"I was just leaving." Sebastian whispered, he moving to past Hunter, but even drunk Hunter was stronger than him.

Sebastian yelped as Hunter slammed him into the wall, the taller teen was afraid Hunter would start hitting him but was surprised when Hunter kissed him.

It was all teeth, Hunter was kissing him violently biting at his lip and tough, and sucking on his bleeding lip before pulled back, Hunter yelled as he punched the wall near Sebastian's head.

"Why?" Hunter asked tears pouring from his eyes. "Why would you do that to me?"

"Hunter. Hunter baby look at me." Sebastian begged, but Hunter would look anywhere but, he was furious, furious at Sebastian furious at himself. Sebastian waited, but Hunter finally looked at him looking right into Sebastian's hazel eyes. "I did not sleep with Blaine...I've never slept with anyone. Hunter please you have to believe me."

"I...I believe you. Oh Sebby." Hunter anger washed out of him as he hugged Sebastian to his chest. Hunter believed him, he shouldn't feel this happy, but as Hunter hugged Sebastian closed, kissing the taller teens bruised and swollen lips, Sebastian didn't care he loved Hunter.

"I am such as ass." Hunter whispered.

"Is that you're way of apologizing?" Sebastian asked,

"No my way of apologizing, is kicking Spencer Freeman's ass, making him tell the entire school that every rumor he spread about you is false and then get him expelled." Hunter promised. "And making this up to you for the rest of my life."

"Come on, you're super drunk let's get you to bed." Sebastian said softly, Hunter agreed.

Sebastian laid down on his back, Hunter curled around him his lips lightly kissing Sebastian neck only to stop when he fell into a drunken slumber. Once Hunter was out of it, Sebastian carefully pried himself from Hunter's grip.

It seems that even having Hunter believe him, wasn't enough to fix what happened, they need time away from each other. Grabbing the last of his things, Sebastian beside Hunter's bed, leaning in Sebastian kissed Hunter for what would possible be the last time.

He left his key on the nightstand and walked back to Danny's room, once he got there he locked the door, and undressed, sleeping into one of Hunter's shirts that he stole Sebastian got into the spare bed and stayed awake all night un-able to sleep.

When Hunter woke up the neck morning, he was alone in bed; he looked to the bedside table. When Hunter got drunk Sebastian always left aspirin and water on the table so to the gold key sitting then Hunter wanted to yell and scream and cry. He though Sebastian forgave him, but he was wrong, and he could blame him.

Nick came by the room, a few minutes later with Coffee and aspirin.

"He's never going to forgive me is he?" Hunter asked,

"No...that's the thing about Sebastian he'll forgive you but he'll never forget." Nick answered,

"He will never trust me again will he?" Hunter asked, "Not, not like before."

"I don't know, I though the same thing with Jeff but we were working on it. We're friends again, it sucks because he's so close but still so far away, I can't hold him like I used to or kiss him. It's great to be around him but it's also a curse."

"I don't even deserve to be his friend." Hunter told him.

"Maybe not, but Sebastian needs friends, and he needs you, so whatever crap you may be feeling trust me Sebastian's feeling it a million times worse, you can't pull away from him."

"Promise me, Hunter promise that you won't abandon him like everyone else."

"I swear to god Duval, I will not abandon him."