Author's Note: So just so every one is clear this is BEFORE every other story in the collection. A few months after she actually turns into the Spirit Of Halloween and she just looses her shit... anyone would go a little nuts after awhile living like that... right?

WARNING! There is some raunchy stuff, slight gore, badassery, swearing, and drunkard thoughts, as well as attempted suicide so in no way is this a very light hearted chapter... just incase anyone cared. Thought you should know... Also take note of the awesome foreshadowing and just how cool some of Willow's powers are. Enjoy!

"WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS THIS!?" I said enraged, looking at my reflection in a small pond a mile or two from my home. My eyes glowed and unholy orange and reflected animal like in the ripples of water. I through my head back and screamed, digging my claw like nails into the ground.
"You think this is funny don't you!? HA HA!" I yelled at the moon, looking back at my reflection I couldn't take it. I was so angry that everything looked blurry, I slashed the water with my hand and stood up at an inhuman speed.

"I have had ENOUGH of this!" A warm summers breeze blew around me, tossing my hair around my shoulders. I growled, I was stuck like this forever wasn't I? "YOU did this to me!" I pointed a finger at the moon. No one could hear me screaming, I could be right in front of them and they wouldn't see me. Ever since the moon turned me into this… MONSTER.

Dark purple seeped from my pours, the wind flung my hair around my face again and I could feel the wings on my back spread. I smiled, licking my elongated canine teeth.
"Fine," an evil chuckle escaped my lips. "You turned me into a monster, I'll act like a monster." with that, I beat my wings against the summer night air. I flew until I found a town, then walked until I found a bar, saloon, whatever.

I slipped inside and there were various guys and bar maids flirting, drunk. I smiled, eyes glowing, the trouble in the room spread over my body and I couldn't help but lick my lips. I walked up to the nearest man and slid my hand down his shoulder, breathing down his neck. Chaos surrounded this man and he wreaked of whiskey. He shivered and looked around, of course I'd be invisible to him, he wouldn't even know I was there until it was too late.

I licked up the side of his neck and whispered
"You lookin' for trouble?" seductively in his ear. He was quite good looking, his tosseled brown hair and strong musk might have had me reeling if I were still a simple human. But I wasn't, I was a monster. I swung my leg around him, straddling him on the barstool. I smiled into his hazel eyes that were seemingly off in the distance, too drunk to be aware of the danger that was literally sitting right in his lap.

"Oh now, don't get too excited." I said as I grinded my hips into his, I needed him excited, I needed to feel the tension and confusion surround him. I licked my Canines that just begged to feel the mans skin under them…

His lips parted slightly as he became more flustered, yet happy. I smiled seductively
"That's it, now just hold still." I closed my eyes and locked my lips with his, his didn't move of course, but as I dug my teeth into his bottom lip a slight moan escaped his lips. The salty sweet blood filled my mouth, the chaos that flowing blood brought was always so satisfying…

I parted my lips from his a few millimetres and felt the energy start flowing into my body. Purple smoke flowing from his mouth to mine, and I drank it in. after a moment I felt his body start to go limp so I let him go. I lifted myself off of him and he fell to the ground, lip bloody and completely drained of fear, energy, I wasn't sure what. All I know is that it damn near killed him.

I smiled wiping the back of my hand across my mouth, cleaning off the blood dripping there. I smiled at the rest of the bar that had started to notice the man on the floor.
"Who did that!?" Said the man behind the bar.
"Oh perfect." I said as my lips curled into a sneer. I looked to the stool next to the man's that was lying on the ground. The guy next to him was completely saturated in alcohol.

My hand seeped with menacing purple smoke, like a lasso I wrapped it around his burly figure, he wouldn't even notice I was controlling him. I moved my hand and he obeyed, getting up from his stool. I chuckled.
"Stupid drunkards. Stupid stupid drunkards." I flicked my fingers and he picked up a chair, smashing it over the back of the man who was passed out on the ground. The bar went wild, and so did my powers.

