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Christian Grey, CEO of Grey Enterprises Holdings, got up early Friday morning. His beautiful wife stirred in her sleep.

"What time is it?" Ana rubbed her eyes.

Christian smiled. "It's 6:30. I have to be at work very early this morning. I have some afternoon meetings." He bent down and kissed her forehead.

Ana groaned, still sleepy. "Is it Friday, yet?"

Christian chuckled. "It is. That means you're off today. But I'm not, so I've got to go. I'll be home at seven, baby." He leaned down and kissed his wife's lips.

"Have a great day." Ana mumbled and then turned over in the bed.

Christian exited the house quickly, already regretting lying to his wife, but he was always trying to protect Ana from his past. He decided he would bring Taylor and Doctor Flynn along with him this morning. Sawyer was driving. had already picked up Flynn, and they were waiting for him in the parking lot. Christian sat down in the car, and pulled out the files he had in his briefcase, handing copies to each of the men. Sawyer was driving, Taylor was in the passenger seat, and Flynn and Christian sat in the back. "This is the information Sawyer found for me when we found out the couple who took Madeline's names. Jennifer and I had a relationship before, so we need to figure out why they did this. John, you and Sawyer will go in the interrogation room with the man. Taylor and I will be behind the glass where she can't see us. Then we'll interview Jennifer." Taylor and Sawyer nodded, agreeing with and understanding their orders.

"I've written down some questions for each of the convicts. Mentally, they are probably not stable, so I'll be taking notes as well." Christian nodded in agreement with Flynn's words.

The rest of the car ride was silent, Christian Grey rubbing his head, anxious and nervous to do this, as they speed towards King County Jail.


Maddie sat at the breakfast bar after finishing her plate, with her journal and a pen. She drew a long line on her paper. The beginning she wrote the day she was born. The next bullet was the day she was taken. Taken from Family. Age 7.

Then she wrote out times of all the places where she lived.

Germany- lived for 1 year and 8 months. Age:8

England- four months

Ireland- eight months

France- 5 years

Zambia- 4 months. Turned 16.

Returned home.

Flynn said to not go into depth of anything, so she would maybe leave it like this, go through every stage and see which country the "gap" happened in. Maybe then she'll remember. She closed her journal and took it upstairs, when she came back down, her mother was looking through photos.

"Hi Maddie." Ana smiled warmly. "I'm off today so I was going to look at some old baby pictures of you and your siblings. Want to join?"

Maddie smiled and nodded. Maybe her mom can fill in the gap that was made here. There were three baby books stacked on one another; a blue one for Teddy, a pink one for Phoebe, and a yellow one for Maddie. Ana opened Teddy's first. Maddie looked at all the pictures from birth to graduation, Ana making a few comments here and there. She pointed out a photo of all three Grey children on the fourth of July; their faces have red and blue flags painted on them. They have plates in their hands, with half eaten hot dogs. Teddy was smiling with a bite of hotdog in his mouth, and a spider-man band-aid on his left knee. Phoebe had her arm around her sister, both little girls having a huge grin on their faces.

Ana smiled. "This is a good picture. Phoebe hates it though, now that she's a vegetarian." Ana laughed now, and Maddie joined in, too.

They continued through the book, Maddie interested to look at Teddy's high school pictures. "He looks like Daddy." Maddie smiled.

"He does. Just like him. And Phoebe looks like my mom, and me I guess. And you, I can see both of Christian and I in you." Ana smiled while color rose in Maddie's cheeks. They then moved on to Phoebe's album, looking at more family pictures. Phoebe was homecoming queen. She's a very talented artist. Maddie made a mental note to ask her to help her paint her room.

Ana opened up the yellow baby book, Maddie's, and slowly showed her all the pictures. Apparently, they put her in a talent show when she was six, playing the piano, and she won.

"Oh yeah, I think I remember that! I was so nervous! And I had to bring be stuffed giraffe up there."

"Jeffery!" Ana chimed in.

"Yes! And then we all went out for ice cream afterwards." Maddie smiled, glad that the puzzle from her past was slightly coming together.

They looked through the rest of the book. The last picture was Maddie sitting behind a cake, with a number seven candle lit. Ana frowned. "And that's all we have." Maddie remembered something.

"Wait right there. I have an idea!" Maddie ran up the stairs and came back down with a box.

