Author's Note

So, today I came home and suddenly felt tired of my long absence here. A lot has changed since my last post. As you can see, I've joined a new fandom. However, I'm still going to continue my previous project; this is more like a way for me to get back into gear. What started as a writing exercise, though, led to this idea that I grew attached to. So, I'm going to do my best to realize it.

This is a series of one-shots and/or short stories (depends on my mood) involving Kurt and his teleportation. I say one-shots, since they're episodic in nature and will probably jump around in time, space, and the similarity to the cartoon, but there is going to be a certain element of continuity between them, so keep that in mind.

Anyway, I thought I had more to say, but it seems that I can't think of it at the moment. So, here's the first chapter. I have four others done already, but I'm fine-tuning them and I'm posting this one by itself as a trial run. For one thing, I'm not sure if I should do the accents of the characters. I did write them here, but I'm still uncertain. Second, this is the first time I'm writing for the X-Men, so it's an interesting experience, though I'm sure there are going to be some weaknesses because of that.

But before I phase into a pessimistic bout of self-criticism, I'll kindly stop and let you read.

Disclaimer: X-Men and characters belong to Marvel. But this being a fan fiction site, do I really need to state that the characters aren't mine?


Kurt poked his head around the doorway, peeking into the room as if not to disturb it. Good, he recognized this hallway. Being new to the massive Xavier mansion, he was still familiarizing himself with every corner and had taken a detour and gotten lost.

Now that he knew where he was, though, he ran on all fours towards the main entrance. The Professor had told him a new recruit was arriving, and wanted him to be there to greet her and show her around. Kurt had considered questioning this, since he was new himself and wasn't sure whether he was the first thing this new recruit should see. However, he hadn't wanted to doubt the Professor - Kurt owed him more than he could ever repay.

So, with his misgivings quashed by his excitement to meet another mutant, Nightcrawler arrived in the entrance hall with a swishing tail. However, no one was there, so he'd have to wait. Restless, he leapt up to the chandelier and perched himself on it.

He couldn't help but wonder what kind of mutation this new member would have. Now that he knew more on the subject, the list of possibilities was almost ridiculous. He'd always thought that he was abnormal, of course, but he'd thought he was the only one. Now he learned that there could be an X-gene for almost anything. Walking on water? Manipulating sound waves? Being able to lick your elbows? Nothing was too fantastical.

The sound of the door opening brought him back to attention.

"And this is the Xavier mansion," said a voice, recognizably Scott's.

"Oh, wow! This is, like, so cool!"

Kurt's ears perked up at the unfamiliar voice. Light, cheery, and with a none too subtle valley girl accent. He looked down to see them but they were still out of view.

"Yeah, it really is great here," affirmed Scott after letting the stranger marvel for a while. "I'm sorry, but this is where I'll have to leave you; there's an event at school that I really can't miss."

'Event?' pondered Kurt. Then he grinned. Of course - the tryouts for the girl's soccer team.

"...somebody else will show you around the house. Don't worry, they'll be here soon."

"Oh, well, thank you so much, Scott. You've– I mean, it's been wonderful."

"No problem. I'll see you around."

There was a brief moment of silence before a head finally walked into view. The head had brown hair, but that was all Kurt could tell form his high vantage point. Something about this girl's tone when talking to Scott, though, had stirred an emotion within him - he wasn't sure what it was, but it made him eager to meet her and not to disappoint.


In a red cloud of sulfur, he appeared next to the girl. "Hello!" he beamed, bending over for a bow. "My–"

"Aaah!" the girl screamed once she saw him, causing him to recoil, the grin instantly falling off his face. The girl also stumbled backwards, and was about to trip over her own foot when Kurt grabbed her hand and steadied her.

She tore her hand away from his and tenderly stroked the skin there, in the manner one prods at an injury. "What... What are you?"

Kurt remained frozen for a while, his eyes wide and trembling. Then, he blinked back the tears that threatened to form and composed himself. He didn't want to ruin the girl's first day here any more than he already had. "My name is Kurt Wagner," he finished, though his voice was quiet and his body was slumped and lifeless, "also known as Nightcrawler... Zey make you choose a codename..."

