When Sebastian and Hunter first became roommates before they started dating, Sebastian would wake up to Hunter's snoring, but now it became comfortable white noise that Sebastian could think about sleeping without.

So when Sebastian woke up it wasn't because of Hunter but Jeff, who was thrashing in his bed yelling, Sebastian got out of bed waking his boyfriend up and trying to wake Jeff only to get knocked by Jeff's flailing limbs.

"Sebastian!" Hunter cried, watching his boyfriend go down, Hunter got out of bed and helped Sebastian sit up. "Shit Bas are you okay?"

"Yeah...is my noise bleeding?" He asked.

"No, but you might have a black eye in the morning." Hunter answered kissing the offended eye lightly.

"You can wake him up, you have better reflexes." Sebastian groaned, "I'm gonna get some ice from Trent's room."

Hunter slide into bed behind Jeff and quietly tried to wake the teen up, Jeff woke up and cried into Hunter's chest, thought Hunter wasn't sure if Jeff was really awake because he called Hunter Nick.

"Jeff, you awake?" Hunter asked, carefully.

"Yeah, Hunter." Jeff answered the moved away from Hunter's chest, only to have the captain hold him in please.

"It's alright, if you want to cry." Hunter told him rubbing the blonds back.

"I'm alright, besides I don't think Sebastian wants me sleeping with his boyfriend...not like that." Jeff quickly added, causing Hunter laugh.

Sebastian lied...well not really he did get ice but not from Trent but from Nick. Using the key he jacked from Jeff, Sebastian entered the room to see the two single beds till pressed together, and Nick sleeping in the middle hugging Jeff's pillow.

Quietly digging thru Jeff's desk and grabbed his air horn, and his ear muff. Sebastian slipped the muffs on and shock the air born, before pressed the air horn close to Nick head.

"Ahhhh!" Nick jolted awake. "What the hell Bas."

"You have to tell him."

"Tell him what?" Nick asked, taking the air horn away from Sebastian,

"that I wasn't flirting with the cheerleader, but she was flirting with me? That I told her repeatedly that I have a boyfriend and I don't play for her team?"
"Well, that and Colin is transferring here."