"There will be none of that," Izaya said, his voice stern and apprehending as he snatched the television remote away from his younger sister. She had set the volume on full blast.

"But Iza-nii…" Mairu complained, "you never let us do anything fun! Can't we at least roast marshmallows or make a pillow fort?"


"But we used to do fun things with you all the time when we were younger!" she protested.

"All the time," Kururi chimed in.

"Remember when you used to take us to the park and push us on the swings? Or when mom made you take us to the amusement park for a day? Or—"

"That was when I was a child. I'm a grown adult now and I will not have anything in my apartment other than order."

Mairu pouted and slumped into the leather cushions of Izaya's couch. "Order, order, that's all it ever is with you. You're going to get wrinkles before you reach your thirties, Iza-nii."

"Wrinkles," Kururi repeated.

"That is impossible, for I am forever twenty-one years of age, thank you," Izaya sighed, sifting through a few papers on his work desk before finding the one he needed.

"Boo, that's a lie and you know it, Iza-nii. Twenty-one year-olds have fun all the time. You're like an old man," Mairu replied.

"Old man," Kururi nodded.

With a subtle grind of his teeth, Izaya closed his eyes and allowed for his shoulders to relax. He hadn't remembered when they became tense in the first place. "What did you two just call me?" he asked; a sense of playful danger in his tone.

Mairu and Kururi both picked up on this and looked to one another with expectant expressions.

"Old man! Old man!" they giggled.

"That's it!" Izaya exclaimed, raising from his computer desk and rushing after his sisters, whom were already bounding about his penthouse in a gleeful frenzy.

Laughter resounded from three sets of lungs as Izaya tackled his sisters to the floor, rolling about in messes of limbs like little lion cubs.

After they were breathless and worn out from their session of spontaneity, Mairu looked over to her brother and asked, "Can we build that pillow fort now?"

With a sharp inhale and a prolonged exhale, Izaya sighed and said, "Fine. But only if you promise to clean everything up in the morning."

"We promise!" Mairu chirped, jumping to her feet.

"Promise," Kururi agreed, and they both ran toward the storage closet where they knew their brother kept all of his linens and pillows of the like.

They were filthy little liars and he knew it, but Izaya hadn't felt this alive, this young in quite some time. Maybe a short break from order was just what he needed.

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