Chapter 1

I woke up at 7:00am this morning and could not fall back to sleep, I was way to excited to sleep. Today was the day. My dream was finally coming true; I was finally getting the opportunity to live in the city of my dreams, London, England. My name is Lindsay Crump, I'm 19 years old and I'm from Toronto, Canada. Ever since I was a little girl, I have dreamed about getting the chance to live in England even if it was only for a year. My mom was born in London and moved to Canada when she was 14. When I was little, my mom used to tell me stories about growing up in London every night before bed and ever since it has been a dream of mine to live there.

Today, I was moving to England, the country of my dreams. I'm a second year politics student at the University of Toronto and was doing a year exchange program in England at the University College London, one of England's greatest schools. I was beyond excited and could not wait to get to London.

It was 4:00pm and I finally arrived at the airport in Toronto and my flight for London was scheduled to leave at 6:30pm. I was bouncing up and down the whole car ride hear and could not contain my excitement. When we finally arrive at the airport, my parents find a spot to park the car and we walk into the International flight terminal. I go up to the counter, get my tickets and check my bags before I walk back to my parents and sister to say my final goodbyes. I ran into my mom's arms first.

"Bye mummy, I'm going to miss you so much" I said as tears started to form in my eyes.

"Bye cookie, I'm going to miss you, please text us once you board your plane, and then again once you land and when you reach your apartment so we know you're safe. And remember, don't party too much, study hard and watch out for those English boys, they can be heart breakers you know. I love you."

"Yes mummy I promise I will, and I love you too and I promise I will call every weekend, more then that if I can."

I then went on to my dad and he embraced me in a huge bear hug. "By toady, I'm going to miss you so much, remember what your mother said and remember, all boys are scum!"

Although I was crying at this point, I couldn't help but laugh. That was my father's classic line, he used it every time I went out with my ex-boyfriend even though we dated for two years. I guess he was right after all cause my ex turned out to be the biggest scum of them all.

Last but not least to say goodbye to was my sister. My sister and I were best friends, we told each other everything. We would Skype at least 3 times a week for the past four years when she was off completing he undergrad degree. This year she was off to the University of Western Ontario, which was located in London. I wish I could say it was in London, England so I would get to see her but this was not the case, it was located in London, Ontario. I was pretty much full out sobbing when I ran into my sister's arms. I had no idea what I would do without her and our sister dates.

"Shush baby sister, it's okay, we'll still try and Skype 3 times a week okay? You know I love you Linds."

"I know I love you too, I'll come home as soon as I can and we'll have a sister date, but you MUST come and visit me in England, I know you would love it, then we can have a sister date in the London Eye, just like we have always talked about."

I gave one last goodbye and walked through security with tearstains running down my face. I was going to miss my family so much and I had no idea when I was going to see them again.

I got through security pretty quickly and I decided I would make my way over to the gate. When I got to the gate it was only 5:15pm, great I thought, I still have an hour and 45 minutes to kill. I turned around and walked back the way I came when I saw a Tim Hortons. I ordered a Ham and Swiss Sandwich with a medium coffee that had two creams in it. I was sitting all alone, depressed when a girl approximately my age came and asked if she could sit at my table with me. I knew all the other tables we taken so I agreed. We sat and talked for a while and I discovered that she too was going to London and would be attending the University College London for a year exchange and she was also studying politics. Her name was Samantha White (or Sammy as she liked to called.) I also discovered that she was my mystery roommate my landlord matched me up with and I was excited about this because we had so much in common. We were both born in March, her favourite colour was also blue, she loved hockey as much as I did, we were both athletic and the most important thing, we both LOVED the famous UK band, One Direction. My favourite was Niall Horan, the gorgeous blonde Irish one and luckily Sammy's was Harry, the equally gorgeous curly haired one. It was good to know we wouldn't fight over the same boy.

We sat and talked for the next hour before made our way back to the gate to get boarded on the flight. We soon discovered that we were sitting next to each other. Once we got on the plane, I took out the things I wanted for the trip, which included my laptop, phone and book and sat in my seat. I quickly texted my parents to let them know I was on board and turned my iPhone to airplane mode. The flight to London was around 7 and half hours and we would be arriving in London 2:00am Toronto time and 7:00am London time. Sammy and I watched some of our favourite One Direction video's before we dozed off to sleep.