"I know that it's hard to accept that I was raised by someone else, someone who I now despise, but, at one point in my life, Jen was tolerable. And mom, she took pictures. I grabbed them when Detective Sanford and I left." Maddie set down the box and opened it. "I know that these aren't your memories, but they are mine, and now I can show them to you. I was thinking we should add them to my book."

Ana was silent for a moment. She didn't know how to react. She wanted Maddie to forget about all of that, but she couldn't, and neither could Ana. Ana decided that she was just going to have to accept the path her child was living on. "Let's put them in the book."


Christian Grey and the other guys all entered the Jail, went through security, and set up in the interrogation room. Christian and Taylor were behind the glass, Flynn was sitting at the end of the table directly across from a bald, pale man, his hands cuffed together. Sawyer stood in the corner of the room.

"Hello Eric. My name is Dr. John Flynn. I'm here to talk about your situation." Eric said nothing, so Flynn continued. "Do you know who brought me here? Christian Grey. Do you know who that is?"

Eric nodded.

"Who?" Flynn pressed.

"Madeline's biological father."

Behind the glass, Christian's fists clenched. I'm not just her biological father, I'm her only father, you fucker.

"Yes. Very good. Eric, do you understand what you did? And you will be in jail for the rest of your life."

Eric looked down at his handcuffs. "Yes. I do."

"Eric, we can make this very easy. What were the reasons you and Jen took her?" Eric's head snapped up with the mention of Jen's name. "Yes, I know who Jennifer is." Flynn said.

"Well, Jennifer had a lot of miscarriages when we were married and trying to have children. She had a cyst on both of her ovaries that ruptured and damaged both of them. She could never have kids. I didn't know why, but Jen wanted Maddie. I tried to get her to think of adoption, but she said no. I don't know why I went through with it. I loved her." Eric's eyes were red with tears, and his voice was hoarse. "Jennifer was addicted to drugs and alcohol before I met. When we started dating, she became sober for three years. When we took Maddie, I'm guessing she felt guilty, and she turned back to them. She was always angry, and she sometimes would… hurt Maddie. But I protected her as much as possible. I loved her like my own, fully aware that she wasn't mine."

If Taylor could feel Christian's anger, he didn't say anything. Christian was shaking, so angry. Jen. Hurt. Her. Fuck! Christian was about to turn into The Incredible Hulk any minute, but Taylor intervened.

"Sir, it will be fine. We need to listen to Jennifer too." Taylor spoke softly, laying a reassuring hand on his shoulder.

Christian nodded. "Thanks Taylor."

The door near Eric opened, and the officer ushered in a skinny, frail looking, brown haired woman. Another officer grabbed Eric, and escorted him out.

"Jennifer! Jen!" Eric was yelling. Jen didn't look at him at all. She just smiled a evil smile. The officer set her down in the chair, and stood in his position in the other corner of the room.

"Hello Jennifer. I'm Dr. John Flynn. I'm here to talk to you about Madeline."

Jen said nothing, she just looked around the room, taking in the new environment. From behind the glass, Christian was now on his feet, tense. He hasn't seen her in so long, and she still looked like the fucked up woman who was his submissive. She didn't last long, only four months. They made a mistake, and he told her to go. She was psychotic, and needed help long before he even met her. She had trust issues that would annoy a man to death.

"Now, Jennifer, are you willing to talk?" Flynn asked.

"Yes." There was a wicked gleam in her eyes.

"Good. Let's cut to the chase- why did you take Madeline Grey? Obviously there was a deep reason behind it, because you didn't even tell your husband. Now Jennifer, I'm going to let you know, that I'm very much aware of the relationship you had with Christian Grey."

Jennifer's lips curled in a smirk when he mentioned Christian. "You talk to him lately? Is he enjoying his perfect life? Fucking a woman who was never his submissive?"

Christian crumpled up his piece of paper. He started pacing the room. "Fucking bitch," he whispered.

"Now Jennifer, that is none of your business anymore. What was the reason?' Flynn pressed on.

"He owed me."

"He owed you what?"

Jennifer turned and looked at the glass, as if she could see right through it. "He's here, isn't he? Hi Christian. I had fun raising your fucking daughter! How is your Ana dealing with the fact that your ex-sub took your daughter? Can't get away from you fucked-up past, huh?" And then she laughed. A bloodcurdling laugh that gave everyone chills. The officer pulled the cackling girl from the room and then it was silent. Furious, Christian raced out of the Jail, away from everyone, and walked out to the cold air. The war had begun, and Jennifer put up one hell of a fight.


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