She didn't respond; she didn't even move.

"Erm... Vhat's your name?" he asked, trying to sound as cheerful as possible. But from her reactions so far, he might as well not have bothered.

However, the question seemed to snap the girl out of her daze, and she stopped gaping at him as though he were some grotesque deformity. "K-Kitty. Kitty Pryde," she stuttered finally, faking a smile about as successfully as he'd faked his voice.

"Vell, Keety," he began, testing the unfamiliar name with his tongue, "it's nice to meet you." He raised his hand for a handshake but then pulled it back when he remembered how she'd reacted to his touch. He would have to remember to meet new recruits with his uniform and gloves on... Not to mention his image inducer...

"Um... Yeah, nice to meet you," Kitty replied. She seemed to have finally calmed herself because she wasn't shivering anymore. "Sorry I freaked out on you like that, but I just wasn't expecting, you know..."

Kurt dismissed it with a wave, averting his eyes. "Don't vorry, I get zat all ze time." He turned away. "Now zen... vant to see ze rest of zis place?"

"Sure," Kitty uttered, a little too fast.

Kurt nodded and, after a moment of deliberation, decided to show her the first floor first. Without a word, he began walking towards the left doorway, and she followed him. He could feel her eyes on his back. She was probably eying his tail and shuddering at the sight of it. Self-consciously, he wrapped the tip of his tail around his leg to minimize its appearance.

This would be a long tour.

After having shown Kitty the last room and introduced her to The Professor, Logan, and Ororo, Kurt had drifted off and discreetly 'ported back to his room. There, he threw himself onto his bed and moaned.

He'd let his hopes rise to high. Everyone at the institute was kind to him and didn't gasp when they first saw him, so he'd allowed himself to think that he really would fit in here. What a foolish mistake...

Rubbing his eyes, he sat up and stared into the mirror. Gold eyes stared back at him - gold eyes and a blue furred face with pointed ears. Upset with the reflection, he reached for the holowatch on his bedside table, but before he could pick it up, there was a knock on the door.

Sighing, Kurt jumped to his feet and opened the door slightly. It was not who he expected it to be.

"Hello, Kurt," said the Professor. "Do you have a moment?"

"Uh, ja, come in," the blue mutant replied hesitantly, opening the door fully, allowing the Professor to wheel himself in. "Vhat's ze matter?"

"How did it go with Kitty?" Charles asked, rotating himself to face Kurt.

"Fine, it vas fine," Kurt started to say, but the Professor's eyes looked right through him, and Kurt knew that what had happened was no longer private information. A few seconds later, Kurt couldn't stand the look and allowed himself to sigh and his shoulders to sag. "I... I don't zink... I scare people, Professor... Maybe it vould be better if I left..."

The Professor was startled by the sudden wave of emotion, but chose to ignore it. He moved to the teen and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Kurt, people fear you only because they do not understand you. Once they see who you are inside, they will. Give her time, and Kitty won't even notice your appearance."

"I know, Professor, but... every time someone sees me for ze first time, ze look on zeir face..." Kurt lowered his head and rubbed his arm for comfort. He glanced at the holowatch, still lying on the table. "I vish I didn't look like zis..."

"I understand your resentment, Kurt," Charles continued, "but remember that your mutations are a blessing, not a curse. Your appearance is a part of that, and it is a part of who you are. If you surrendered that, would you be the humorous, kindhearted man you are today? Would you be able to help people in the way only you can?"

Kurt remained staring at his two-toed feet in silence, pondering over the Professor's words.

Smiling, the Professor wheeled himself towards the door. "Don't lose sight of how remarkable you are, Kurt." He stopped suddenly. "Try thinking of all the good things your gifts entail. Your teleportation, for example. With that alone, you can do infinitely more than just transport yourself."

With that, the Professor was gone, and Kurt stared after him, still reflecting upon what he had said.

'Remarkable? A blessing?' he repeated to himself, holding his blue tridactyl hands in front of his face. He was about to shrug off the idea when his stomach growled loudly. Of course; he'd missed his routine afternoon snack.

As food pervaded his thoughts, a smile tugged at his face. 'Well, I can think of one good use of teleportation.'