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Stars twinkled, and comets streaked by the observatory as the young woman stargazed by herself. She sat alone, though nearby the door of her bedroom since it led out into space. Rosalina continued to stare up at the stars when she finally took a deep breath and spoke.

"Oh mother," she said softly. "How I have missed you so…"

The young woman continued to look up at the stars light years away and kept speaking to the one she missed the most since childhood.

"I hope you have missed me so, as well," she continued. "I still remember the days when you and I used to have our picnics by that tree… Those were very fun times with you mother… They were even fun with Father and my dear brother! How we all laughed…"

Rosalina looked to the side where she saw the entrance to the garden she has built so many years back. She remembered the times she and her mother used to garden the flowers nearby their home, when they smelled the flowers along the way to their many picnics and so much more that they did with flowers.

"That day, Mother," Rosalina added a little sadly. "I'll never forget how sick you had gotten. It was the most frightening moment of my life… I prayed and prayed that you'd get better. But I know you didn't…"

A single tear began to roll down her face, but Rosalina was able to smile.

"I do know that you're resting in peace under our favorite tree, Mother. That's what matters right now… Ever since I had that dream, I begun to realize that you really are the sun, the moon and the stars all around here that is watching over me. For that, I am very grateful Mother…"

The young woman looked at the shiniest star nearby and added, "I hope you know that I am a mother of many children. I took them in when they had all lost their way. They all protect, nurture and love each other as siblings should. I also love them very much, just like you did, and still do Mother."

"Mama!" a little voice cried out. "Mama! Mama!"

Rosalina looked over and saw her little Luma flying towards her. She flung herself in Rosalina's arms and began to sob.

"I had a nightmare! Make it go away Mama!" the little Luma said.

Rosalina smiled and then said, "Don't worry little Luma… I'll always be here for you… As the moon, sun or shining star in the sky."

"Thank you Mama!" Luma cried out.

Rosalina giggled. With one final look up at the stars, she said, "Take care Mother. Please continue to watch over me, like you always have done… I love you Mother."

The young woman and the little Luma star then walked back to go to bed, with the warmth of the galaxy around them…