Authors note: I really have fallen in love with the whole ROTG fandom as of recently and I decided I would make up my own OC :) Her name is Willow or Willow the Wisp as known in some cultures. She controls the portal to and from the spirit realm on Halloween and is the protector of children's bravery, making sure they can learn to over come their fears. This is just a little story I wrote up about her and I hope you like it! :P Her personal tumblr is willowspirithalloween if you would like to go and ask her anything. ANYTHING! :D :P ok I'll stop blabbering now, happy reading! :)

"I haven't been doing this for long." I admitted to my cat, whom I promptly named Trouble after all the trouble he had been causing the poor town I found him in. "Three years or so maybe? If that even…" I picked up the old broomstick and sat down on it cross legged. It hovered me in the air as I continued to explain myself, of course I wasn't sure why… I think it was cause I was lonely. That's probably it, just a lonely little immortal trying to pass the time until nightfall.

"What year is it now? 1698? Not that it really matters… I haven't aged a day past 18." Trouble, my new cat just looked at me with big green-yellow eyes, as if he actually understood what I was saying… magic spirit or not, he was still just a cat. There was a loud BANG that it made me jump, the ghouls were getting antsy… I checked my lockets clock. I still had another hour or so before I could open the portal, so I continued.

"I fell you see, from a tree, I was trying to get my nephew down and the branch I was on broke…" I closed my eyes remembering, the high pine tree I had climbed up to get Liam. It was so old, I'm pretty small but I still don't know how I figured it would hold me.

"Everything about that moment is just so wrong… I mean… he was scared of heights! So why in the WORLD would you climb a tree?" Trouble laid on the cold ground, ignoring me, I nudged him with my foot and he grumbled. I looked up at the portal and sighed, the noises on the other side were getting louder, the monsters wanted out.

"I was trying to talk him out of his fear of heights to get him down…" that's why the moon said it chose me, there needed to be a new keeper of Halloween spirit and so, lucky me, dies on the day the moon is choosing the new guard. The old Spirit of Halloween must have quite or something... I am to protect children's bravery he says, I have to keep the monsters under control he says. A child's ability to over come fear is crucial, yes, but to make me an immortal who has to protect it? Well thanks… I rolled my eyes sarcastically, I'd realized I wasn't talking out loud anymore. It's not like anyone was listening but I continued "Sometimes I think about what it would have been like to just die when I hit the ground and not wake back up. Sure the magic powers are great, don't get me wrong I love flying but, it gets lonely." I sighed heavily and a puff of vapour blew out of my mouth like smoke. It was October 31st so it was pretty cold, Halloween though, so it's not like I could go inside. Not that I even needed to, cold didn't effect me, much. "I heard there was actually a guy who did that you know." Trouble blinked at me, "Like me kind of, or North or the Easter Bunny. He makes it cold out or something like that." I blew out again, making it look like my dad used to when he'd smoke his pipe on our porch. "I think his name is Jack Frost…" I wondered briefly if he had some kind of story, why the man in the moon chose him to become a spirit. "I don't think he's a guardian though… just an immortal with powers. Maybe next time I see one of them I'll ask about him." There was more pounding on the big portal door.

"Willow! Willow the Wisp!" One of the beasts growled.

"Yeah, I'm here. You've got another half hour." I yelled back at him, there was a bit of an uproar.

"We've been waiting all year! Can't you let usssss out a little early?" Another one of them hissed. I stood up on the ground, picking my broom from the air and leaning on it in front of the giant door.

"You know I can't. Not until sun down, and then I will gladly let you out so that you can run around as you please." again a bit of an argument but then they seemed to settle down. I swirled my hands through the cold air, purple smoke seeped from my finger tips and surrounded my broom. Once fully engulfed, in it's place floated a shiny golden coloured sword. I grabbed it's handle and swung it around a bit, chopping a branch from a bush, it fell and hit the ground as hard candy. I picked up a piece and popped it in my mouth, smiling. Anything the sword cut turned into sugary goodness, one of my favourite powers if I do say so myself. Trouble sat by the portal watching me, almost angrily, so I walked over and sat beside him, scratching behind his ear. "God forbid I don't give you enough of my attention before tonight." The wind picked up and tossed my pale blonde hair around my face, it was always getting in the way, but whenever I tried to tie it back the magic would just mess it up again. The cool breeze continued, reminding me of how I would of shivered if I were human… "I wonder if this 'Jack Frost' gets a kick out of making people cold. It seems like an odd thing to enjoy if you ask me…" Trouble purred in response, and I could feel the pounding on the portal as I leaned my back against it. My small bat like wings always got uncomfortable if I didn't lean against things the right way, so I tried to move so they weren't squished but ended up giving up.

