Chapter 6: Homeward Bound

Performance Square, Canterlot, Equestria, Gaia, Autumn, 1002 C.E.

The TARDIS let out a familiar hum as the Doctor approached it.

"Ah! There you are, TARDIS! Nice to see you again!" he said happily. "Oh dear, I think I really have become slightly loopy. Oh well. Nothing a nice drink and a long nap can't fix!"

The Doctor fell silent. All he could think about was what Celestia had told him. He was happy that she was alive and well and that she had finally made amends with Luna, but the news she brought about was nowhere near cheerful. Apparently there was a war on the horizon and the dimensional rifts had something to do with it. Then, of course, there was the whole deal involving the human Luna and the other, darker Doctor. There was so much to think about. The Doctor turned back to the others and he could tell that they were just as worried as he was.

"So...what are we supposed to do now?" Derpy asked.

"Celestia was pretty vague in what she told us. I can only think that she kept a few, particular details from us," said Twilight.

"Why would she do that?" Spike asked.

"Spoilers!" chimed Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie.

"Of course," Applejack sighed.

"I don't know about the rest of you but I'm ready to get back to old Ponyville!" said Rarity.

"Home sounds pretty good right about now," said Fluttershy.

"You're leaving already?" asked Shining Armor, who was accompanied by Trixie and Monty.

"Yes. We've been traveling around for a while now and we're all ready to head home," Twilight replied.

"I wish you could stay longer. You weren't even able to see Cadance."

"I think it's obvious that we were a little preoccupied." Twilight giggled before hugging her brother. "Take care, BBBFF."

"Take care, Twiley."

"I guess this is goodbye for now," said Trixie. She shuffled her hooves awkwardly. "I'm glad I got pulled into your TARDIS, Doctor."

"I'm glad about that too. May our paths cross again in the future, Trixie," said the Doctor as he extended a hoof. Trixie shook it professionally. "Say, have you ever thought about a career in writing?"

"Not really. Why do you ask?"

"Oh nothing! Just a suggestion."

"Sure. Whatever you say, Doctor."

Trixie then proceeded to say goodbye to the others while the Doctor turned his attention to Monty.

"You knew about my dark self, didn't you?" the Doctor asked.

"Yes. I wish I could tell you more...but I made a promise," Monty replied.

"Best to keep your mouth shut for the time being. Don't want to risk spoiling anything in a negative way."

"I guess. Opal's probably still in Ponyville. Send her home if you run across her there. The kids are starting to miss her."

"And you too?"

"Of course!"

"Take care, Monty. I have a feeling that we're going to cross paths again."

"As long as Opal's life continues to intertwine with yours, you'll always find me somewhere either in the action or somewhere in the background."

"Will you always be dressed up as a clown?"

"It counts on what mood I'm in."

The Doctor chuckled as he shook hooves with Monty. He then turned back towards his companions.

"So is everypony ready to head back to good, old Ponyville?" the Doctor asked.

"Definitely!" replied the companions.

"So, Doctor. What are your plans from here on out?" Twilight asked.

"Oh, I don't know. I think I might want to take a short break from traveling. Maybe kick back and relax for a while. I guess this would be a good opportunity to keep the promise I made to you oh so long ago, Twilight."

"You mean you're going to stay in Ponyville and take things slow for a little bit?"

"Why not? Everypony needs some R&R every once in a while, even me."

"You can stay in the library. I have an extra guest room in the basement that would be perfect for you."

"Sounds perfect, Ms. Sparkle." The Doctor looked and noticed that Derpy seemed somewhat disappointed about something. "I can see that you still have a lust for adventure, Ms. Hooves."

"I guess you could say that," she replied.

"Don't worry. We'll be off traveling through space and time once again. You, me, Twilight, and whoever else decides to join us. Does that sound fun?"

Derpy and Twilight exchanged sharp glances but then smiled at each other.

"Yeah," said Twilight.

"That sounds good," Derpy finished.

