It was a tall boy, probably one or two years older than me with messy dark hair, emerald eyes, and built like a freight train. He glared at the fallen figures, eyes hardened with anger and hands curled into fists, but as the anger died down, a look of surprise crossed his face before disappearing again, and I was even more surprised. It has been years since we've seen each other. I recognized them; those eyes that protected me from other kids, that teased me across the court yard, eyes that I've share my entire childhood with. I could never forget him, just like he couldn't forget me as I knelt down and touched his palm to my burning cheek, a gesture so familiar it brought tears to my eyes.

"Carmen?" He asked in a soft voice, as he often did when he couldn't believe something.

"Jace?" I whispered back, my cold hands clasped his warm ones as I looked up and smiled at him, he returned my timid smile with a familiar grin, only it was more dazzling than I remembered. He's back, he's actually here!

"I can't believe this!" I laughed and cried at the same time and he tackled me to the ground in a bear hug. I wrapped my arms around his familiar body, feeling safe for the first time since I was kidnapped.

I had him back now, my childhood best friend, Jace Asher.

He released me a bit too soon but tilted his head and spoke next to my ear quietly, "Someone's coming, I need to go, I will explain everything later."

"How will you find me?" I whispered back urgently. How will I find you? I added silently. I couldn't afford to lose my only friend again.

"Don't worry, Caramel." He smiled, using my old nickname, and pecked me on the cheek before disappearing quietly down another passage way. I looked up to see who was coming down the hallway, well I didn't have to look very hard, since now the person was standing right in front of me.

He was a vampire, no doubt. From the coldness that radiated from him, to his pale marble face, the bright crimson eyes narrowed slightly, a cruel light behind them as he looked at me.

He leaned in and whispered in my ear, causing me to freeze in fear, "I heard that, little human, careful with whom you speak with." My eyes widened at the warning. He slung the two vampires over his shoulder and was just preparing to leave when another two shadows blocked him.

I was in too much shock to groan. What is this? Scary vampire day?

"Leave her alone, Richard." Zeke growled, bristling with authority.

"I'm sorry, prince." I didn't miss the sarcasm in his tone, "You better watch your little pet carefully." He gave a dark chuckle and turned around to wink at me before sauntering off.

"Carmen? Are you alright?" He seems to be asking me that question a lot.

"Um…" I stuttered, I tried to stand up but my bones had crumbled to jelly. Zeke sighed and put an arm around my waist. I leaned against his warm body and couldn't help thinking how secure and strong his embrace was. Surprisingly enough, he didn't mention what the two vampires were doing. He seemed distracted.

"I could tell you about your family..." He began uneasily.

"What?" This day was just getting crazier and crazier.

"…on the condition that you come with me to a breakfast ball, as my human."

I pondered this for a few seconds. If I went to the ball, perhaps Jace might be there. If not, I could see how many vampires are in here, and what the vampire society was like. Even if I had to act like his pet.

I gave him a curt nod, "Fine."

"Alright then, we'll go up to my room, and then we'll talk."

For the second time, I trailed after them like a lost puppy. They led me up a flight of stairs and turned right into a huge room, and I mean huge. The area of the room was probably three times the area of my foster house.

"I'll have your dress sent up to you later. Rix?"

He nodded and placed his book bag gently beside me, "We're not going to tell you anything because you should know it from your parents."

Then they both left without word. Well, that was odd.

I lifted the book bag onto my lap and looked into it. It consisted of two leather journals and an array of letters, numbered from 1-24. I gently lifted up the number one envelop and began to read,

My starling:

When you've opened this letter, it seems that all my worst fears had been confirmed. Your father and I have been taken away and you'll be taken by two people, or vampires, known as Zeke and Rixon. It may seem strange and frightening to you, but please read the letters in order and maybe you will understand your world, our world better.

Your father and I used to belong to an elite society called 'Guns and Crosses'. This society not only aims for human rights between vampires but also helps vampires who want to have freedom. I'm one of those vampires, and yes, I am a vampire, a very old one too. Now, I want you to read this next part carefully, and please stay calm. I mated with your father, who was also the son of the founder, and yes, he does know I'm a vampire but when the time came, he insisted on marrying me even though I told him it was a dangerous choice. But at that time, he was young and I was selfish, but we both loved each other. You, are the child we both dreaded and wanted, you are our hopes and dooms. What we did was forbidden, in both of our societies, you have a human body but vampire abilities, which will eventually start to show. To protect you, we hid you from the others, left 'Guns and Crosses' and wanted to start a new life. But of course, with two of the most powerful hunters vanishing without a word, G&C were extremely suspicious. They went to great lengths to try and find out where we were, and we would've been discovered if it were not for Zeke and Rix.

We were fleeing our third home when there was a sudden ambush. Zeke and Rix were living in one of the cottages at that time and took us in. Of course, Zeke immediately recognized me and his first reaction was to slap me across the face, demanding how I could just leave them and have a child with a human. Your father was speechless but I had to work fast, so I constructed a network of lies that I'm sure they didn't believe 100%. But I was their queen, they couldn't question me. In the end, I made them promise to take you when I tell them to. This is the end of the first letter.

I love you.


Bewildered, I put down the letter and sensed someone beside me. I looked up to find Zeke staring down at me holding a small bag in his right hand.

"I didn't know you became a maid." Folding the letter back into its original shape was harder than I thought with my trembling hands.

"It is a bit hard to accept, isn't it?" He sat down and captured my hand in his.

I sighed, and let him rub soothing circles on the back of my hand. I didn't see the point of rejecting him when my mother had gone to such long lengths to convince me to trust him, even though he's a self-absorbent, stupid jerk.

"Yeah, is that my dress?" I turned toward the bag and wrinkled my nose in disgust. I hated dresses, and they're so long and tight and hard to move in.

"Yes." He had that smirk on again as he handed me the dark green dress, "Get changed."

"I can't believe this, a breakfast ball? That is just so stupid." I grumbled while trotting into the bathroom.

The dress was made out of dark green velvet, it had long flowing sleeves and a tight bodice with a low neckline. I mean seriously, that is a really stupid design. It took my several agonizing moments to stuff down my flabs of stomach fat into the tight bodice, when I was finished, it felt as if someone was strangling me. When I looked into the bag there was a set of amethyst drop earrings and a few make up products that I had no idea how to use. I sighed and put the earrings on, feeling ridiculous in the dress. Zeke was going to laugh his head off when he saw me. Just great, I'm sure he specially requested this breakfast ball just to mock me.

"Zeke, if you laugh I swear I will make your life hell." I growled through gritted teeth to the other side.

"I doubt you could, but fine, I won't laugh."

I groaned softly before opening the door and glared at Zeke, the smallest trace of the smirk vanished when he saw me; he raked his eyes from the top of head to my toes, making me feel seriously violated before a small, genuine smile appeared on his lips.

"Beautiful, you look amazing."

I ducked my head to avoid the blush coming over my cheeks, "Can we just go?"

"Yes, and please remember who you are." He whispered softly in my ear, and then walked out of the room with me following him. He led me down a flight of marble stairs. I saw through the open doors that the ceiling was adorned in gold and silver angels. Marble statues were placed around every corner and there were rows and rows of cakes, soups, steaming dishes, so many that I've lost count.
As we entered the room, the chattering quietened down, every pair of eyes, crimson, topaz, silver turned on us. After a moment of silence, the whispers began. _

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