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Kamachi School for the Supernatural. A place for supernatural beings to learn and master whatever skills they may possess. The school was large, split into three buildings, and was a haven for monsters, freaks, and spirits who wanted to get to know others. The first building was the educations building where all classes were held, the second was the boys dormitory, and the third was the girls dormitory. Kamachi was conveniently place on a beach, Konoha Beach to be exact, and gym class was frequently held there. The students were especially happy with the beach, for that is where most chose to hang out on the weekends. Well, most of them were happy anyways. Except for Gaara Sabaku.

When eighteen year old Gaara learned that he and his siblings would be attending a school set on a beach, he was more than displeased. Most people would question this, seeing as how Gaara's strongest ability was the manipulation of sand, but those who really knew him, being his brother and sister, understood perfectly well.

The sun. Poor Gaara was as pale as a ghost and turned lobster red within 20 minutes of being exposed to the sun. It was one of his worst enemies and seeing as how he never bothered to go outside much, it always would be.

Gaara was a very strange being. He was a demon and a rare one at that. He was the Raccoon Demon, one of the rare tailed beasts that existed, but that wasn't all. Gaara was also gifted in art, wind manipulation, shapeshifting, hand to hand combat, and illusions. Another thing that made him stand out and set him aside from other creatures was his appearance. Gaara had fiery crimson hair, teal eyes which were outlined in charcoal, giving him the appearance of a raccoon, extremely pale skin, a blood-red tattoo on his forehead which was ironically the japanese symbol for 'love', he lacked eyebrows, and his wardrobe consisted of blacks, reds, and greys, which did not help his sun issue at all. Also, despite the fact that the red-headed demon was eighteen, he was much shorter than most people his age, usually coming up to only their shoulders.

Gaara was presently on a plane with his older siblings, headed for the new city and school he was being forced to go to. Truthfully, he didn't give a shit about school. Without even trying, he passed all of his classes with flying colors and only had the occasional struggle with history. Who cared about a bunch of dead guys and wars? Certainly not him.

For the past two hours, Gaara has been stuck between his two siblings with a little kid kicking the back of his seat and a fat guy snoring loudly in front of him. If the plane didn't land soon, then the flight attendants were going to have quite a mess to clean up. It was about ten minutes before the plane finally touched ground, which was nine minutes and fifty-five seconds too long for the irritated sand demon. When the pilot announced that they were allowed to leave, Gaara had grabbed his messenger bag and hightailed it off the plane before most passengers even had their seatbelts undone.

As the young demon went to stand at the luggage conveyor belt, he enjoyed the cool air conditioning and looked for his siblings. When his bags finally arrived he had yet to spot neither his older brother nor his older sister, so he decided to go ahead and wait outside. Big mistake. The minute he stepped outside, Gaara was assaulted by blistering heat and the bright rays of the sun. With a grunt of disapproval, he briskly walked back inside.

Sitting himself down on a bench that was directly beneath a vent, he waited. It was at least fifteen minutes before he caught sight of pale blond hair and purple face paint.

"Gaara! We've been looking all over the place for you!" His older sister, Temari, scolded as they approached him, a rather displeased look on her face.

"Yeah, kid. This is a new place, it'd be too easy for you to get lost." Kankuro, his older brother, reasoned.

With only a huff in response, Gaara stood up with his bags and headed for the exit, knowing his siblings would follow.

Gaara's siblings were certainly not as odd as him, but they were a far cry from normal. Temari was very pretty, with her blonde hair pulled into four spiky ponytails and her dark green eyes. She also had a very nice figure and though she attracted many admirers, she devoted most of her time taking care of her little brothers. In a way, she was more of a mother than a sister. Temari was a fairy, born without wings, and was talented in wind manipulation, even more so than Gaara. To enhance her abilities, she used a rather large fan which she always carried with her. Then there was Kankuro. Kankuro was a puppet master, having the ability to control puppets from a distance. He could also control other creatures as long as he had an object from them; a piece of hair, clothing, blood, even an eyelash. He was also a specialist in poisons and potions. Kankuro had short, spiky brown hair and beady black/brown eyes. He always had his face painted with the purple markings of the puppet masters, giving him a rather peculiar appearance since the paint also covering his lips.

