The Epilogue~

-At the Warren- Black's p.o.v****

"We're gonna be late. Again."I grumbled, tapping my foot as I leaned against a tree, complaining to no one as the little eggletts ran clumsily around me. The ones out now were premature, about half the size of the normal eggs and the ones I would help paint later on in the year, once more eggs began to pop out. One of them hopped on my foot excitedly, and I looked down, a smile immediatly finding its way onto my face. Something about the little thing was strikingly familiar, and I quickly leaned down, scooping up the tiny little thing and cradling it in my hands.

"Hey there, little guy. Aren't you the one I'm supposed to paint first?"I asked, and it jumped up high enough for me to immediatly guess that my assumption was correct. I laughed at its enthusiasm and nuzzled it with my nose affectionatly, winking at it and saying, "I think, after I decorate you, I'll keep you. Would you like that, little guy?" It did what appeared to be an irish jig, its legs moving sporattically around it as it hopped up and down like a chihuahua on meth.

I laughed and pet it lightly with my free hand, saying calmly,

"I like you, little guy."

"Tha' more than I eva' get." I jumped at the voice, accompanied with two furry arms wrapping around my waist and a cold, wet nose on the nape of my neck. I immediatly spun around and looked up in irriatition at a large, blue Pooka, giving me a smile cocky enough to make the shadows around me kick up in mild anger.

"You're late."Was all I had to say, Bunnymund rolling his eyes and retorting defensively,

"Not my fault, love. One a yer bloody nightmares tried ta skin me!" I couldn't help the laugh that burst out of me, imagining Bunny of all people running around, screaming in fright from something that couldn't even hurt him. He gave me a steady glare, but I smiled up at him, pressing closer to his torso and feeling the downy fur against my bare lower-stomach. His face relaxed a bit, and a small, lopsided smile found its way onto his face.

It had been 2 months, 2 whole months since that Christmas that changed everything, and I still wasn't used to that feeling this giant bunny gave me when he looked me in the eye, giving me a full, beautiful view of his emerald eyes and feeling his strong, protective limbs wrapping around me, a feeling that I was almost damn positive would never leave me. And I could live with that.

"I sent it to go get you, we were supposed to be at North's an hour ago."I scolded, and instead of rolling his eyes or making up an excuse, he did the next best thing. Without warning, he leaned down quickly and pressed his furry lips to mine, a spark going down my chest as I slowly closed my eyes, hating that he thought he could just shut me up with this. Hating that it was true.

Just as he was about to push the kiss deeper, a hard smack on the bottom of our chins pulled us out of it quickly, looking down to see the little egg hopping up and down defensively and irately. Bunny growled deep in his chest, but I smirked.

"He's right, we need to go. Now."I pulled back and turned, leaving a grumpy Bunny behind me crossing his arms. After a few steps, when I didn't hear him following, I called back,

"I'll just tell North you couldn't come. I'm sure you can make it up to him next Christmas. You know, making toys, decorating the tree, making...cookies." I smirked at the end. I was still finding bits of cookie dough in his pelt after the little 'blender' incident last year. Almost immediatly, the sound of pounding feet came up behind me and I was uncerimoniously swooped up bridal-style, calling out in frustration as we continued to barrel towards a tunnel.

"Bunny, so help me if you don't put me down right now I am getting a greyhound!"I shouted, hearing Bunny chuckle. That's cute. He thinks I wont resort to life-threatening tactics.

"Ya said we were late, sheila! I'm just gettin' us there!"He called down as we rocketed through the tunnel that led directly to North's workshop. I rolled my eyes and shouted up,

"You could put me down! I'm perfectly capable of running, kangaroo!"

"Bunny! And really? Cuz last time I checked, ya don't wanna race a bunny!"

"That might be true. But you're more of a...groundhog, right?"I teased, and he screeched to a hault. I was let go too quickly for me to react, feeling a paint shoot up my tailbone as I cringed. "Oi!"I shouted, and glared up at Bunny, who had his face less than an inch from mine. If looks could kill, I'd be sliced up and put in a freezer by now. I glared right back, irritated and in some annoying pain.

"Don't ya eva' compare me ta that rat."

"What rat? You mean...Groundhog?"

"Ya know bloody well who I meant!"

"With that accent, who knows?"


"I'm sorry, is 'Grah' Aussi slang for 'sorry for dumping you on your arse'?!"

