Christmas time at the hub was always chaotic at best.

The rift seemed to be in overdrive, constantly spitting out anything and everything.

Being run rampant for the past few weeks had left little time for things like Christmas shopping and holiday cheer.

It was December 23 before anyone could pause for breath.

Tosh fell back into her chair, glancing at the rift predictions before sighing with relief.

"It looks like the rift is going to take the night off, nothing predicted until after Boxing Day."

Gwen smiled warmly.

"Thank God, I haven't had time to do any Christmas shopping for Rhys!"

"Or anyone for that matter."

Added Ianto, bringing around another round of coffee.

Jack came bounding out of his office, sliding down the banister like a young child.

"Alright everyone, it's all set up!"

The team turned, staring at their clearly insane captain.

"Would you mind filling the gaps in there, sir?"

Ianto asked as Jack put his hands around the Welshman's shoulders.

"The office Christmas party! I got us booth down at this great pub down town. I figured we could all use a break, Gwen could bring Rhys, and we could exchange gifts."

At gifts, Jack's grin lit up even brighter.

"There is just one hole in that plan Jack."

Tosh pointed at the captain.

"We haven't had time to finish our shopping."

Jack's grin faltered.

Owen dashed into the room then, his hands in the air.

"I have!"

All eyes turned to him, shocked expressions all around.

"How? I know you don't sleep anymore, but really, what shop has been open?"

Gwen questioned, confused.

"Online shopping Gwen. I ordered everythin' three weeks ago, and it all turned up on my doorstep this morning, pre-wrapped and ready to go."

They all looked at the doctor, amazed that Owen had though of something so clever.

"Well I, for one am going shopping this evening."

Ianto downed the rest of his coffee before putting on his over coat.

Tosh stood, setting her mug down.

"May I join you?"

She really didn't want to shop alone, and she had a feeling that Ianto would want some company.

The Welshman smiled, and bowed graciously to her.

"Why yes Ms. Sato I would be delighted to have you join me. But for the record, I won't have you peaking at your present."

The Technician giggled and Ianto helped her into her coat, before they walked arm in arm out of the Hub.

"Well Jack, it looks like our resident tech expert has snatched up your Tea-boy."

Owen laughed, but the ribbing did not do anything for Jack.

His face fell slightly, and he shrugged.

"Oh well, at least he is in good hands. Now then, the party is at Y Mochyn Du, Sophia Close. If you need the exact address I'll text you. Now if you will excuses me I have some Christmas shopping to do."

Before either Owen or Gwen could react, he was out the cog door, a flurry of coat tails and fury.

"Way do go idiot. Now Jack is upset."

The dead man just rolled his eyes and headed to the door.

"Well obviously something else must have been eating at him for that little of a comment to set him off."

Gwen stopped, Owen had to be right.


She whispered, taking the lift up to the surface.