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Tsuna and company are about to start Highschool. Tsuna makes sure that no one in the school is related to the mafia, he only wants a normal life until he turns 18 and takes over the Vongola, but that normal life ends way to soon when he discovers one of his classmates to be part of the yakuza. He has to live a normal life while hiding his position as heir of the Vongola, but this becomes harder when some assasins start to get on his way. Can he really have a normal higschool life?

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People who can't be part of Cosa Nostra: anyone who has a close relative in the police, anyone with a two-timing relative in the family, anyone who behaves badly and doesn't hold to moral values.

Beautiful paintings in one wall, two carved wood doors signaling the entry to the room, bookshelves in the contrary wall to the paintings with many classics and first editions that could make any library jealous, century's old mahogany desk in front of two large sofas, tall glass windows in the last wall opening to a small balcony.

A sight that could make anyone feel insignificant by merely stepping inside the room. A place fitting for a president or even a king, you could thing that whoever was the owner of such a place would be a refined old man. Behind the desk, signing reports and drinking some coffee was the owner of such a luxurious place, The Decimo Vongola, Tsunayoshi Sawada, a teen not older than 19.

Sighing the young man put down his fountain pen and turned around to look outside his window to the beautiful garden. No matter if he had been using that room for the last year he still couldn't feel comfortable inside it.

"Why is everything so damn… expensive! I feel that if I move I'll break something"

Not that it mattered after all he was the owner of everything inside the room and the whole castle. The Vongola State, integrated by the castle, gardens, pool, training grounds and many other places he still haven't visited was so big that he had already got lost way too many times.

"I swear I'll be 80 years old and I'll still get lost in this place, what's with all the secret passages and underground facilities"

Standing up he walked outside of the room, stressing over paperwork was not the best for his mind right now. Walking down the halls he got to wander around for a while and think.

"I wonder if everyone have got used to this place already? I'm sure they'll be alright, but Chrome might feel a bit overwhelmed by all the attention from the maids I should pay her a visit later. I hope Kyouya is not biting to death all of my servants during his visit, although I wish he could stay longer"

He smiled upon the memory of his cloud guardian glaring at him while he told him that he was ordered to spend at least 5 months per year in the castle. Their first year was almost over and he still have to spend another 3 weeks due to the order, so he had arrived last week.

"I should really look for a mission to give him, Mukuro is coming back from his in a few days"

He went down to the kitchens looking for a snack before going back to work. He was ready to get inside when a familiar laugh came through the doors.

– Gyahahaha! The great Lambo demands more cake!

Sweatdroping he opened the door to see his youngest guardian and adoptive 10 years old brother eating a whole cake by himself. All the chefs stared in fear to the Decimo while the kid continued to eat, haven't noticed the presences of Tsuna yet.

– Lambo! What did I told you about eating sweets before dinner?!

The young Bovino jumped on his seat and dropped the fork. Standing hurriedly he looked everywhere but to his older brother figure.

– B..Brother Tsuna! Gyahahaha I don't know what you are talking about! Lambo wasn't eating cake! Lambo swears!

Tsuna just raised an eyebrow and turned to the closest chef.

– Lambo is a kid. He shouldn't be eating sweets before dinner.

All the chefs trembled. They haven't known the new Don for too long and didn't know what he could do.

– I… I am sorry sir! But he started to cry and we couldn't deny anything to the young master!

Tsuna just frowned knowing that it was to be expected. Lambo was a guardian, making him one of the highest ranks inside the Famiglia. No one would dare to deny him anything and the brat knew it and took advantage of it!

– This is a direct order from Vongola Decimo! From now on forwards Lambo is prohibited to eat any sweet, cake, pastry or ice-cream before dinner! Did I make myself clear?

All the chefs bowed and responded with a synchronized "Yes sir!"

– Come on Lambo, we are going back to your room.

Lambo just stared by the last time to his beloved cake before going to his brother's side and took his hand. They both walked off of the kitchen and up to the room of the young guardian. Tsuna watched with worry at the sad face of his young brother.