"Nope, it's slang fer 'I'm about ta outrace ya so bad you'll be eating ma dus- Hey!"

I cut him off, spinning around and zipping down the tunnel on a cloud of shadows, the wind whipping my hair back as loud thumps sounded behind me, Bunny moving at a breakneck pace. I swirrled a shadow around the little egg to keep it safe in case there was some impact and sent it ahead of me, seeing the opening less than three feet away.

Before I could reach and arm out to it, I felt a massive impact on my back, knocking me off the cloud and sending us barreling out of the exit of the tunnel and into a brightly-lit workshop. We rolled a few times, knocking over elves and through the legs of a yeti that shouted out in surprise.

"I'll get you for that, you freakin' rabbit!"

"Not as bad as I'll get ya, sheila!"

"Ah, if it isn't the happy couple?"A voice broke through our tussle, and I stopped, looking up as Jack smiled down at us from his perch on the railing, staff across his knees and arms folded loosely on top of it, resting his chin on top of them and chuckling. I rolled my eyes and poked Bunny's chest, who was laying in my lap with his arms right up against mine.

"He started it."

"Oi, I did no-"

"Bunny! Black! So happy to see two of you!"North boomed, picking me up by my elbow and lifting me easily into the air, Bunny pulled up by the scruff of his neck. The large Guardian of Wonder planted a massive kiss on both of our cheeks, Bunny's eyes going wide and body stiff, eye twitching in disturbance. I surpressed a laugh as North finally put us down, Sandy floating over to us and waving hi.

"Hey there, Sandy."I smiled, patting his head and making him shake it out, grains of sand falling below him and knocking out a few elves.

"Oh! Hi guys! When did you get here?! I'm so happy to see you two! It's been weeks! How have you been, flossing I hope!"Tooth's voice reached us before she did, suddenly zipping up between us and shooting from one of us to the other as she asked her questions, finally settling on prying open my mouth and looking at my teeth. My eyes widened, not exactly comftorble with sudden dental checks.

"Toof!"I mummbled out, and she immediatly shot back, rubbing her arm and chuckling nervously.

"Sorry! I just love your teeth! Oh, speaking of, where's Jack?"She pipped up, the frost spirit floating up behind her and saying smoothly,

"Right here, Tooth. Showed up early." She quickly flushed red before spinning around to laugh with Jack, something inside of me content with victory. Since I'd 'helped' them out last Christmas, their romance was winding up almost as awkwardly as mine had with Bunny. If I had it my way, it would be a hell of a lot more awkward for what they had done, but Bunny was trying his best to keep me in line.

"So, when are we gonna start this meeting, North?"I asked, turning to the jovial Guardian in question. He looked down at me with a massive grin, arms wide open, as he exclaimed,

"Right after delicious cinnamon roles are made!" Bunny loudly groaned, but the twinkle in the fatherly Guardian's eye was too much to resist. I sighed and gave his belly a pat as I passed him, saying,

"Just two, you have to actually fit down the chimneys this year."

"Psh! I am fit!"

"What was that mate?!"

-2 hours later-

Jack was drawing frost designs on the ceiling. Tooth was trying to stay interested, but kept nodding off, only to shock herself away with Babytooth floating down to the table. Sandy was sleeping. Bunny was polishing a boomerang, which I quickly elbowed him for, and I was debating whether I should have stayed in the cave of eternal darkness instead of sitting here and listening to North ramble on about subject I could honestly care less about.

I was just about to nod off myself, when a massive thud slammed onto the table and I jolted awake, North beaming at us and exclaiming,

"Very well! Seems all es in order, I believe is now time for hot coco and chitty chatty, no? Yes!" I let out a massive sigh, glad to be freed from this nightmare. And coming from me, that's a big deal. Everyone stood to leave, prepared to sit around the fireplace where we usually sat after meetings, excited about the hot coco and company. I stood up, reaching a hand down to pick Bunny up, but he stood on his own and pulled me to him with one arm, giving me a quick peck on the forehead that had my face turning all different shades of grey(which I had learned it could do, all thanks to this jackass), not used to public displays of affection.

"I'll be right there, love. Gotta talk ta North 'bout somethin' real quick."He mummbled into my hair, and I was far too flustered to argue, feeling the eyes of our friends on us. I nodded and he chuckled, the sorry bastard probably knowing that I was uncomftorble, and let me go. I turned, swacking Jack from his perch on the staff for making kiss-faces at me, and quickly exited through the doors.

