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2. Persistent

Raven couldn't sleep.

Ever since her sixteenth birthday and the incident with Slade that followed it, she just couldn't. Nightmares of the end of the world invaded her dreams every time her eyes were shut. Slade's voice, repeating message after message from her father, echoed through her head.

The end of the world was coming. And she was the one who would bring it.

Her friends had no idea though. They still had no idea of the dark purpose of her birth. Since the Slade incident on her birthday, they spent every night searching for any evidence they could get their hands on that would help them figure out why the villain was back, with Robin in the lead.

Raven already knew why Slade returned, but she was too afraid to tell them. She didn't want them to spend their last days trying to stop her destiny when it was already written for her; she didn't want them to spend their last days worrying about her. She wanted to spend their last days together cherishing each other. She repeatedly tried to stop her friends, stall them at the least, from finding out everything. But they kept persisting.

Especially Robin.

Why did he have to be so persistent?

She felt her hands trembling from trying so hard to control her emotions.

She sighed. She needed some tea. 'Might as well get some while I'm awake.'

Raven got up from her bed, glancing at her clock. '3 AM,' she mentally read. She sighed again.

The amethyst-haired girl then walked out of her room, making her way to the main room.

Once she entered the room, she noticed the TV was still on. Footage from the incident with Slade at the factory was shown to be on the screen, with the pause symbol at the bottom left corner.

She rolled her eyes. Beast Boy probably forgot to turn off the TV when he was helping Robin look for evidence.

Then she heard light snoring.


She raised an eyebrow.

Raven took a second look at the TV screen, then at the couch in front of it. A bent arm with a green glove covering its hand rested on top of the couch's back. A head with black hair rested on the arm, the hair slightly messy and spiked up.

It was...

"Robin," she breathed out. Her heart started to pound a little.

He probably fell asleep while still searching for evidence.

She shook her head.

Why did he have to be so persistent?

Ten seconds later, she found herself standing beside him, observing his sleeping figure. The TV remote was in his other hand. He indeed was the one who left the TV on. He looked so tired, so exhausted. And it was all because of her. She was the cause of his sleepless nights.

Before she knew it, she placed her hand on his forehead. "You don't have to do all of this for me," she whispered. "You really don't have to." As if he'd hear her. And even if he was awake, he wouldn't listen to her.

But that was Robin for you. He would never stop until the job was done. He would do anything for his friends.

She would miss her friends when the world ended.

She would miss him.

She shook away the thoughts, maintaining control of her emotions once again. She couldn't lose control now, especially with all the stress she already had within her.

She began to walk away from the couch and to the kitchen, but a sudden grip on her wrist stopped her from doing so.

She turned her head, looking back at Robin. The hand that once had the TV remote in its grip was now holding her wrist. Then, in a groggy tone, she heard him softly mutter, "Don't leave."

She blushed. Was he really awake?

Raven waited for him to speak again. A few seconds later, snoring started escaping from his mouth again. She let out a small breath. He was just half asleep.

She gently removed his hand from her wrist and then walked to a nearby cabinet, opening it and grabbing a fleece blanket. Using her powers, she levitated the blanket onto the sleeping Robin. She then walked to the kitchen, fulfilling her initial purpose of going to the main room, and made herself a warm cup of tea.

Before departing the room, she took one last look at Robin.

When he wakes up, he would probably go back to searching for more evidence.

She shook her head. He worked too hard.

Why did he have to be so persistent?

But secretly, Raven was touched that someone cared so much about her.

A brief smile formed at her lips as she walked back to her room.

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