– Lambo?

– Yes big brother? – Lambo didn't even look up to talk to him. Tsuna just sighed and stopped to kneel in front of his lighting guardian.

– Lambo, you know I did that because I care for you right? You can't eat sweets before dinner or you wouldn't eat your food, also you can get cavities. Are you angry at me for that?

– L..Lambo is not angry at Tsuna! Lambo knows you did it for Lambo's sake. Lambo is sorry.

– You have nothing to be sorry about. Come on let's go to your room and play something ok?

The kid seemed to brighten with that. It was weird for Tsuna to have free time to play with the young Bovino and he really missed playing with his big brother.

– Yay! Lambo loves to play with Tsuna!

– Ok ok, let's hurry. Also, what have I told you about talking in third person?

– Gya! I… I am sorry!

Tsuna smiled at his brother and how red he was because he was found out to be talking like that again. By now he had stopped doing it but when he is nervous he would go back to talk in third person. Actually, Tsuna liked it, it reminds him of when they lived in Namimori, but Lambo was already too old to be talking in such a childish manner.

– Decimo!

They both stopped on their tracks to look back. There running their way was Gokudera Hayato looking quite hurried.

– Hayato. What is it?

– Boss, please let's go to your office to talk.

– Ok.

The three of them got to the office and as soon as the door was closed and Tsuna was sitting behind his desk Hayato started to talk. Lambo just sat in one of the sofas quietly paying attention to everything his older brothers said.

– We have finally found strong evidence about the case of that Mexican Capo.

Lambo noticed how his brother Tsuna seemed to get more serious after this.

– It was not him or his Cartel the ones directly related to the case, but the perpetrators are inside his territory. We have already talked with him and he had agreed to let us inside it to apply the punishment.

– Brother Ha..hayato?

The two older teens looked to their younger brother with questioning looks.

– What exactly did they do?

– Stupid cow! Stay out of…!

– Hayato, Language! Also, Lambo has the right to know.

Gokudera bowed and pledged forgiveness for a few minutes before he stands up again and looking at the cow kid he started to explain.

– We have found out that a small new cartel, that is the name they give to the organized crime groups in Latin America, have broken a commandment – Lambo gasped at this, breaking a commandment was a serious thing – Normally we could have overlooked it because they are recently formed, but we have gotten in our hands information that they know about the commandments and deliberately ignored them, they even dared to call us "Old-fashioned gangsters that have no right to tell them what to do"

– What?!

– Don't interrupt cow brat! Like I was saying, they also are responsible for the increase in violence in their area and the drug dealers have gone way out of the permitted range. Of course we are going to send someone to apply the punishment, that's why I have come to the tenth, to know who is going.

Lambo did his best to understand how anyone could be as utterly stupid as to directly insult the Vongola's and to ignore the commandments. Did they have a death wish?

– Who is available Hayato?

– Sir, I am ready to go.

– Me too big brother!

Both Gokudera and Tsuna stared with disbelief at the young guardian.

– I want to go too!

– Don't be reckless, you are not going stupid cow.

– Language! – Tsuna ignored the continuous bows of his right hand man and centered his attention on his little brother – You are not going.

– But Brother Tsuna!

– Lambo you are not as experienced as the other guardians. I will not send you in such a dangerous mission.

– You never give me any mission! Not even the simple's ones! How am I supposed to gain experience?!

– Lambo… – Standing up Tsuna went to sit by the side of Lambo.

– I am a guardian! I am your lighting guardian! I should do this! – He was angry, so angry because everyone always treated him as a kid and nothing more. Never giving him any work, never telling him anything.

– Listen…

– You treat me like a kid! If you are not going to treat me as a guardian why did you give me a ring?! Why did you allow me to get my Vongola Gear?!

– I did not want to give you that ring in the first place! You weren't supposed to be a guardian! – Tsuna stood up and went back to his desk, not realizing the look of hurt in the face of his youngest guardian.

– I will not listen to this anymore, you are not going and that is an order! Go back to your room!

