A/N: Oh, hai guyz! How ya doing?... Okay, I'll speak normal again! Anyhow, this is going to be a multi-chapter SSB Christmas Story. I am making another Christmas story (but it will be shorter) and it will be a Pokemon story featuring Actaeon shipping!

So, I hope you enjoy this. And yeah, I am aware of the cheesy title and there is some implied slash. Why? Cause why fuck not?! There will be guest appearences from other video game characters, as well.

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Pikachu was clinging on to Lucario's hat. The Aura Pokemon's scarf was blowing in his face. The yellow mouse was trying to hold on to his hat while Lucario was holding on to some bags. The two were trying to avoid being pelted with snowballs. Ness, Toon Link, Lucas, Pit, and Roy were having a snowball war. Yes, war not fight.

The Pokemon finally managed to get back in the Smash Mansion. They panted. Pikachu groaned, tossing his hat to the sight, crawling off of Lucario.

"Let's go last minute shopping, you said... It won't be hard, you said!" Pikachu hissed.

Lucario frowned. "Oh, be quiet! At least they wrapped them up for free."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever..." Pikachu muttered. "Man, I hope those guys out there don't hit someone who's not in their war."


"Well, speak of the devil." Lucario muttered.

The door flung open, then was shut by Falco, who was heavily panting. He, too, was carrying some bags.

"Last minute Christmas shopping?" Pikachu asked.

"Y-Yeah." Falco replied. "Everyone at the mall were just animals!"

"Tell me about." Pikachu huffed. "I was almost trampled!"

"Trampled? I was almost stabbed because I got the last copy of..." Falco stopped.

"Of what?" Lucario asked.

"Er, secret." Falco said. He pointed to the couch, where Wolf was sitting, grumbling to himself.

"...You got something for Wolf?!" Pikachu questioned.

Falco groaned. "Yes. I know, I know. But hey, the Ancient Minister said I have to be his Secret Santa... Much to my dismay."

"Oh... Right..." Pikachu muttered. He looked around. "Don't tell Peach, but I got her an Oshuwott Plushie!"

"I got Sonic shoes." Lucario said, smiling weakly. Pikachu facepalmed, causing Lucario to lower his head.

"Er, speaking of Wolf... He's acting like a... Scrooge?" Pikachu remarked in a quiet voice.

Falco shrugged. "Eh, don't really know. He always acted like an ass."

"I am aware of that." Pikachu said, climbing back on Lucario, sitting on the Aura Pokemon's head.

"...Everyone is." Lucario muttered.

"I'M GONNA CHEER HIM UP!" Pikachu cried, hopping off of Lucario's head, crawling up to Wolf.

Falco sighed, shaking his head. This can't end well...

Pikachu hopped on the couch, scooting next to Wolf. The lupine glared at the mouse. The Pokemo gulped.

"So... How ya doing?" He asked, smiling his best smiling, tail twitching showing how scared he was. One wrong move and a bullet may end up in his head. "Wh-Why do you look so a-angry?"

Wolf leaned in, making the mouse flinch along with him falling on his back, whimpering.

"Why is it any of your business?" The lupine hissed.

"C-Come on, man. I-It's almost C-Christmas." Pikachu squeaked.

Wolf groaned, leaning back into the couch's cusions. "Just leave me alone."

Pikachu gulped. "Dude, s-stop being such a scrooge."

Wrong words to say. Wolf pointed his blaster at the Pokemon, claw on the trigger.

"S-Sorry?" The mouse whimpered.

"Sorry, eh?" Wolf sneered.

"A-Arceus." Pikachu squeaked, covering his face.

Lucario, and stepped in.

"Okay, Wolf. Calm down." He stated.

The lupine then pointed his blaster at the Aura Pokemon.

"...E-Er, pointing guns at people isn't very nice." Lucario said, trying his best not to show his fear.

"Give me a reason why I shouldn't shoot." Wolf growled.

"U-Uh... Delibird and Santa won't give you a present?" Pikachu suggested.

Wolf slapped the mouse, who whimpered an ran off to his room. Lucario frowned.

"Y-You crude prick!" He hissed.

"He had it coming." Wolf muttered. "I hope he gets- ouch! THE HELL?!"

The entrance to the mansio was open. Lucas was peeking through the door. Falco was holding a snowball in his hands... er, feathery hands? I don't know. Oh, and the snowball had a rock in it.