"I just think it's sooo cute!"Tooth exclaimed, floating up next to me as I descended the stairs to the fireplace below, the workshop cleared out for today and yetis and elves scattered around. I plopped down on the couch and sighed,

"Yeah, you don't have to live with him." Tooth ignored me, her eyes wide and dreamy as she slowly floated down in front of me, arms crossed in the air and resting her chin on them, babytooth zipping around Jack as he descended, Sandy yawning and streaching as he nestled himself by the fire.

"I mean, you two were just sooo cute before the whole Pitch buisiness, inseperable! I had a feeling something was going on even way back then! And now, after everything you two have been through, it's just...romantic."She sighed, and Jack and I rolled our eyes in unison.

"As...lovely, as it is to hear about my sister's love-life,"I gasped, jumping at the familiar voice and spinning around to see Pitch appear in a fluster of shadows from the window, looking more than uncomftorble as Tooth yelped and dropped to the ground with Jack, Sandy looking up in timid interest. "May I request the subject change?"He finished, as I got to my feet and smiled, excitement filling me as I gazed at the brother I hadn't seen in two months.

"Pitch! What are you doing here?"I asked, and his features gently softened a bit as he moved towards me, brushing a loose strand of hair from my face and placing a quick kiss on my head before musing,

"I'd like to ask you lot that. I was...summoned here." He sounded like the idea of being 'summoned' anywhere was at the top of his list of things he would rather be banished than do. I raised an eyebrow, tilting my head to the side a bit as I said,

"I didn't do it. Tooth?" She shook her head, slowly relaxing after remembering that Pitch wasn't...exactly..against us.

"Jack?"Tooth asked, but he held his hands up.

"Sorry, I don't go around summoning dark entities formely focused on destroying the world. No offense."

"None taken."Pitch deadpanned.

"Sandy?"I asked, but the the little golden man was already sleeping again. Figures. I sighed and shook my head, trying to figure out who could have called Pitch here during a down-season, with no noticable threat arising.

"Actually, it was me." I spun around, Bunny walking up behind me with a careful, serious look on his face. I raised an eyebrow, looking from him to Pitch, both giving sizable glares to the other, with..something else. An underlying knowing that I was missing out on. After a minuet or so, I looked to North, who was trying and failing to conceal a beaming smile as he looked up at the globe. Okay, there was something going on here. And I did not like it.

"Okay, what the hell?"I snapped, and Bunny seemed to snap back to reality.

"I got somethin' I gotta talk to ya 'bout."Bunny said, still keeping an eye on Pitch.

"Talk about what? What's with all the talking? I don't like this, Bunny!"I warned, but before he could coax me out of my flustered, confused state, Pitch sighed. I saw his face fall a bit, keeping a steady glare focused on Bunny, eyes flicking to me for just a moment before back to the large Pooka.

"I feared as much...come then, let's get this over with."He mused as if he'd rather do anything in the world than this...whatever it was. Bunny nodded and walked solemly over to Pitch, the two turning and walking down a small hall next to the fireplace. I stood there, face fallen, frowning with an irritation growing inside of me. Bunny was up to something, I just felt it.

For the past few days he had been acting...strange. Like he was hiding something, always jumping up whenever I walked up behind him in the small little burrow we lived in, away from the little eggletts. I'd even sent a nightmare to see if he was up to something, only to have him cut it down and give me a scolding about...well..something. I'd stopped listening halfway through. That aside, I did not like surprises, not even from Aster, and something about all of this just reeked of a surprise.

"Who wants to start taking bets on who comes out alive?"Jack asked, trying to lighten the mood. I shot a fist out and immediatly knocked him to the floor, Tooth flying over to tend to him as I sighed and spun to the most-likely person to know what Bunny was hiding. North was still looking up at Manny, eyes twinkling with something I couldn't place, a giddy look on his rosy face.

I slowly walked up to him, giving him a light hit on the gut. He seemed to snap out of some sort of daze, looking down at me with surprise, before his face got even giddy-ier. I crossed my arms and demanded,



"North, tell me."

"Vat? Tell you bedtime story! I know many! All in Russian, but that ok, you vill get gist-"

"You know exactly what I'm talking about,"I interrupted him, a nervous prick up my spine from having the two most important men in the world to me in a hallway, probably at eachothers' throats, "What's Bunny up to?"

