Author's Note: I now present the twelfth episode in the tale of Doctor Whooves! Enjoy!

Doctor Whooves: Episode 12

A Dalek in Celestia's Court


Canterlot Castle, Canterlot, Equestria, Gaia, Autumn, 1002 C.E.

Luna was avoiding Celestia...again. She was sitting quietly in a small room hidden in one of the older parts of the castle. She didn't have to worry about Celestia finding her. Her elder sister had given up trying to find her a while before. Luna missed being happy with her sister. Their relationship had been pretty strained since the disappearance of Twilight Sparkle. She could still remember the moment when she had to tell Celestia about what had happened. She told her everything. The appearance of the mysterious stallion known as the Doctor, the attack on Ponyville by that strange creature that resulted in the death of a pony named Oak Ridges, and, of course, Twilight's disappearance. Since then, Celestia and her hadn't been on "good, sisterly terms". Luna hardly left the castle anymore. Celestia hardly talked to her nowadays and when she did it was always in a somewhat angry tone. Luna didn't hate or blame her sister. She knew she herself was at fault here to some degree. But, Luna felt there was more to this than just Twilight's disappearance.

Celestia seemed to act oddly to Luna's mentioning of the Doctor. Celestia, at first, had acted as if she knew this stallion. Celestia had been acting weirdly of late. Luna had seen her sneaking off to the library multiple times to scope out the Equestrian history section. Luna found this behavior to be quite odd. However, Luna felt that there was something else afoot rather than Celestia keeping secrets. The previous night, Luna had felt something odd. It was hard to describe, the feeling, but Luna knew one thing for certain: there was a presence of very powerful magic somewhere in Equestria. Luna had wanted to tell Celestia about it but she still didn't feel completely comfortable around her sister.

"I'm sorry, my sister. I'm sorry, Twilight," Luna whispered softly to herself. She said this to herself every single day. It made her feel slightly better but she knew that no matter how much she said it, it would never make that much of a difference. Suddenly, an alien sound began echoing up from the city below. Luna listened carefully. She knew this sound. She had heard it before. In fact, she remembered when and where she had last heard it exactly: five months ago in the home of Twilight Sparkle. It was the sound that bizarre box owned by the Doctor made when it appeared. "Could it be? Could...could it really be Twilight and him? Have they returned?"

Luna jumped up and looked out the window. She could hear the sound emanating clearly now due to magically enhancing her hearing. A smile appeared on her face.

"Twilight! She's back! She has to be!" Luna cheered. She then flew out of the window and down towards the city. She was so happy that she didn't noticed a space of rippling air situated in the room she had just left. A metallic voice began emanating from the rip in space and time.