"We're ready!" Pinkie called from within the TARDIS. The Doctor looked and realized that everypony else had entered the TARDIS aside from him, Twilight, and Derpy. The stallion, the unicorn, and the pegasus couldn't help but chuckle as they entered the TARDIS. Trixie, Monty, and Shining Armor watched in silence as the TARDIS slowly disappeared.

Canterlot Castle Royal Quarters, Canterlot, Equestria, Gaia, Winter, 1003 C.E.

Princess Luna the human opened her eyes following the end of her connection with the ponified Celestia.

"That went better than I thought it would," she said to herself.

"That's good," said a familiar voice. Luna turned around to see none other than Matilda standing there. A group of bound Daleks was standing next to her. "Special delivery for the Princess."

"Thank you, Matilda. This should be the last of the Daleks."

"You owe me big time! Do you realize how long it took for me to track all of this rogue Daleks down?"

"Enough to warrant a vacation, I would guess."

"My whole life's a vacation. A paid one wouldn't make a difference."

"Besides, you don't even officially work for me so I can't give you vacations anyway."

"Too true." Matilda fell silent and shuffled her legs. "You know what? There are times where I wish I could spill the beans to the younger Doctor about what's to come."

"I felt the same way you feel when I was talking to Celestia's ponified counterpart." Luna became stiff and lowered her head. "It was wonderful...hearing her voice again. Even if the Celestia I talked to wasn't my sister...she still made me feel the way I did around my own Celestia."

"You miss her dearly, don't you?"

"More than anything."

"I can help you see her again." Matilda presented the vortex manipulator to Luna the human. "And all with the click of a button."

"It wouldn't be the same and it would have too many risks. No. We best not do that."

"Okay. I understand."

"Can you fetch Spike for me? I need to discuss some plans with him about what to do next in the Restoration Movement. There's a lot of work to be done."

"Of course. And, remember, I'll always be just a call away if you need anything."

"Thank you." Matilda began to leave. Luna then suddenly said, "Wait. Could you promise me one last thing?"

"Of course, Luna. Anything."

"Could you make sure that nothing ever separates my pony self from her sister? Make sure nothing drives them apart. Make sure no harm falls on them. Make sure to aid the Doctor in any way you can so that their Equestria can continue to thrive and recover quicker than mine."

"I promise. Have a nice day, Princess-"

"I've decided to change my title to Queen Luna. I think it's about time. It's not like I have anybody ruling over or alongside me anymore."

"Right. Have a nice day, Queen Luna."

Matilda walked out of the room and Queen Luna sat down on the edge of her bed. When she knew that Matilda was out of earshot, she lowered her face into her hands and silently wept.

To be continued...

Author's Note: I just wanted to note something here involving my future writing plans for Doctor Whooves. With the completion of this episode I am now halfway through the first season of my Doctor Whooves series. This, I feel, is the perfect point for me to take a short hiatus from the series. I promise not to have you all wait too long for the next episode but I've been writing practically nothing but Doctor Whooves for a while now and I'm starting to feel a little bit burnt out. That's why I've decided to go on a short hiatus. I also want to start working on another fanfic that I've been dying to start writing for a while now as well as maybe write some more spontaneous one-shots. If any of you are wondering when I'm planning on returning to Doctor Whooves, well I plan on returning to writing the series normally in around a month or so, even if I'm not done with my other fanfic project. But, in honor of the Doctor Who 2012 Christmas special premier, I am planning on writing and uploading the prologue of my next Doctor Whooves episode on Christmas Day just so you guys will have something to hold onto until I officially return to the series. So, for now, I'll say that I'm planning on returning to writing and uploading Doctor Whooves episodes in my normal routine at around January 15, which is exactly a month from now (obviously). Lastly, I'd like to thank you all for reading and enjoying my series and sending me feedback. I really do enjoy hearing your thoughts and opinions of my series and I hope you all continue to enjoy this series of mine. So I guess there's no better way for me to end this author's note than by saying the following:

The Doctor will return in Doctor Whooves Episode 13: Clockwork and the Doctor!