Lambo rushed out of the room not wanting to let his stupid older brother see him cry. Tsuna just sat down without looking at his right hand man. Gokudera on the other hand couldn't believe what had just happened.

– Tenth… you just…

– I know Hayato, I know. Get ready to leave right away, take Takeshi with you. Don't worry about Lambo I'll talk with him later.

– Boss, I know it is not my place to say anything, but, did you mean what you said?

Finally looking at his best friend Tsuna didn't hesitate to answer.

– I did.

The flight was too long for their liking but finally they were in Mexican grounds. Now they had a short car trip and they would be inside the territory of their Mexican ally and ready to search for the idiots who dared to break a commandment.

– Mhhh! That flight was really boring wasn't it 'Dera! Only the two of us for 14 hours and you feel asleep as soon as we got on the jet!

– Shut up baseball freak! You should be grateful we were allowed to use the Vongola private jet or we would have had to stand the cry of stupid brats for hours.

– Talking about kids. How is Lambo?

Gokudera looked away and started to walk to the place where they would receive their luggage. He didn't want to talk about that but he had to, the stupid baseball freak was probably as worried for the cow brat as he was.

– He's still sad. Before we left he was still inside his room and didn't let anyone go inside. You saw it, he didn't even went down for dinner and didn't let the tenth talk with him.

– Tsuna looked quite sad as well, I really hope they were capable to talk about it.

– I do as well.

They went to a lady to retrieve their luggage, after a few words, showing their passports and signing some papers she went to get their luggage.

– Ok Sirs, here they are! Three cases, a blue, red and green one.

– Wait! There must be a misunderstanding, we only brought two cases.

– No sir, inside your jet there were this cases.

– But we didn't…!

Both guardians went quiet when they noticed the green case move slightly. Paling both hurriedly told the girl that they remembered now the case, taking it they ran out of the airport and into the limo waiting for them. As soon as it started to move they opened the case and found inside of it a black haired boy playing with a DS and with headphones on.

– Uh? – Looking at both teens Lambo took out his earphones and smiled at them – Are we finally in Mexico?

Yamamoto covered his ears just before his silver haired companion started to scream at the small guardian. Half an hour of screams later, he finally calmed down and started to question his younger brother.

– What are you doing here? How did you even got here? How did you left the Vongola State without anyone finding out?

– I have nothing to tell you Stupidera!

– You damn brat!

– Mah Mah! Let's calm down ok? Lambo please answer, you know that what you did goes against Tsunas orders right?

Lambo looked at the smile of his brother Takeshi and quickly looked away starting to feel guilty.

– I want to help you, to help big brother Tsuna. I want to act as a real guardian. I sneaked out and followed you both to the airport, then I got inside the case and left it close to yours so it would be taken inside the jet – His shoulders started to shake slightly and Yamamoto worried while Gokudera frowned, they both hated seeing their younger brother crying – I… I know it was against Boss orders…but…but I just… I'm sorry! I'm sorry! But please let me help you, please!

They looked at each other and without talking they decided what they had to do. Sighing they smiled and hugged the small kid.

– Ok Ok, stop crying already brat.

– You can accompany us, but promise you'll follow our orders ok?

– Y..yes!

A few minutes later their limo came to a stop outside a luxury hotel. The three of them went down and inside the hotel carrying their cases, instead of going to the reception they went straight to the back and inside the emergency stairs exit. There they opened their cases taking out their guns, Yamamoto's sword, Gokudera's dynamite, Lambo's grenades and their communication devices, leaving the cases there they went out by the back of the hotel and waiting for them was a Jeep, the driver went down and into the hotel by the same door they came out, he was their decoy, he would take their cases and register in the hotel, taking the key he'll leave it in a secret place, if they needed to stay for the night they'll go for it.

Gokudera got in the driver's seat, Yamamoto sat on his side and Lambo was left in the back of the Jeep. Putting on some shades Hayato turned on the engine and accelerating he raced through the streets. Soon enough they left the city and ventured into more rural roads.

