Tell Me

Chapter 1: Changes

The end of summer was approaching. Penny had made some big changes to her life. It was a struggle but it was for the better. Surprisingly, Sheldon was her biggest supporter. Penny left her dream of acting in the past. It was not happening and if she were honest, it was not what she really wanted to do. She had just wanted out of Nebraska. She was trying to figure out her place in this crazy world. She had finished a year of college and that coupled with her previous grades, she was one semester short of getting her associates degree in something or another. She felt that she was moving towards something and that was enough, for now.

The biggest change to her life was her job. After she made the decision to go back to school, it just seemed the right thing to do by finally saying good riddance to the Cheesecake Factory. Penny spent hours and hours looking for a new job. Then one day last winter, the boys came home with the news that their boss needed a new assistant. With their encouragement and glowing references, she now was the executive assistant to Gablehauser. Dr. Gablehauser had hired her within 10 minutes of meeting her. She quit her job at the restaurant that afternoon and never looked back. Of course, Sheldon went bat crap crazy because he was concerned about who would serve him his stupid burger. Geez. She actually had benefits and during the summer only worked 3 ½ days and it was awesome. She loved it. It was nice to be home by 5:30 every day and the cool thing was she did not have to be there until 9:00 am. If there were no meetings or nothing scheduled she and Dr. G (as she called him) would leave early on Fridays. It was nice. It left plenty of time for her to study, go to school, workout, and spend time with all her friends.

The biggest paradigm shift in her life is that Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper had become her best friend. It just slowly happened over time. He helped her study and in turn she would drive him places. He even kept his trap shut because she finally was able to afford another car. Her parents chipped in so she was able to pay cash for a Pearl White 2006 P T Cruiser convertible. It was so cute. It would not win races but it was the nicest car she had ever owned. Sheldon found it on Craigslist and he had a mechanic come along with them. It was the best $100 she ever spent because the car had low mileage and was safe. They spent almost all their free time together except for when they were sleeping.

The hardest part of her new life is taking money from her parents but they were adamant about helping her out. Actually, they had money set aside for her education. It was not a lot but it was enough to help get her started. Because of the economy and the state of affairs with farmers, Penny's father went back to his old job as a welder.

Her money situation had improved with Sheldon's guidance. She never realized he could be such a fuss budget. No wonder he could afford all those toys and comic books. She did find a way to afford her addiction for shoes. It was called eBay.

Sheldon infused almost every aspect of her life and vice versa. They traveled together to visit their respective families during the holidays, they did their laundry together, they ate together, they washed her car together, they studied together, they fought together, they played "Age of Conan" together, they cleaned her apartment together….they were always together. It was all this togetherness that made Penny realize that Sheldon was no longer just her best friend. Sheldon had become the most important thing in her life. Penny had embraced it and she hoped Sheldon just never realized it…

Author's Note: The story will pick up in the next few chapters. Just building some background of my story.