Gaara cared deeply for his siblings, annoying as they may be, but never showed it. To say the least, the raccoon demon wasn't very emotion, usually only expressing annoyance, anger, and very rarely amusement.

As the Sabaku children walked down the sidewalks of Konoha they continuously checked their map to make sure they were headed in the right direction. Kamachi School for the Supernatural was supposedly easy to find. What a bunch of crap. It took the three siblings an hour of map checking and asking directions before they finally caught a glimpse of the rather large buildings.

Temari took the lead, knowing where they were supposed to meet their guides. Despite the fact that Temari was a year older, her and Kankuro were in the same grade, but since she was a girl she would have a different guide. This was the older siblings' last year of education while Gaara still had another year to go.

Walking towards the entrance of the educations building, the siblings caught sight of three people. The first person was a female with short pink hair, mint green eyes, and a sweet smile. The second person was a rather creepy looking male who had gray skin, short black hair, and an obviously fake grin. The third pers-Holy shit. Who let this train wreck out of the circus? The third person was an energetic male with a horrible bowl cut, big round eyes, and a hideous green jumpsuit.

The siblings were greeted as soon as they approached the other teens.

"Hi! My name is Sakura Haruno and welcome to Kamachi!" The pinkette said happily. Gaara immediately didn't like her.

"Hello. My name is Sai. It's a great pleasure to meet you all." The gray skinned male said in a monotone voice, fake smile and all.

Gaara actually flinched at the next greeting.

"WELCOME TO KAMACHI MY YOUTHFUL NEW FRIENDS! I am Rock Lee, the handsome devil of Konoha! It is a pleasure to see such shining new faces enter our school!" The kid with the horrible haircut seemed to be a never-ending pit of happiness and energy. It made Gaara sick.

"I'm Temari. It's nice to meet you." The blonde fairy said politely.

"I'm Kankuro!" The puppet master greeted happily. He pointed to Gaara and said, "This is Gaara." The redhead merely snorted in response.

Sakura stepped forward and smiled brightly at Temari. "Well Temari, I'll be your guide for today. I'm a grade below you but I know where every class is and I'll show you to your dorm room! Can I see your schedule?"

Temari handed over her schedule and with a quick goodbye she followed the pinkette.

"Kankuro, if you will follow me I will also show you where you'll be staying and then I can show you where your classes are." Sai said, his fake grin never wavering. Without waiting for an answer, he took hold of Kankuro's arm and began to literally drag him to the boys dormitory. The puppet master shouted to his younger brother that he would see him later.


Gaara glared at the energetic boy in front of him, who did nothing but grin and bounce on the balls of his feet.

"Well Gaara-san it looks like it's you and me! Unlike my dear friends who just left, I am actually in your grade so I hope that we will have many classes together! Where would you like to go first?" Lee's happiness was so intense that Gaara could do nothing more than turn and head towards what he assumed was the dormitory.

"To your room it is then! Tell me Gaara-san, what type of creature are you? I am a Dryad!" Lee called happily as he caught up with the demon.

Gaara stared ahead as he walked and gave a short answer. "Racoon Demon."

The energetic tree nymph gasped and went into another loud rant. "YOU ARE ONE OF THE LEGENDARY TAILED BEASTS?! WHY GAARA THAT IS POSITIVELY AMAZING! Later on I simply must introduce you to my dear friend Naruto! He is amazing as well, for he-"

And Gaara tuned out at that point, not being able to stand the sound of the boy's loud voice. Despite how terribly annoying he seemed, the little demon didn't feel as if he hated Lee. It was almost refreshing to be around that much energy when he himself was quite lazy and prefered to keep quiet.

Gaara continued to ignore his companion as they walked until-


Lee's sudden shout of his name brought the raccoon demon back to attention.

"What?" Gaara muttered, not caring that his annoyance showed in his voice.

"You haven't told me your room number!"

Sighing, the redhead reached into one of his bags and produced his schedule, which also contained the rest of his needed information. Lee snatched the paper out of his hand and after scanning over it for a moment, grinned widely and shouted, "Follow me Gaara-san!" The dryad began to walk quickly down the hall.

Gaara glared at him as he tried to keep up. "Quit calling me that. Gaara is fine."