– "El Chapo" has granted us full use of force inside his territory. Also he have distributed inside his cartel information about us so no one will attack us.

– Ahahaha this is the first time he has been so nice right?

– Che! When you have a request by the Vongola it would be stupid to decline!

– Ne! How far is it?! This sun is burning me! Stupidera! Tell me!

– You damn cow! Stop complaining for a while will you!

Lambo sat down but didn't shut up. He continued to rant about everything.

– Asshole Stupidera, and this idiotic country, what's with all the dust, this sun is a joke right? How can they even survive under this fucking sun, stupid dessert, why we didn't get send to a nicer place?

Gokudera did his best to stay calm, gripping with all his strength the steering wheel until his knuckles went white, his cigar already bite in half by the force he was applying to keep his mouth shut and don't scream at his stupid fellow guardian. Yamamoto just stared with amusement at the silver haired Mafioso and laughed at the faces he was making. He really enjoyed these playful fights between the storm and lighting guardians.

The storm guardian calmed down when he finally noticed the curve he had to take to get inside his enemies' territory.

– Keep quiet stupid cow, we are about to get inside the enemy's place. Yamamoto, get ready if we get attacked.

Both guardians turned serious and Yamamoto sat straighter on his seat while taking out his sword, Lambo looked around for any enemy and keep his hands inside his bag, ready to take out a grenade, his horns already on his head.

"This is weird, too weird"

It has been around an hour since they entered enemy's ground and they haven't seen anyone yet. They were already approaching the main house but there was no one guarding the entry or on top of the building. This was weird, definitely suspicious. The Jeep came to a stop a few meters away from the front door of the house.

– We are getting out, keep alert you morons.

– Hayato…

–I already know baseball freak. How many?

– 25 inside the house, 10 to your left and 15 to my right.

– There are also 10 behind us brother Hayato.

– We are surrounded. The boss is probably inside the house.

– Are we going to have to charge inside it? – Lambo started to worry, if it took them too long to take care of everyone outside the bastard could get away.

– Nah! These idiots are all the same, too full of themselves. I bet you he's going to be the first one to get out.

Yamamoto laughed at this and got out of the car, followed by Gokudera and Lambo, the last staying close to the storm flame user.

When they were 10 meters away from the front door it opened and one fat 40 year old man came out.

– What a surprise! We have guests! Allow me to present myself. I am Juan Guzman Soto, Capo of the Cartel de Madero.

Gokudera smiled and muttered a quiet "told you" to what their companions laughed silently.

– Oh sorry, where are my modals. Everyone come out and greet our guests!

To this commands every member of the cartel came out and surrounded the flame users, pointing at them with different kinds of guns. These, to the surprise of everyone, didn't even flinch. The capo's smile dropped at this and got out his gun to point straight to the silver haired teen, the one that looked like the leader.

Gokudera slowly moved his hand inside the pocket of his jacket, to this everyone pointed at him, he just took out a cigarettes package and the members of the cartel just stared with disbelief while the teen took one between his lips and turned it on. Blowing out the smoke he smiled at the capo, totally unbothered by the gun pointing between his eyes. Looking around he continued to smile.

– AK-47, M16, M4 and various small caliber guns. Tsk Tsk Tsk, if I am not wrong, all these guns are Illegal here – Looking back at the capo he dropped his cigar and smashed it with his feet – Care to explain how did you get your hands on them? Where the money to pay for them did came from?

– As if you don't know that already. We pay them with the money we get from selling drugs. That's why you are here right?

– Gyahahaha! This man is an idiot!

Gokudera smacked the back of Lambo's head to shut him up. Looking back at the leader he frowned. Did he really didn't know why they came here?

– Ahaha sorry sorry, but that's not why we are here.

Everyone stared at the smiling teen they have been ignoring so far. Many laughed at the teen because he was holding a sword. "What he can do against our guns with a sword?" everyone thought.

– Drug dealing is a normal business in our work field. We have come here for a different reason.

