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It took everything in Maddie's power not to run to them She wanted to. But another part of her was somewhat scared. She hadn't seen them in such a long time. What if. . . No. Jennifer is making you doubt them. They love you. Forget everything Jen said. Time stood still and Maddie couldn't even move. She just watched her parents from afar. Her mother looked older, but she still looked youthful, and still a petite thing. Her blue eyes, like the ones she would often see in the mirror, were brimmed with tears. And her father looked the same, his bright gray eyes shone back at her full of happiness and what seemed as peace. All of a sudden, a bald man came up to her and took her suitcase.

"Welcome back, Miss Grey." He sounded professional, but his eyes shone with amazement and awe, but most of all, happiness.

She recognized him immediately. "Taylor." She smiled. She remembered him. They made their way towards her parents. Tears were forming in Ana's eyes. Maddie felt nervous like she had to impress them, but she didn't have to. She remembered what Sanford said. We've been looking for you for a long time, ma'am. Maddie pictured this moment like how it would be in movies, they ran to each other and hugged. But it wasn't like that at all; they all stood still, shocked. Ana studied her daughter, making sure she was really there. Then Ana threw her arms around her daughter, sobbing as she felt her daughter in her arms again. Maddie gasped. She was really there, her mom. The overwhelming feel of her mother's arms, the ones that always felt like home, could have made her legs give out. Even the smell of her mother clicked in her brain with the memories as a kid. She hugged her tighter and buried her chin in her mother's neck. After a while, Ana pulled her away and kissed her forehead. She let go, and Maddie turned towards her father. He stood there looking at her for a minute. Maddie looked at him the same way. Then he feverishly pulled her into his arms, burying his nose in her hair.

"Oh, daddy." Maddie sobbed. He held her there for a second, then he pulled her away.

"Welcome home, Madeline." Even though she technically wasn't home, she knew what he meant. Home is where her parents are. She was home. He gave her a shy smile, then he kissed his wife, filled with joy. "Let's go."

As soon as Maddie stepped out of the airport, she recognized the city. This was her first home with Jen and Eric, and they visited everywhere. Even though she was a child, she could remember where the stores were and the best food places.

"So, it's to our knowledge that you moved around quite a bit?" Ana asked her daughter, exiting the airport.

"Yes. I did. Actually, Berlin was my first 'home'." She looked around and smiled, enjoying the familiar view. They entered Christian Grey's German car and pulled away. Maddie even helped Taylor with directions. She didn't remember roads and stuff, but she was the translator for the things on the signs.

"So where else did you live?" Christian asked.

"I didn't live here very long. I've lived in England, Ireland, France, and then Zambia. I lived in France for the longest, five years of my life. I had friends and went to a school."

"Do you know French?" Ana asked, fascinated with her own daughter, but also feeling sad for the reason she did know French.

"Yes. I would love to go back one day, it's like I memorized the place. But to be honest, right now, I would love to just go back to Seattle." She smiled at her parents.

"Well, after our layover tonight, tomorrow, we will go straight home." Christian leaned over and gave her daughter a kiss on her temple.

They traveled to a hotel suite where they could put their stuff in and come back to sleep. It was twice the size of her old house. There was a kitchen, a dining area, two bedrooms, and a living room with, she was sure of the request of her father, a black grand piano.

"Are you hungry? Thirsty?" Ana asked, as she took Maddie's bag from her and gave it to Taylor. Taylor looked very old. He still was the bald man she remembered, but he looked worn down, and tired. Maddie wondered if he and Ms. Taylor were still married.

"No, I'm fine. Thank you." Ana smiled sadly towards herself. She knows that for a while, it will be like this, formal. It won't be like how a daughter should talk to a mother. She won't say 'No thanks, mom,' and Ana wondered how long it would take for her to say mom. She said daddy to Christian, but Ana just didn't know if it was a 'in the moment' thing.

"Teddy and Phoebe will meet us at the Airport in America. They can't wait to see you." Maddie's heart swelled. Of course. She had almost forgotten about her siblings. It sounds awful to say that, but she always had just thought more about her parents. But she can't wait. She had a family again.

"Great." She smiled. Christian smiled back at her. He couldn't believe she was back. All the years of her being gone, he had a change of heart. At first he was angry as hell, as any parent should be. Then he went through a phase of feeling guilty. He tried so hard to hide it from Ana, but now she could read him like an open book, which he secretly loved. He still went to therapy sessions with his old friend Dr. Flynn. Instead of their meetings being about his traumatic childhood and pushing forward through those years of neglect, it was more about how he felt about losing his daughter, and how he was suppose to feel about that. Flynn had told him some powerful words in those meetings, "Keep your faith and your patience. We are dealing with a whole new situation now. Don't take these emotions and things in life head on. Relax, but don't give up." At first, Christian was furious. How could he possibly be patient and wait for his daughter to come back. And his faith was already slipping. But now, he realizes the truth. He didn't give up on finding her. He kept trying, sending emails to his business friends in foreign countries to put up the abduction case there. And he finally was patient. He just waited for the day when things were going to work out. And they did. His daughter sat in front of him now, having Ana's, petite, fragile, brown haired, large wide eyes as blue as the sky, lovable giggle. But he saw himself in her, too. Her smile was his, and she frowned just like him. The way she walked with courage. She still was like her mother, self-conscious about herself, but she also had a sort of determining look about her that had Christian Grey written all over it. Her facial features screamed Grey. But now that she was back, he was at peace. With himself, with his family. But that doesn't mean he was at peace with the fuckers who took her…

Christian was itching for information. "So can you tell us who took you?"

"Christian! She may not be ready. . ." She sent him a warning glance.

"No. It's fine. I want to tell you. I've kept it locked up for so long." She gave a comforting smile to Christian. "I guess I'll start on the day on the bus." She told the story of her life for the past couple of years. She didn't leave anything out (except the details about her and Pierre). Every so often, she would see Christian's hands clench, and Ana's frown deepen. It felt strange being back home. Part of her wondered what would've happened if she had never left home. "They always told me that you gave me to them. That you didn't want me." Pain swelled in her chest. It didn't matter how much convincing it took, it still hurt when she said that. She had been brain washed. Even though they were sitting right in front of her, she still couldn't get those negative words out of her head.

Ana let out a small sigh. "Please don't think that's true. We love you very much. We've missed you."

"I know. I really do. But when words are pounded onto you, it's hard to know what's real and what's not." Tears started to stream down her face.

Christian reached out and wiped her tears away. "What we say is the truth. Forget everything she told you about us." He pulled her into an embrace and Ana joined, the family happy to be together again.


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