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In November 2007 Sicilian police reported to have found a list of "Ten Commandments" in the hideout of mafia boss Piccolo. They are thought to be guidelines on how to be a good, respectful and honorable Mafioso.

The break of any of these rules will be severely punished.

Chapter 1.

No one can present himself directly to another of our friends. There must be a third person to do it.

It was the first time the Corallo Famiglia was ever invited to a mafia party. It had not been more than 10 years since their founding, other families considered them as not worth the time, thus why they had never been invited to a party. But some weeks ago there it was, an invitation in the mail. The family was more than surprised, and soon enough all of the members where filled with happiness, finally someone was acknowledging them!

And here He was, Bardo Corallo, the first boss for the Corallo Famiglia, his right hand man by his side. Finally he was going to attend his first mafia party!

– Is this real Agustino? – He questioned his right hand man – am I really in a mafia party?

– Boss, you should not be fidgeting so much. You have to behave like the important man you are now. – His right hand man scolded him – We might not be the strongest or most influential family, but none the less we are part of "La Cosa Nostra" you should always remember that.

– I know! I know! You don't have to remember me that. Is just…what if "they" are here? What am I supposed to do? – Oh for goodness sake is they were really here and he made a mistake it could mean the destruction of his just founded family! He didn't go through so many problems, just to have his family annihilated because he didn't know how to behave.

Agustino seeing his boss troubled face quickly tried to calm him down. – You have nothing to worry about Boss. The family holding the party is just barely more important than us. The Vongola would never come to such a party. – The most powerful famiglia in the world would never come; it was way too low for their standards.

Bardo calmed down a bit. It was true, the Vongola was the elite. It would be years for the Corallo Famiglia to meet with any of their family members, and maybe decades before they were invited to the same parties or, if god was on his side, be invited to one of the Vongola's parties.

After those reassuring word from his right hand man Bardo was calm enough to actually enjoy the party, He meet so many interesting people, made some new friends and programmed some meetings to talk about family matters. So far it was a lovely night and he was really getting the hand of it, and the other families seemed to start to see him in new eyes, maybe he would get invited to parties more often. That mere idea made him gleeful.

By the middle of the evening all of the family members where talking with one another and enjoying some drinks. Suddenly everything was quiet; everyone was looking at the entrance. Bardo was far away from there but for the faces of everyone he could tell something big was happening. What if some enemy family decided to attack in that moment?! He had not brought any bodyguard aside from his right hand man!

After a few seconds there was a quiet and fearful voice talking.

– D..Don Vongola, what are you doing here? I mean! Is not as if we are not glad that you came! But, What I am trying to say is that this is not a party up to your standards. We are just a small family, to have you here – the man was obviously nervous and a soft and calm voice interrupted his ranting, moving forward Bardo was able to see the Vongola's boss.

– My dear friend, your family is part of the alliance, and as such you will always be up to my level – with a movement of his hand he silenced the poor man who was about to start rating how he would never be at the same level as the powerful Vongola's boss. – Now, why don't we continue this party? I am sorry for being late and I hope to enjoy a bit of this wonderful party. – He smiled brightly and with that everyone went back to their business, without first taking a good look at the Vongola's boss, the people with higher ranks even daring to go up to the young man and greet him.

Bardo take this time to take a good look at the young Vongola. He had already got over his sudden shock to know that the most powerful man in the world was in the same room as him. The young Don couldn't be over 19 years old, brown gravity defying hair, soft big brown eyes and a rater cute face, small skinny body, he could pass by any other teen you could see on the streets, only the expensive black pinstriped suit he was wearing and long black cape told you he was someone important. The boy by his side, probably his right hand man, has short silver hair, green eyes and a stare that could kill, he never left the side of his boss and glared at whoever get too close to him.

