Hello readers! So I wrote this first chapter two or three days ago, and I thought, what the heck, let's put it up there! So I hope you like this story. After reading the Fifty Shades Trilogy in less than a week, I couldn't let it go. So I wrote a fanfic about it. Also, I am still working on my Les Mis fanfic, but that project has been pushed aside by this writer bunny. Enjoy!

There was always a slight age gap between the eldest Grey's and Madeline Grey. She was what you considered an accident. Teddy was nine when Maddie was born and Phoebe was seven. The older siblings were thrilled to have a baby sister at home. Ana and Christian were also excited to have another daughter with no complications. Ana felt that 31 was still an acceptable age to bear children, but she knew that this was the last one.

Madeline was a child full of energy and spunk. She could entertain herself sometimes, but she would jump from one thing to another, almost anything catching her attention. Christian would often just turn on a colorful T.V. show and the screams would stop escaping her mouth. Maddie was also a musical child. She could not go to sleep without music and was always more interested in what her father was playing on the sleek grand piano in the dining room rather than her toys. Gradually as she grew, Christian started teaching her piano.

By the time she was seven years old, she could read music. This skill was much to the distaste of her fourteen year old pre-teen sister and her 'too cool for school' brother. Teddy was more interested in the Varsity football team, for he was the only sophomore on the team. Phoebe was more of a painter. Christian actually built Phoebe a studio and she painted in her little escape pods daily. Phoebe also was a math wizard, and no longer needed the help of her parents, though Ana couldn't help her at all, English was always Ana's forte. Christian split his time somewhat equally with his children. He would make time to throw the ball with Teddy during football and baseball season, he would look at Phoebe's paintings, but usually she told him to leave her alone because he was "messing with her artistic flow," and then he play the piano with Maddie. And at the end of the day, he would spend quality time with his beautiful wife Ana, who still had him bewitched. Ever since the Hyde incident, he realized how important spending time with his loved ones. And to never leave a fight unresolved.

There was something special about the way Maddie played. She seemed to hear rather than see where to go. When she was seven years old, she was playing a playful tune on the piano while Ana sat and watched her daughter curiously, when a soft sweet sound escaped her mouth. She started singing along with the notes, filing the room with the chords of the piano and a soft angelic. She had talent. Ana had never heard her daughter sing before and she told Christian about it when they went to bed that night.

"So Maddie is playing a lot better." Ana said one night, when they made their way to bed.

"Yes, she has raw talent. She surprises me every day."

"She got it from you." Ana said and kissed his cheek, snuggling herself up against his chest.

Christian smiled and pressed his lips to Ana's hair. "We made some pretty damn talented kids."

Ana giggled. "We did. I mean look at Phoebe's paintings! They're beautiful. And then Teddy! He's great at sports, which he obviously didn't get from me. . ."

Christian laughed. "No, Mrs. Grey, he didn't. I thought you would kill yourself one day just out of pure klutziness. I was very worried."

"Was? My klutziness hasn't changed, it only gets worse with age." Ana whispered against Christian's chin, then she gave it a soft nibble. "Oh Christian, she sang today!"

"Who?" Christian said not really focused, trailing his fingers of the curves on Ana's body. Ana swiped away his hand, and he looked up and focused.

"Maddie. It was so soft, but she sang. It was. . . beautiful. And I'm not saying that because I'm her mother, it was very good."

Christian smiled. "I'm sure. It's all that music I played for you while you were pregnant. I'll have to hear tomorrow."

But he wouldn't. That was the day Madeline would ride the bus home by herself. It was a cold day and the feeling was odd, but Ana ignored it and kissed her daughter goodbye as she went to school. Hours passed, and Madeline sat quietly on the bus, waiting for her stop so she could go home and see her mom. Christian was never home before six, and Ana had a meeting that day. Taylor was visiting Sophie way down at Texas A&M. Usually Mrs. Jones would pick her up, but Mrs. Jones was very ill in bed and would be waiting for Maddie at home.

A strange man with blonde hair was on the side of the road. The bus stopped and pulled over. The man spoke to the bus driver and handed him a note. Over the intercom, the driver said, "Madeline Grey. You are getting off the bus." Confused, Maddie did what she was told and gathered her things. Maybe he was a family friend. She shuffled slowly to the blonde man. "Come with me sweetheart, I'll take you home." A small knot formed in the young girls' stomach. She got inside the man's car and looked out the windows. Slowly they passed by house by house. Then her own house was passed. She was too frightened to say anything, but it seemed the young woman in the passenger seat sensed her confusion. "Madeline, don't worry! We just have to take a. . . short vacation." She gave a sweet smile and then turned back to the driver, whispering to him. "You have the new passport? And our new identities?" The driver nodded and then frowned.

He pulled to the side of the road and opened Madeline's door. "Honey, could I see your backpack?" He grabbed the light pink backpack and did a thorough check and then found a small round pin. He tore it out of the backpack and then threw it to the side of the road. They drove and drove for hours and then they were at an airport.

The young woman came around and lifted her in her arms. "You can sleep now, baby. You'll be fine."

"Where's mommy?" she asked.

"Mommy and daddy wanted you to spend some time with us! We'll have a lot of fun!"

Madeline still didn't feel right about this, but her eyelids pushed her fears away, and she drifted to sleep. She would have never known this would change her life forever. This was the day Madeline Grey went missing.