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Wolf ran down the stairs, and into the living room. The gifts were already being opened.

"Huh. A boxing glove? And a copy of Haunting Ground?" Lucario asked, tilting his head. "Very nice."

"Merry Christmas!" Pikachu cried, hugging the Aura Pokemon.

"W-Wait... I thought you were-"

"I lied!"

The mouse was grinning. He then received his gift, and opened it to see a music box. He opened it, and it played N's Farewell. Oh, and he also received a small Pokeball pillow.

"Well, Merry Christmas to you, too, Pikachu." Lucario stated, smiling. "Looks like I lied, too."

Pikachu tilted his head, then snickered. "Oh, okay! I see then! Well, this gift is awesome! Ooh, I can just kiss you!"

Lucario laughed, then stopped. "...What?"

Pikachu stared, blushing. "I-I DIDN'T MEAN IT, LITERARY!"

Wolf chuckled. "Boy, am I glad I didn't miss this awkward conversation."

Falco nodded. "Agreed. This was just more than aw-"

"W-We get it!" Pikachu hissed, blushing madly. "I-It was awkward! J-Just... mmmphana, wa, ka, laah."

The other three smashers stared at the yellow mouse, confused about his babbling. Lucario sighed, and patted his head.

"Okay, calm down. They're were only messing with you." He said to the younger Pokemon who continued to babble.

"Hummanah, hag, nmph shanalo..." Pikachu muttered. " どうして私が ? " (1)

"...Why the hell is he speaking Japanese?" Wolf asked.

"He does that when he's stressed out." Lucario replied. "It's Pikachu, don't question it."

"Well then..." Falco started. "Wolf, guess it's your turn."

The lupine shrugged as he placed the gift the "ghosts" gave him and plucked the one he received. He lightly exhaled, before ripping the wrapping paper off. A box. A silvery one. He opened it, seeing its contents. A Wolf plushie, and a video game. The video game was Portal 2. Oh, and there was a Linkin Park CD.

"Whoa, hold on... Portal 2? I thought they sold out." Wolf said.

Falco shrugged. "Eh, they released a few copies for the holidays and I managed. The CD was easy to get."

"And the plushie?"

"...I know a guy."

Pikachu blinked. "What do you m-"

I just know a guy!" Falco snapped, then added, "Technically, it's a girl, but it still counts!"


"Just go with it!"

Wolf snickered. "Hey, bird, I think you're next."

"Bird?! Why you little..." Falco sighed. "Wh-Whatever. I'll go."

He grabbed his gift, and tore off the wrapping paper, to reveal a plain, white box. Tilting his head a little bit, he opened the container. A Green Day CD. And a video was Lock's Quest. (2)

"...How th-the hell did..." He started.

Wolf smirked. "Eh, I know the game's a bit underrated, but I somehow, uh, managed to find a copy."

Falco raised an eyebrow. "Ah, so the Ancient Minister chose you, huh?"

"Yeah. Again, the copy was hard to find." Wolf lied.

In reality, four other peeps gave me it. He thought. But I think you don't need to know that.

While the two were having a conversation, Pikachu and Lucario were talking to four certain, uh, peeps, in Pikachu's room.

"Nice job, guys!" Pikachu remarked.

"No prob!" Silver said.

"Good! Lucario, give them something! I'm gonna join the par-tay!" Pikachu announced before leaving.

Lucario sighed. "God damn it."

Pikachu ran in the living, and bounced on Wolf's head.

"So, you cool now?" The Pokemon asked, grinning.

Wolf frowned, annoyed by the mouse sitting on his head. "Yeah, yeah. Sorry about acting like a twat, rat."

"What?!" Pikachu hissed.

"You heard him." Falco remarked, smirking.

"...Q-Quiet!" Pikachu hissed.

"Hey, at least he agrees with me." Wolf said. "And at least neither of us said we wanted to kiss our Secret Santa."

The two laughed at the remark, causing Pikachu to fume.

"You know what?! You two can shut the hell up! One moment you act like asses to each other, and the next thing you know you're supporting each other!" He ranted. "What is this, some kind of love-hate relationship! I mean, what th-"

He stopped partway through. Crap. Why did I say that?!

"...Mouse. Care to repeat what you said?" Wolf hissed.

"Er... I-I didn't mean to!" Pikachu cried, jumping to floor, nervous as the two pointed their blasters at him.

"I suggest you run." Falco stated.

"I'll take that suggestion!" Pikachu cried, running off as the two pilots chased him.

Lucario came downstairs, gawking at the sight. He sighed. "Well, this is an odd Christmas."

He chuckled as he continued to watch the chase, the other smashers not being bothered by Pikachu screaming, Wolf and Falco cursing at the yellow mouse.

"Get back here!" Wolf cried.

"Quit running!" Falco hissed.

"I-I'M SORRY!" Pikachu shrieked. "I-I DIDN'T MEAN TO!"

Meanwhile, outside, four other video game characters were walking away.

"Well that was fun playing a ghost!" Waddle Dee stated.

"I agree!" Issun added. Ammy barked happily.

"Yup! We should do this often!" Silver continued.

They then sang What's This? from The Nightmare Before Christmas, all trotting off joyfully.

A/N: Hey, I actually finished it!

"What about Iyou Tr-"


(1)-Pikachu said "Why me?" Here's how you say it: " Dōshite watashi ga? "

(2)- I have never played Lock's Quest, but I heard about it from a Countdowner named Itionobo2/The Tree's Apprentice, and I really, really wish to play it. I'm not fan of the game's genre, but it seems interesting.

Again, guys, Happy Holidays!