"He does seem to acting odd,"Tooth cut it, a finger on her chin, "Maybe he's giving you an anniversary present!" I rolled my eyes and muttered,

"This month doesn't even have 31 days..."

"Nah, Bunny isn't that thoughtful."Jack mused, sitting on the back of the couch with his feet on the cusions, Tooth fluttering over to sit near him. I was getting frustrated, knowing North was hiding something and willing to pry it out of him, with fource if necissairy. I gave North a look telling him just that, but he continued to give me that silent grin.

Suddenly, a blob of black shadows formed next to him, and soon Pitch materialized. I read his face for two things: Injuries(and if so, Bunny was going to be in a world of hurt, if he wasn't dead already), and any sign of what Bunny was planning. Instead, what I got was...a look of sadness. Worry gripped my heart immediatly, seeing Pitch reach a hand forward and brushing away the same lock of stubborn hair. The look on his face was almost similar to the one he had given me the last time we had spoken.

Bitter. Sad. But, this time, it almost seemed he was trying to seem under control, almost happy. He leaned in, and I asked quietly,

"Pitch? What's wrong?" His eyes narrowed a bit, my mind reeling, trying to figure out why he would look like this, his forehead slightly creased, mouth fourcing itself out of a frown and into a line. He looked over my face, as if trying to memorize it, his thumb brushing my temple. It was silent, and he looked me in the eye, his own identical, and for a moment it almost seemed as if he were going to say something...

But he bit it back, looking down for a moment before flickering his eyes back at me, no smile on his face, but the crease gone from his forehead, eyes still darkened with something like sadness.

"...I do, against popular opinion, love you, my dear little sister."He said, and my eyes widened a bit, eyebrows furrowing.

"Pitch?"I asked, but he cut me off, taking his hand away and pointing behind me.

"I believe this large rodent would like to have a word with you."He mused calmly, and I slowly turned, seeing Bunny standing there and giving Pitch a quick glare before focusing back on me. He seemed...different. Fidgety but at the same time calm. As if he were about to do something he'd rehersed but was still nervous about. One foot absentmindedly scuffed the ground, one hand tapping a pouch in his sling that held his boomerangs, one of which my Christmas present to him, his ears slightly back.

"Bunny, you better damn well tell me what's going on or so help me I'll really will get a greyhound. A big one."I warned, hearing snickers from Jack and even a stifled, almost non-existant one from Pitch. Bunny seemed to relax a bit, reaching out one paw. I looked at it curiously, then timidly took it, Bunny pulling me a bit closer until I could feel his body heat. I gave him a curious glare as he cleared his throat, and I swear I almost saw a tinge of red on his cheek fur.

"Sheila...We've known each otha' for hundreds of years. An' every day, without relenting, you've driven me absolutely bat-shit crazy. I've neva' met someone I found more irritating than Frostbite ova' there,"Jack called out in insult, but Bunny ignored him, "You grind ma last nerve. There ain't a day that goes by without a fight, without death-threats, insults, and me askin' Manny why the bloody hell I had ta meet ya in the first place."

"Bunny, you're about three words away from becoming a fur coat."I threatened harshly, but he shook his head.

"Let me finish,"He silenced, my anger boiling in my veins, "As I was sayin': ye have no respect fer yer elders. You're the worst bloody Tai Chi student I've eva' laid eye on. Ye know exactly how ta push ma buttons an' ya kick me when we're sleepin'."

"Wait, what was that?"Pitch asked with an edge of anger, Bunny continuing quickly,

"Yer the most contraversal Guardain Manny's eva' choosen. Ye control bloody nightmares." He took in a deep breath, leaning over me a bit more,

"Yer the most irritatin', self-righteous, angsty, tempermental, strong, terrible, scary, irresponsible, headstrong, insultin', sharp-tongued, knuckle-headed..." He listed off, and then paused for a moment. His eyes looked right into mine, taking in another breath before saying quietly, "Beautiful, amazin', funny, witty, entertainin', brave, selfless, wild, bright girl I've eva' met in my entire existance, and eva' since the day I first saw ya I knew somethin' was different. Ya were...ya were the twist in my story, mate.

