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1. Mornings


Sunlight was the first thing Raven saw as she opened her eyes. Her meditation session was now over. Every day, she walked to the roof of the tower and started her meditation round at six in the morning, and usually finished when the sun started rising.

She switched from her lotus position to a simple criss-cross applesauce sitting position and sighed, staring out at the view in front of her. Her eyes couldn't help but light up at the beautiful sight of Jump City in the morning. She would never get used to that view.

Ever since she'd defeated her father, she was able to show her emotions more freely without losing control of her powers. She was still reluctant about it though, since she'd lived her whole life "emotionless."

But at certain situations, she couldn't help but show even the slightest emotion.

"Hey Rae."

Especially when he was around.

She actually jumped a little at the sudden sound of his voice. She scowled, mentally scolding herself that she should've paid attention to the entrance of his aura.

Raven heard him chuckle. He saw her slightly startled reaction. She couldn't help but feel a little embarrassed.

"I thought you usually know when I'm coming," he said, a hint of playfulness in his tone.

She felt her cheeks warm a little. "I-I do," she snapped at him. "It's just that I was so focused on the view."

He sat down beside her, and when he did, she couldn't help but glance at him. Just like her, he was still in his pajamas – a simple white t-shirt and dark red gym shorts.

His masked eyes caught hers, and a small smile tugged at his lips. "I can understand why." He didn't know if he was really talking about Jump City or her.

She subconsciously smiled back at him, and that caused his heart to skip a beat. Whenever she smiled, especially to him, his heart skipped a beat. It wasn't every day Raven smiled. And he was one of the few people she'd show it to.

And for some reason, it made Robin extremely proud to know that.

They both continued to stare at the view for awhile, sitting in silence. Some mornings, they'd small talk, but this morning was a quiet kind of morning for the two birds. It wasn't awkward though; all they needed was each other's company to feel alright.

A couple minutes passed by. "You hungry?" he asked her.

Raven merely nodded in reply.

They both stood up and walked towards the rooftop exit, heading down to the main room to prepare breakfast.

This was their daily morning routine, ever since Raven defeated her father.

And they both treasured those mornings.

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