"W-What the hell was that for?!" Wolf hissed.

"...You were acting like an asshole." Falco replied, tossing the snowball up and down before throwing it, only to have it deflected.

"Ha, ha. Very funny, bird!" Wolf snapped.

"...Don't call me that." Falco warned.

"What are you goinna do about it?" Wolf sneered.

Lucario gulped, and ran off. Lucas whimpered and closed the door before he ran back outside.

Falco blinked. ...G-Good point...

"...I... Er... I'm not sure what, but-"

"Ha! That's what I thought... Pussy."

Wolf smirked as he stood up, and strolled off to his room. Falco exhaled, frustated.

"Wh-What an asshole." He muttered. He walked over to the huge Christmas tree, placing the gift beneath it, along with the others. "Tch. You better like this gift. I've waited an hour and a half to get it."

Pikachu's tail swished back and forth. Lucario looked up from his book, gazing at the mouse. The Aura Pokemon was extremely concerned. He had never seen the yellow mouse like this since the fight with Tabuu. Pikachu occasionally rocked back forth, looking up at Sonic, who was playing HALO 4.

"...Pikachu? Are you alright?" Lucario asked softly.

"...I got slapped." The mouse simply said. "A day before Christmas."

Lucario sighed, rubbing the yellow Pokemon's head. "Don't let it get to you."

"Who slapped you anyway?" Sonic asked.

"W-Wolf." Pikachu whimpered.

"Of course." Sonic muttered. "What a scrooge."

Pikachu sighed, fiddling with his fingers...Er, paws... I don't really know...

"Does he not like Christmas or something?" He pondered.

"He must not enjoy merry things." Lucario suggested.

Pikachu frowned as he sat up. "That's it. We're gonna make him enjoy merry things!"

Sonic paused the game. "How?"

"Christmas Carol." Falco announced as he entered the Game Room.

"Make him watch A Christmas Carol?" Pikachu tilted his head.

"Wha? No! We'll do what happened in A Christmas Carol!" Falco snapped.

"...But we're not ghosts." Sonic pointed out.

Falco sighed. "L-Look, just listen to me. I have a plan, but I need you three to help me."

Pikachu smiled. "Alright! Operation: M.S.O.D's.C.H has begun!"

Sonic raised an eyebrow. "What?"

"Operation: Melt Scrooge O'Donnel's Cold Heart!" Pikachu cheered.

"Pikachu, I do enjoy seeing you having high spirits," Lucario stated, "b-but, no. Just... No."

"I think it's a decent name." Falco remarked.


A chorus filled with "yes" and "yeah" filled the air.


Everyone filed upstairs, slumping on their beds, knocked out. Speaking of which...

Wolf sprawled out on his bed, snoring. Meanwhile, in Sonic's room, four smashers were whispering.

"Alright. So, they know what to do, right?" Falco asked.

Pikachu nodded. "Yup! I explained everything to them."

"I'm surprised that they actually agreed." Sonic added.

"Well, this plan better work." Lucario said.

"I hope it does." Falco muttered.

"...So, what did you get Wolf?" Pikachu asked.

"You'll see." Falco replied.

"B-But... I told you what I got Peach!" The mouse pointed out.

"It's called Secret Santa for a reason." Falco snapped.

"Acting sassy, I see." Sonic smirked.

"Oh, like you waited in line for an hour to get a gift for your smasher." Falco muttered.

"Well, I waited ten minutes to get Mario a gift. Does that count?" Sonic weakly smiled.

Lucario sighed. "W-We should just rest, and hope for the best... And I did not mean for that to rhyme... Well... Good night.

"Yup! G'night, guys!" Pikachu added.

"Night." Sonic said as he saw the three smashers leave.

"Yeah... Night." Falco said, but less enthusiastic.

This better work... He thought to himself, feeling very disheartened. He, and others, do know that Wolf was an asshole, but he was never really this much of an ass. Hell, Ganon, Wario, and Bowser are kind during the holidays. He sighed before finally going to sleep.

"Alright, you guys ready!"



"Okay! Operation-"


A/N: Christmas Carol parodies rule. XD

Okay, four characters will guest-star! One will be Past-Ghost, two will be Present-Ghosts, one will be future ghosts! Now, time to make the next chapter!