When the Warblers golden couple Nick and Jeff fights everyone suffers, because Jeff is the adorable annoying puppy that makes everybody feel better when moral is low, and on the rare occasion when Jeff is sad Nick keeps Jeff happy. So when they fight everyone ends up knowing about it. So you see the problem?

Hunter was trying to go over the choreography for a contender for the Regional set list when it happened. He paired the Warblers up not knowing about the tension between the couple, so when Jeff ended up messing up on move well…

"Jesus, Nick watch what the you're fucking doing!" No one expected the outburst for Jeff, Brandon the annoying sophomore maybe but not Jeff, Hunter never though the blond could curse.

"Watch what I'm doing? You're not even doing it right!" Nick yelled back,

Hunter was at a lost, he looked to Sebastian who was just as shocked at the fight, Nick's never insulted Jeff dancing ability, and hell no one's ever done that without the fear of Nick verbally beating the crape out of them, because even if Jeff was the best dancer he was insecure about it.

"Maybe we should take a break." Trent offered after the Nick and Jeff glared daggers at each other, Hunter agreed and everybody left except for Nick who was still glaring at the retreating blond. Sebastian looked at Hunter before running to catch up with Jeff.

"Okay Nick, what's the problem?" Hunter asked, breaking Nick out of his death glare.

"Nothing," He snapped and left, not even stopping to apologize for bumping into Sebastian.

"Jeff's in the bathroom crying, and it looks like Nick is leaving."

"What happened?" Hunter asked.

"I don't now but it's bad I've never seen them fight like this, normally

they do it just to have angry make up sex later, but I think this is a real fight."

"So how do we fix this?" Hunter asked, hugging Sebastian. He knew is boyfriend was troubled by this, after some problems last year with Blaine and the New Directions, Nick and Jeff were the only friends Sebastian had at the start of the year.

"I don't know." Sebastian admitted, leaning against Hunter for a minute before pulling away. "Come on let's see if we can get Jeff out of the bathroom."