– The sword fanatic is right. Capo of the Cartel de Madero, you have been found guilty of breaking the tenth commandment of La Cosa Nostra.

To this Lambo jumped in front of Gokudera and smiling recited the commandment he had learned since he was only 6.

People who can't be part of Cosa Nostra: anyone who has a close relative in the police, anyone with a two-timing relative in the family, anyone who behaves badly and doesn't hold to moral values. Right, Brother Hayato?

Gokudera smiled at the kid, proud that his younger brother could remember such a long commandment.

– Indeed. You see Mr. Guzman, we know that your brother is the Captain of the PGJ, Attorney General of the State of Sinaloa. Because of this you can't be part of La Cosa Nostra. We have come here to ask you to please stay away from any business involving the organized crime.

Mr. Guzman got red with anger. How could this brat come to order him to stop his business?! No one tells him what to do!

– I am so sorry but I'll have to deny your petition. Everyone! Open fire!

A shower of bullets went straight to the vongola's brats. The dust rose and made it impossible to see anything, but the bullets did not stop for almost a whole minute. The Don finally signaled for everyone to stop. That would teach those idiotic Italians who was the real boss here. When the dust started to set down everyone backed away on fear, just what was that?!

There in front of them they had hoped to see the teens filled with bullet wounds and death but instead they just stood there without a single scratch, surrounding them was something that looked like rings made of black bones set on fire.

– W..what the hell! What the hell are you?!

– Hmmm… We are the Vongola guardians!

– You opened fire against us. We take this as a proposition of war. We won't stop now.

– Gyahahaha! You idiots are all damned!

Mr. Guzman backed away fear clear on his face, he got on his knees and started to plead for forgiveness but they did not listen to him. Gokudera turned to the youngest member of his party and kneeled in front of him.

– Lambo?

– Yes brother Hayato? – Lambo was smiling happily, finally he was going to take part on a mission for his famiglia.

– You are not taking part on this.

– W..what?!

But before he could complain he was hit in the back of his head and everything went completely black.

When he woke up again he was in the back of the Jeep, looking around he noticed they were back in town. Clutching his hands he turned to the silver haired teen that was driving back to the hotel. He had no visible injuries but his shirt looked new so he probably had changed it after the fight. "Don't let civilians see you covered in blood" one of the rules he have learned recently.

– W..why?

Yamamoto looked back and smiled at the black haired kid but this just ignored him and continued to glare at the back of the head of his older brother figure.

– How could you?!

– Shut up stupid cow.

– No! I will not shut up! You told me I could take part in the mission. You took me all the way to their location and even allowed me to bring my weapons! Why did you do such a think if you weren't going to let me fight?!

Gokudera didn't reply he just continued to drive now calmly on the streets of the city. Lambo was shaking now with anger.

– You are just like Tsuna! You all don't trust me! You wish I wasn't a guardian!

– Shut up! Don't talk like that about the tenth!

Lambo didn't hear him at all and continued screaming now crying.

– Why don't you all just get rid of me?! Why doesn't Tsuna send me to a suicidal mission?! Just like my father!

Gokudera abruptly turned the car and parked on an empty street.

– That's it! The tenth wanted to tell you this but I will not let you insult his or any of our feelings!

Lambo didn't look up and Yamamoto just sat there smiling sadly.

– Do you remember what he told you before we came here? Well you didn't hear everything!

– You treat me like a kid! If you are not going to treat me as a guardian why did you give me a ring?! Why did you allow me to get my Vongola Gear?!

– I did not want to give you that ring in the first place! You weren't supposed to be a guardian! – Tsuna stood up and went back to his desk, not realizing the look of hurt in the face of his youngest guardian.

– I will not listen to this anymore, you are not going and that is an order! Go back to your room!

Lambo rushed out of the room not wanting to let his stupid older brother see him cry. Tsuna just sat down without looking at his right hand man. Gokudera on the other hand couldn't believe what had just happened.

– Tenth… you just…

– I know Hayato, I know. Get ready to leave right away, take Takeshi with you. Don't worry about Lambo I'll talk with him later.

