Oh God. How did I get to this place? Penny had been repeating this to herself for the last few hours. This is not going to end well. I should have known better. Penny was sitting on her couch nursing a mug of peppermint tea. Penny let out a long sigh as she placed the pink mug on her coffee table. She leaned her blonde head against her couch and closed her eyes. Penny's mind began to ponder the past fifteen months of her life in a list:

She and Leonard called it quits shortly after Howard's trip into space. It just was not working and for once it was easy to just be friends because it was amicable. She immediately felt relief. Leonard would never admit it but he did too. It was written all over his face.

About a month later, Amy showed up to Sheldon's office and simply said that she wanted to terminate the "romantic" part of their relationship. Sheldon simply walked over to his computer printed out the necessary forms, both parties signed, and that was it. No tears, no muss, no fuss. The friendship between those two was still strong and just plain weird. They still filmed their "Fun with Flags" segments. Penny had yet to make through an episode sober. Everything was pretty much the same except Amy no longer pined for Sheldon. Amy's focus became her work because of some huge grant thingy and that required a lot time at work. Penny suspected that any day now, her "bestie" was going to text her that the new colleague, Dr. David had finally made the move. Penny knew it would happen because it was more than obvious. Geez, these science types, sure do take things slow.

Howard and Bernadette still lived with his mother but they were "making it work." The newlyweds are currently in "negotiation" on the subject of children.

Leonard began dating Dr. Stephanie again.

Raj was still alone but he had been on a few dates. He was going to therapy trying to work on his issues. Progress was slow and steady.

Those months encompassed vast amounts of change not only in her life but in the lives of those she loved most. It was those life changes that set in motion some of the most tumultuous days of Penny's young life. It was a life that included a tall, lanky blue eyed physicist…

Until next time…

Author's Note: This has been hounding me for over a year and I have finally decided to bring it out of the closet. I'm nervous. Please review and be kind. I already have a few chapters so we will see where it goes from here. This is a Shenny story. However, I will be kind to the other characters.