Coming to an abrupt stop, Lee motioned to the door in front of them.

"Room 162B!"

Gaara stared at door, hoping that he was lucky enough not to have a roommate. He pulled out his key that was sent to him through the mail and unlocked the door. Walking in, the raccoon demon breathed a sigh of relief at seeing the room completely empty. No roommate. He dropped all of his luggage in front of the bed which was pushed into the far left corner of the room, leaving the bed to the right of the room empty. Between the two beds was a long table which had two lamps sitting atop it. There was a desk on both sides of the room, at the foot of the beds, and two closets. On the right wall was another door which Gaara asked about.

"Oh! That leads to the conjoined bathroom which you shall share with the room next door!" Lee exclaimed happily. Well, that wasn't too bad. Just a bathroom, right?

"COME NOW MY NEW FRIEND! I SHALL SHOW YOU TO YOUR CLASSES!" The energetic nymph took hold of Gaara's arm, ignoring the growl that was sent his way, and dragged the raccoon demon out of the room.

Gaara was about to commit murder. Lee was tolerable at first, but now the red-headed demon, after having spent 2 hours with the nymph, want nothing more than to grind his head into ash. The flamboyant male had not only showed him his classes, oh no, he showed him the whole campus. By the end of the tour, it was lunch time for all the students already in class.

Lee was now dragging the poor demon out to the beach and Gaara quickly summoned a small spell which covered all of his exposed limbs in a thick layer of sunscreen.

"I must introduce you to my friends, Gaara! They are the most wonderful group and I know you'll come to love them!" The nymph was shouting so loudly that some of the students who were enjoying lunch turned their heads to see what the commotion was. Great. Just what he need on his first day.

They finally came up to a small group of teenagers who were huddled under a large palm tree, enjoying their lunch.

"MY YOUTHFUL FRIENDS! PLEASE MEET A NEW MEMBER OF OUR FABULOUS SCHOOL, GAARA!" Lee smiled happily at his friends, who immediately turned their attention to the young demon.

Gaara stared at them all, trying not to glare, and said as nicely as possible, "Hi. I'm Gaara Sabaku."

After he introduced himself, the group broke out into smiles, some bigger than others. A boy who was slightly taller than him stood up and shot his hand forward.

"Hi there! My name is Naruto Uzumaki and I'm the Fox Demon! Believe it!" The boy was loud, not as loud as Lee of course, and had vibrant yellow spiked hair and sparkling blue eyes. Deciding he didn't hate the guy, Gaara shook his hand.

"I'm the Raccoon Demon."

At hearing this, Naruto's grin widened. "Really?! That's so awesome! You have to train with me sometime and show me what you can do!" Gaara agreed and another person from their group approached him.

"Kiba Inuzuka! Nice to meet you! I'm a hell hound hybrid." Try saying that five times fast. This guy had short, messy brown hair, red fang marks on his cheeks, point fangs, and small black eyes. There was a loud bark from behind and a very large dog strolled up beside of him.

"Oh! And this is Akamaru!" Kiba exclaimed, patting the dog's head.

Gaara greeted them both and a movement on the ground averted his attention. There laid a boy with black hair pulled into a spiky ponytail and his arms laying behind his head. The boy opened one brown eye and sighed.

"Shikamaru Nara, shadow demon." And with that, he rolled over and appeared to fall asleep. Lazy ass...Gaara approved.

"CHOJI!" Naruto yelled. "Quick stuffing your face and introduce yourself!"

Gaara looked to see who the blonde was referring to and saw a rather large boy who had brown hair that looked like a lion's mane, a red swirl on each cheek, squinty black eyes, and a hand inside a potato chip bag. The chubby male popped another chip in his mouth.

"Hey! *munch munch* I'm Choji Akimichi! *munch* I'm a butterfly fairy!"

Gaara was slightly disgusted at how when Choji spoke, food would fly from his mouth, but he was more focused on what the tubby 'fairy' had just said. A butterfly fairy? How the hell was he a butterfly fairy?! Butterfly fairies were known for being elegant, thin, and beautiful. Choji was...well...everything but. He would have to ask Lee about it later.