The sword hung loosely in my hand at my side as I paced around in the middle of the forest that was growing ever darker. "You'd think that immortals would hangout with each other every once in awhile, but no apparently they are all really introverted and hard workers… this coming from the one who debated knocking her own teeth out so that the Tooth Fairy would come visit her." I said, even knowing that the tooth fairy herself didn't really do many house calls anymore, she has all her mini fairies to do it for her. I sighed and sat back down on the cold hard ground, watching as the sun dipped below the tree tops and Halloween night officially began. I stood up and turned towards the portal a few minutes later, lifting the locket from around my neck and placing it in the center of the large stone door that had started to glow purple around the edges.

"Alright," I said "It's time to work some magic…" after cracking my knuckles I started to swirl my hands through the air in intricate patterns, the now familiar tingle in my finger tips slithered up my arms to my elbows. The purple smoke seeped from my skin and drew sparkly patterns in the ancient portal door. There was a loud crack and the giant stone shifted to the side, releasing a purple glow into the dark forest surrounding it. I dropped my arms to my side, exhausted. "Using that much magic takes a lot out of me…" I said catching my breath, Trouble scampered behind the safety of my legs as the first monster stepped out from the glow. He reminded me of North's Yeti's but way less cute… and a lot more smelly. The big furry beast walked right up to me, towering over my head, he had to of been at least seven feet tall.

"Willow the Wisp!" His voice rumbled, he tilted his head in a rather friendly manner. "It is good to see you once again. As always me and my people will be back by sunrise, we thank you for your kind service." this one had me wishing all monsters were this kind hearted, sadly it was only their leader… I could never remember his name…

"Oh don't thank ME," I leaned against the yellow sword, Trouble still cowering behind me, hiding from the parade of monsters now streaming from the glowing purple light. "It's the Man in the Moon who gave me the ability to free you all for one night. Keep to your contract and this will continue." the giant ball of matted fur nodded once more and bid me farewell. I sighed as the last of the monsters exited the portal. I could already hear the giddy squeals from the children in the closest town, I had to get to work. Swirling my hands once more, the purple smoke covered me and I disappeared, flying through time and space. I landed with a slight stumble, the feeling of chaos attracted me to where I was most needed, a small child was screaming and crying at a snake looking creature. The monsters could never hurt the children due to the contract that leader of theirs agreed to with the Man in the Moon and the rest of the guardians. They were only there to scare, they fed off of it, just like my powers revolved around the children over coming that fear. I let the chaos take over my body and knelt by the girl who was scared senseless by this snake, I smiled at the creature and it smiled back, accepting it's fate and purpose. With one swoop of my sword the serpents head was cut off and it's body dropped to the ground as candy corn. The little girl blinked in surprise, her big brown eyes filled with confusion and relief, she was dressed as a witch for Halloween, how convenient considering I was always being accused of being one myself. I think it has something to do with the dark cape... and bat wings... and broomstick... and maybe the magic powers but I don't know.

"Wh-who are y-you?" she asked me still quivering, but eyeing the candy scattered on the ground.

"The Spirit of Halloween, but you can call me Willow." I smiled at her, she smiled back, showing that Tooth had been visiting her recently, there were big gaps between some of her tiny white teeth.

"You came to save me from that monster?" She asked me taking a step closer, I shook my head.

"No, the monsters can't harm you. As long as you stay brave, and stand up to your fears you'll keep growing." I grabbed a handful of candy corn and held it out to her. "Now does that seem so scary?" she giggled and wiped the last tears form her eyes.

"No!" she laughed louder, now every time she saw a snake it would remind her of candy corn. I smirked, one down, I had too many more too go and I was taking too long… last year I barely finished on time. It was important the children didn't fear the evil that lurked in the world. I got up to leave and she pulled on my dark purple cape with her small hand. "Willow wait!" I turned towards her. "Will I see you again?" her sweet voice asked, I tried not to frown.

"Probably not, I'm only visible on Halloween, and only to those who believe." I tapped my finger on her nose, purple sparkles filled her eyes and I could tell I started to disappear to her. Before I fully evaporated in front of her she took the black witch hat off her head and placed in on mine. I was miles away in the matter of seconds and couldn't thank her, but it kept my hair out of my face. Trouble appeared by my side and helped me the rest of the night, and for once, I didn't mind being the Spirit of Halloween, because I didn't feel as lonely.