A huge fight broke out and I contently watched, absorbing everyone's energy from my perch atop the bar. Sipping fine rum and enjoying the show that fed me to the point of bursting. I wrapped my smoke around one of the bar maids and made her slap another, nothing like a good girl fright to get the men who weren't participating excited. The two girls pulled at each others hair, shouting profanities as the men who were staying out of the fight cheered them on.

The burn in my chest made me smile almost as much as the chaos did, I was having an absolutely wonderful night! I hiccupped and laughed at the sight of the bar tender trying to separate his wenches. It was quite the sight to see, but it did bore me once everything quieted down. I flapped my wings and stood up on the bar top uneasily. The room spinning around me, blood seeping from the faces of guys who were punching.

"Pardon me ladies gentlemen." My words slurred, I cleared my throat. "I hope younjoyed yer showw tnight!" I bowed, then curtsied almost falling over. "But I reallymst be leavin!" With another hiccup I beat my wings, flying through the roof and into the night sky. Oh it felt good to be free, and fly, and the evilnessss was gooooddd.

I landed on top of the highest tree I could find, looking down to the ground spinning beneath me. My feet dangling loosely over a branch, I chuckled and watched the full moon smile at me. Always smiling he was… I looked back to the ground far below me. I can fall again, I thought, and this would be all over. I'll be dead like I'm supposed to be! I looked back at the moon, there was nothing. Nothing at all that would stop me, not even some stupid fucking man in the moon!

Without another thought I jumped from the tree, I watched the branches pass by me in the quickest flash and then I felt my back make contact with the ground. I couldn't breathe and I felt overly nauseous but I was alive. Hell I could even wiggle my toes.
"I jus fell… from n inhuman height and immmlive?" I blinked a few times catching the breath that was knocked out of me. I got up on my knees and I was hardly injured at all. A few scratches here and there but they didn't even bleed all that much.

I hunched over and threw up, the heat burning my throat. I felt lighter after my stomach was emptied. I rolled over, wings back to normal size, teeth in their regular form again. The forest continued to spin around me but I closed my eyes, I couldn't sleep of course, I didn't do that anymore. BUT I laid there till the sun rose, it stung my eyes as I opened them.

"Bloody hell…" I breathed through my pounding headache. I managed to stumble back to the pond and splashed myself with the cool water. I looked at myself again, my eyes weren't glowing with anger and you could hardly see my wings. I managed to find the old broom I had hidden in some bushes not too far away.

I flew over the ocean, it always calmed me for some reason. I floated around the sea until nightfall again, the waves splashed at my feet that dangled just above the water. I looked down at my hands and sighed.
"I don't want to be a monster…" I said honestly. My outburst wasn't needed yesterday.
"You are not my child." A strong male voice echoed threw my head. I gasped and looked up at the moon.
"Then why give me such horrible powers?" I asked desperately wanting to know what was wrong with me.
"Tis' not the powers given, but the way they are used." He replied melodically. I frowned in shame.
"I'm sorry…" I whispered quietly.

Sure the evil felt good while it was happening, sure the power felt like I was invincible but… being good would be better for me in the long run… I wasn't supposed to cause chaos just to be powerful. No…
"Then I'm no better than… the devil." That may have been an exaggeration but-
"No better than me!" I spun on my broom hearing the frightening voice. I hadn't noticed I had floated over land… I was now in the middle of some forest, a hole with a broken bed over top sat in the middle of a kind of, clearing. A black figure stood by it, terrible yellow glowing eyes penetrated the darkness. I hopped off my broom. Entranced.

"Who are you?" The power I felt, threatening to change me was horrifying. The chaos and pain that emanated from this man was absolutely horrible.
"Oh dear child…" The man was suddenly behind me. "Have you never heard of the Boogey man?"
I spun but he was gone, a cackling laughter echoing through the trees. My heart sped in my chest, I needed to leave here. Now.

I got back on my broom and started to fly away, far far away into the night sky. I swore to myself I would never return to this spot of the world. Ever. But the laughter followed me, it rang in my ears. Every time I closed my eyes the black tentacles appeared there. It was something that would haunt me for decades to come.

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