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This song by the Beatles is one of the all-time greatest songs, and one of their best songs ever, which is saying something.


When they pre-agreed to her taking some maternity leave, Booth thought he would lose sleep trying to keep her from working. There had already been enough late nights or weekend mornings where he'd found her leaning over a table or the floor. And once in her bathtub, which he tried to forget about.

And she had quickly declared that she wouldn't need much maternity leave, that she would recover quickly, much faster than the norm.

But it wasn't her work keeping her up nights. It wasn't the missed skeletal clues that had her away from their bed, leaving him waking up with nothing beside him.

Night after night, he found her in the nursery, standing over their baby's crib, watching the teeny infant and her soft breaths. Sometimes he would join her, wrapping his arms around her and placing his chin on her head. Sometimes he would stand next to her and talk to her in quiet tones, just to be connected. Because…while he wouldn't admit it to anyone else, but when he saw the intense focus of love in Brennan's eyes toward Christine, he sometimes wondered if she would sort of forget about him. If maybe she really only wanted to express her love toward one other human and it wouldn't be him.

But she would lean into him, or take his hand in hers, or on the nights he just stood in the doorway and watched, she'd turn to him with such awe and thankfulness in her heart that he knew he'd always have a part in her life. And not just a part, but a main part.

Tonight she happened to come back to bed just as he stirred, and when he watched her, she met his gazed and quickly moved to snuggle up to his side.

"Everything okay?" he asked, already knowing that it was. That it was more than okay, that it was incredible and perfect and too good to be true. Not just for him, but for her too.

She murmured her agreement and rested her hand on his chest. "Love you," she whispered, and he felt his heart turn over in his chest.

"Love you too, Bones." He replied and pulled her even closer.


Hey, remember the time Brennan told Booth he was a fully developed male? Hot.