"If I hadn't met ya I'd be one miserable sonofabitch. Even when ya weren't with me, yer memory made me...feel. I'd neva' given anotha' person this much a me. I've neva found someone who I could bloody stand fer more than five minuets...but when ya left, those 900 years were the longest years o' my life. I wanted ta hate ya, mate. I wanted ta have nothin' ta do with ya. I wanted to move on an' dismiss ya from my life...

"But that was impossible. I couldn't get rid o' ya, no matta' how hard I tried. Easta', paintin', Christmas, Tai Chi, nothin' could get ya out a my mind. And maybe it's my centa', but I always had hope that ya would come back and tha'..maybe we could be a family again. I didn't give up, not even when things got dark. An' ya did come back, and eventually I saw the sheila I'd known too long ago...

"Ya come in here like a damn storm an' shake everythin' up, turn my bloody life upside down! An' yet everythin' seemed normal. Because it was. 900 years of tryin' ta hate ya, an' then ya come right on in an' screw it all up. 900 years without' I neva wanta do tha' again..." He stopped, reaching his hand slowly into the small pouch and closing his hand around something, pulling it out and sheilding it from my sight with his large hand.

I was confused, slightly insulted, and felt a squeezing in my chest that meant something very bad or something very, very good. I couldn't possible contemplate what he was doing, or why he was saying all of this, or why North was smiling behind me, or why Pitch had looked so sad. I didn't understand.

And then he knelt on one knee.

My heart pounded in my ears. Time stopped as I felt my entire body freeze up, eyes going wide and a searing heat licking up my chest, shaking from utter shock. I felt like the entire room was spinning, blood pounding, jaw locked, stomach flipping in the most violent lurch I'd ever felt. I felt dizzy, like I was about to fall over, like nothing was stable and moving and..and..and..

His emerald eyes met mine, and everything else stopped. The room was still. Not a sound, just the crackling of the fireplace and my breathing. Just his eyes, and memories playing across my mind of eggs, cookie dough, fights, and the Warren. The Guardians. Us. And suddenly, I felt everything calm and wait, hushing.

Bunny's ears folded against his head as he mummbled, slightly self-concious,

"I..uh...saw mortals do this...but uh...I'm not..."He cleared his throat and, finally, asked, "I bloody love ya, sheila...

"Will ya marry me?"

Eternity is a long time to commit your heart to someone. Everyday until the end of time. Dedicated to one person. Humans couldn't even dream of it. Mortals had never accomplished such a feat. Luckily, Bunny and I were neither human nor mortal.

"...Stand up, you idiot."I said lightly, and he gave me a surprised look, me rolling my eyes and grabbing his chest fur, pulling him to his feet and getting right in his face. "Edmund Aster Bunnymund, I've known you for over 900 years. I've never been quite sure of anything around you, namely the feelings I got around you and your species." He opened his mouth to defend himself, but I shut him up.

"In fact, this might be the only thing I've ever been really, 100% positive about in the uncountable years I've known you...I love you." He paused, ears flush against his skull, looking at me with hopeful, surprised eyes.

"So..ya will?"

I smacked him upside the head and exclaimed,

"Of course I will, ya big idiot!"

"Eeeeek!"Tooth exclaimed, wriggling on the couch and pulling Jack into a bone-crushing hug, Jack stuck between laughing until tears came to his eyes and blushing. Bunny cleared his throat and held my hand up, sliding a completely silver band onto my ring finger. The crystal was shaped like an egg. I chuckled and leaned up, capturing his lips in a lingering kiss, his arms wrapping around me immediatly and pressing me to him until Jack began to make gagging sounds.

I pulled away and nodded my head his way, making him jump up and dodge a shadow. Tooth, who apprently could no longer contain herself, shot forward and tackled me to the ground, then lifted me up and spun around, my air in short supply until Sandy managed to pry her iron-like grip off. The golden man gave me a small hug, which I returned quickly before he shot over to Bunny and flashed a series of images, depicting him being Bunny's best man.

Bunny laughed and nodded, Sandy self-satisfied and floating away. Jack flew between us and touched the floor, smiling brightly and patting out shoulders.

"Hey, I know I can kid around a little-"

"A little?"Bunny asked, an eyebrow raised, but Jack continued,

"But, even though that was the most drawn-out marriage proposal I've ever seen, I'm happy." I felt a smile melt onto my face and I nudged Jack, who nudged me back, leaving frost on my arm as he flew to go fan an almost-fainting Tooth.