– Boss, I know it is not my place to say anything, but, did you mean what you said?

Finally looking at his best friend Tsuna didn't hesitate to answer.

– I did.

– B..boss?! Why?!

– Let me finish please – Resting his head on his hands he looked straight to the door – I did not want to give him a ring. I do not want him to be a guardian, I want him to be my younger brother and nothing more..

..This life, this ruthless, dark and illegal world we live one, the one I have to rule. I don't want Lambo to live here. I want him to be a normal kid. To laugh, play, make friend, go to school.

..I don't want him to have blood on his hands, to merge with the darkness. I don't… I really don't want it.

Gokudera got closer to his boss, his friend and hold his shoulder while he cried tears of frustration for not being capable of protecting a mere child from such a horrible world.

– Do you get it now Lambo? He loves you, we all do. It's because we care for you we don't want you to do any of what we do. At least not until you are old to understand fully what you are doing.

Lambo didn't say anything he just jumped to the front of the Jeep and hugged Hayato still crying. Yamamoto smiled at this and patted the head of the kid while this continued to cry on the arms of his older brother. Gokudera sighed and patted the kid on the back as well.

It took Lambo a few minutes to calm down and when he did he sat on the middle of Gokudera and Yamamoto now smiling.

– S..sorry…

– It's ok cow brat. Now… are you ready to help us finish our work?

– eh? Isn't it finished already?

– Ahahah nope! We still have to pay a visit to the Captain. Remember? The brother of the Capo.

– C..can I really come? – He looked at the storm guardian with expectation.

– Fine! You can come, but when we are about to finish I will make you look away ok? You can't see that.

Smiling Lambo nodded. It did not take them too long to find the house of the Captain and getting inside it was a kid's game. They went straight to the office. They knew that by now the Captain should have already known about what happened to his brother. They went inside without knocking and there was the Captain, shaking in fear holding a 9mm pointing to them.

– Y…you bastards are the ones that killed my brother!

– Captain Guzman, we have come here on regards of your brother. You knew what he was doing and looked away, that can't be forgiven.

He was about to pull the trigger when Takeshi moving faster that what a human eye could see cut by half the gun barrel. The Captain didn't scream or plead for forgiveness. He knew there was nothing that could save him now. Putting slowly down the gun he didn't look away from the eyes of the sword user.

– Please… do it fast.

Yamamoto just looked back for a moment but Gokudera got the idea and he picked up Lambo and made him look to his back.

Lambo didn't move at all, he just let himself be picked up. But when he was on his brother back he noticed there was a mirror behind the door they had walked by. He saw everything. He couldn't find courage to tell his brothers, back in the Jeep, that while he was still in the Bovino famiglia he had seen people killed. But, this was different.

Brother Takeshi didn't have a smile on his face while he stabbed the Captain. He had disgust look, not for the officer but to himself, he looked as if he hated what he was doing but understood that it was necessary. Moving slightly he looked at the face of his brother Hayato and was surprised to see the same look on the short tempered Mafioso.

At that moment Lambo understood that his new family was not like his old famiglia. They did not enjoy killing and torturing, but they cared too much for their family that they were capable of doing it if it means they can protect them.

Lambo knew this. The Vongola is the most bloody, evil and ruthless Famiglia in La Cosa Nostra. They are the rulers of the underworld. Whatever they say is rule, and only they are allowed to punish people and make sure that the commandments are respected. Yes, they are all of this and it is not going to change for a while. But they are also caring. They love each member of the family and will do anything for them.

At that moment Lambo decided that he will never leave the Famiglia. No matter what he has to do, no matter if he has to kill or torture he will do it. Because he loves them, his brothers, his sisters, maman.

And Tsuna, his loving and caring older brother, the Decimo Vongola. The one that hates the most this world and yet has to rule it, care for it and everyone inside of it, family or not.

He will protect him, He and all his family will protect him and everyone else, because...

They are The Vongola Famiglia.