Seeing that all introductions were finished, Naruto forced the sand demon to sit down next to him. After five minutes it was obvious that Naruto, Lee, and Kiba were the talkative ones of the group. They were well into a conversation about how it was unfair that the girls had a separate lunch when Gaara felt someone staring at him. A glare quickly formed on his face. If there was one thing he absolutely couldn't stand, it was being stared at. Turning around quickly, his eyes landed on a table which he immediately labeled the "Asshole Table".

There sat three boys, all eyes on him. They had that 'popular and smug' air around them that some boys at his old school possessed. It pissed him off.

One boy had dark blackish blue hair that sort of resembled a duck's ass, and had cool, black eyes. He was tall and had a slightly menacing feel to him. Of course, Gaara wasn't intimidated by anyone.

Another boy had fluffy brown that almost seemed like an afro but not quite, his eyes were covered by round black glasses, and his shirt had a high collar that covered his mouth. Creepy guy. The weirdo pulled up the hood on his jacket when he noticed Gaara's gaze.

It was the third guy that really seemed to grab the raccoon demon's attention. He had long, silky, dark brown hair that was tied into a loose ponytail at the bottom, he had milky white skin, and captivating, pearly white eyes that seemed to have a hint of lavender in them. This guy had an elegant face and body structure and he practically screamed 'bow down to me'. It wasn't until the beautiful man smirked that Gaara became pissed off.

"OI! BASTARDS!" Naruto screamed, having noticed that they were staring at his new friend. "QUIT STARING AT HIM AND MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!"

The one with the duckbutt hair seemed amused by this outburst and smirked at the blonde.

The fox demon, ignoring the smirk, quickly turned to Gaara and said, "Ignore them. They're just a bunch of jerks who think they're better than everyone else because they have a lot of money. That and girls seem to think they're the hottest things to every spawn on the earth."

"Who are 'they'?" Gaara asked, actually curious.

Naruto crossed his arms and frowned. "The one with the glasses is Shino Aburame, an insect charmer. He's not really that bad-" A snort from Kiba interrupted him. "The one with the white eyes is Neji Hyuga, a sorcery demon. He's an ass who thinks no one can compare to his 'greatness'."

"Greatness my ass." Gaara muttered, earning a laugh from the blonde demon.

"I knew I'd like you! Also, the one with the black hair is Sasuke Uchiha, a cursed demon. I've hated that jerk for as long as I've known him." Naruto spat.

"A cursed demon?" The sand demon asked, having never heard of such a demon.

The blonde nodded and said, "Yeah. He was born with a curse that when activated turns him into an incredibly strong demon...dragon...thing. It's hard to explain. You'll see it soon enough."

Gaara just nodded. Well, at least this school wasn't boring. The raccoon demon continued to chat with his new...'acquaintances' until they had to return to class.

"Hey Gaara!" Naruto shouted on his way to the educations building.

The redhead, who was beginning to make his way back to his room, turned around and raised a non-existent eyebrow at the other demon.

"After school's over, meet me and the others in front of the dorms and we'll show you around town!"

Gaara was very tempted to say no, being one who enjoyed staying indoors, and took a minute to think about it. Well, he didn't have anything better to do and he need to know his way around town.

"...Sure." The sand demon said, just loud enough for the blonde to hear.

Hollering in joy, Naruto waved goodbye to him and ran inside. At least now Temari wouldn't lecture him about making friends.

Gaara turned around and ran into something very firm. Looking up, teal eyes clashed with white. A glare formed on the raccoon demon's face as he continued to stare at the sorcery demon.

"Watch where you're going, asshole." Gaara hissed in his usual low voice. Neji seemed slightly shocked at the insult, not expecting it from such a small creature.

The shocked expression quickly turned to one of slight amusement.

"I was just coming over to introduce myself." The tall teenager spoke in a silky smooth voice. "My name is Neji Hyuga and I'm a sorcery demon. You are?"

The redhead, already disliking the high and mighty demon, simply said, "None of your damn business. If you really wanna know, figure it out yourself."

With that, the raccoon demon walked around the stunned Hyuga, who was obviously not used to being blown off, and headed for the dorms. As he walked, he was more than aware of the angry, pale eyes following him.

End of chapter 1! Hope you enjoyed!