, Midorima unruffled and Takao in a state of undress and disorientation, drunk off of the familiar taste of cool mint on his lips that burned with sweet bourbon aftertaste.


Click. Click. Click.

Midorima threw Takao's phone out of arm's reach after snapping a few shots and snickered.

"I'll be keeping those pictures for myself, I hope you don't mind."

There was no use rejecting Midorima's advances. Takao gave up all resistance, though two could play at this game.

"Shintarou….don't things so half assed. It's still six, isn't it?"

A devious smile.

"We've got all night, Kazunari."

The next day, Midorima woke with a horrible hangover and an earsplitting headache, and Takao with horrible back pain and a sore body.

"What happened last night?" was what Midorima said when he saw the atrocious amount of hickeys on Takao's chest and thighs after managing to shove on his glasses.

Takao gave Midorima the dirtiest glare he could muster.

"Fuck you, Shintarou."

Dear god his ass hurt.

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