And then the water works began. By no one but North. A massive whail broke out and I turned around, seeing North blowing his nose into a hankie and crying louder than any baby I'd ever seen, a yeti standing at attention next to him with a box of Kleenex that was dwindling quickly.

"Es sad! But b-beautiful! My little ones all grown up and get married! Whaaa!"He sobbed, reaching a hand out for Pitch's shoulder. He side stepped quickly.

"Don't touch me."

North, though, was not one to be denied a nice, rib-cracking hug, and quickly wrapped his arms around Pitch, giving him a huge bear-hug as the King of Nightmares struggled, face shocked and appauled as North's tears got onto his robe.

"Unhand me! This instant! Now!"He shouted, but wasn't released from the embrace, my hand flying to my mouth as I tried to not burst out into hysterical laughter. I waited a few moments, letting North assault Pitch's space-bubble, before walking up and running a hand down North's arm.

"North. Sweetie. You're crushing my big brother." With my calm words, he released Pitch in favor for the poor Kleenex yeti, sobbing into the startled creature's fur. Pitch quickly straightend his clothing and shook his head, sending an unseen glare towards North before turning to me, face softening a bit.

We stood there for a second, looking at each other. Everything that we needed to say had already been said, everything already done. The only thing left to do was the obvious cliche. I held out my arms and said,

"C'mon, let's get this over with." Pitch gazed at me for a moment, before leaning down and pulling me into a surprisingly tight hug. I was given the familiar scent of obsidian, water, ash, and night that Pitch carried with him, wrapping my arms around his neck as he pulled me to him quickly. I couldn't remember the last time Pitch and I had hugged. It seemed far too long overdue.

"You know,"I whispered, so that only he could hear, "This still doesn't mean you lose me." I felt him give a dark, quiet chuckle, before he whispered,

"Oh, I'm well aware. Or else I wouldn't have given him my consent and instead sent him into an abyss of fear, the likes of which he could never return from."

"I love you, big brother."

"...I love you, too."He said, pulling away a bit and kissing my forehead.

"Wait, why does Sandy get to be the best man?!"Jack whined, me turning and seeing him pulling on Bunny's arm. Bunny tried to get him off, but the little winter spirit remained. The little egg from before made its appearence, hopping on Bunny's foot until he looked down, clearly distraught over the anger from the little egglett. It wanted to be best man, too. How cute.

I saw Bunny struggling for words, but I decided to help him out just this once.

"You can all be the best man."I offered, and North gasped, me turning to see his eyes wide and watery.

"Really?"He asked in a comically hopeful voice, followed by another massive flood of tears and a hug from which Pitch tried and failed to escape, North grabbing his robe and pulling him in again.

"Release me you buffoon! I will give you fears you never thought possible! Let go!"He screamed, as I laughed and turned, seeing Tooth and Sandy already talking about plans while Jack was talking non-stop in Bunny's ear about...well...everything. It was utter chaos, and I felt like I deserved a little break.

I slammed my foot on the ground, shadows shooting out quickly and grabbing everyone's attention, looking at me as I sighed.

"Oi, there's cinnamon roles in the kitchen." Screw their friends getting married. There were doughy, frosting-covered treats in the kitchen. Everyone shot towards the kitchen, Pitch still struggling in North's grasp as they swarmed up the stairs. I felt two, strong arms wrap around me, pressing into my back and nuzzling my neck, sending a shiver up my spine. I turned and smiled, Bunny's bright eyes gleaming right back at me.

"So, when do you want to tell Sophie and Jamie?"I asked. He chuckled and looked up at the kitchen as a massive crash sounded.

"Afta' these lot? About four years afta' it happens."He mused, only half-joking. I rolled my eyes and kissed his nose, chuckling as it twitched.

"I love you, Kangaroo."

"Love ya too, ankle bita'."

"What was that?"

"Ya hear me, sheila!"

"For all you know, I could be older than you!"

"Sure look like it!"

"Excuse-! What...Oh, you're going to regret that!"

"I'd like ta see ya try! What...what's that shadow...Crikey!"

"Say sorry!"

"I love ya, sheila."

"Not sorry, but I'll take it."

"..Ankle bita."

"Kangaroo." Suddenly, something hard, cold, and fast exploded on the sides of our faces.