He could not tear his eyes away from the young boss; no matter whom he was talking with, his eyes would fly to the Vongola every 5 minutes. He noticed he was not the only one; almost everyone had his attention in the powerful teen. Everyone who would greet him and leave afterwards, not daring to talk with someone so scary and powerful, and soon enough all the important people had greeted him and now he was looking more and more bored while talking only with his companion. No one wanted to make the young man bored but at the same time everyone knew there was no one with a rank high enough to talk with him, everyone, but a new boss.

Bardo was worried, He knew that making the Vongola's Boss bored could mean problems to his news friends, so what else could he do than go and talk with the man. He did not look scary at all and for sure he could enjoy some light chat. Sneaking away from his right hand man Bardo made his way up to the teen who was by the side of the snacks table eating slowly, the young vongola couldn't look more bored.

Breathing deeply he found the courage to present himself to the teen.

– Hello, It is a pleasure to meet you. – Bowing deeply he introduced himself. – I am Bardo, the boss for the newly founded Corallo Famiglia. – Standing up he smiled just to find out a surprised look on the Vongola's Boss; suddenly he paid notice to the silence in the room, looking around he could see all the surprised stares on him, and a few meters away the scared face of Agustino, his smile dropped.

Had..had he done something wrong? Worrying, he quickly tried to remember what could that be, had he not talked clear enough? Maybe he should have kneeled down? No, it was not the custom to do so… and it hit him, the first thing he had learned when joining the mafia, the first rule of the 10 Commandments No one can present himself directly to another of our friends. There must be a third person to do it. He had just broken it!

All color drained from his face, he looked scared at the powerful man in front of him, now he was feeling like a child who just broke his mother's favorite vase. What was the punishment for breaking the rules? He knew it, but for some reason his brain didn't want to tell him, it was better this way, he knew he wouldn't like the answer.

The silver haired man looked about to explode, he reached for something in his suit and soon enough Bardo was ready to beg for his life. A laugh made everyone stop and look surprised at the Vongola.

– Ahahaha! Hayato calm down, calm down – with a dismissive hand movement he made his companion stay back – Oh god you have no idea how glad I am – He said looking happily at the Corallo Don – I have been waiting for someone to come and talk with me for so long, it is so boring when everyone is afraid of me and I end alone.

Showing off a bright smile he looked at the Corallo boss and all the other people in the hall – My friends, I have told you that I am at the same level as anyone else, never be afraid to talk with me. – centering his attention on Bardo he whispered – You should be more careful Mr. Bardo, breaking the rules is not something we take lightly, but because I was really bored and you are rater new in this I'll let it slip this time. For future meetings try to remember the commandments, I wouldn't like to have to punish you – Still showing his smile, as if he hadn't threatened the poor man he pointed to Agustino, When had he gone behind the Corallo Boss? – I guess you are a member of his family, could you present us please?

Quickly Agustino made the presentations and everything went back to normal. More people started to get close to the Vongola, and finally the party went back to normal.

By the end of the party everyone had forgotten the incident but a scared new boss.

– I…I thought I was going to die – he said after getting in his car heading back home.

– You could! Thanks god that Don Vongola is such a nice man – Agustino scolded his boss – I hope that as soon as we get home you'll study the commandments.

– Yes…I will memorize them and never ever forget them again – Looking outside his window the Corallo boss whispered – I hope to never get invited to another party ever. – His right hand man couldn't agree more.

– Boss?

– Hmm?

– Did you just threaten a poor boss back in the party? – The storm guardian asked

– I guess…what else would you expect after years of having the spawn of Satan as your tutor? – Said the young man sighing loudly – I just hope to not have scared him too much, he looks like a nice man.

– I'm sure he will be fine Boss, also…I can't wait to tell everyone how awesome you where today Decimo!

Tsuna could only sweat drop at the shiny face his right hand man had. For sure before today's dinner everyone would know how much of a badass their boss was. He only hoped for the rumor to don't get too far away from the truth.

Looking outside the car he could only sigh once more, He hopes his demon of a tutor didn't have any other surprise party for him too soon.


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