Sly Cooper: Find the book Part 1

Greetings Sly fans, allow me to introduce myself, I'm Frenchanator, I've been following a lot of the sly stories on here, mainly the ones with sly and carmelita, so , after much brainstorming, I decided to make one of my own, this story here is the first one I've written in years, I rather enjoy Sly and Company, even if I never did play any of the games, except watching them on youtube, anyway, enjoy this first part of my story, review it if you please(I like to hear feedback), if you don't have time, I understand, at least give it a read then.

I'd like to thank BananaBomb, Foreverfreelancer, and Kit-Karamak for inspiring me to take up writing again(or as Carmelita might say, "gracias")

All sly cooper characters belong to Sucker Punch. Any new characters are mine, any song references and or lyrics I do not own.

9:45pm, Cooper gang hideout, Paris

The city of lovers glowed with activity as many of its citizens headed along the streets, drinking in the nightlife the city had to offer, but one person was not out like he already should have been, tonight he stayed home, knowing little on what was about to happen on this exciting(or in his case, quiet) evening.

Sly Cooper, the last of his family line of thieves, lay on the living room couch when the radio began to beep, meaning someone was on the other line, wishing to speak, but whom?

"Sly Cooper, come in, over!" came a voice Sly recognized, he got up and put on the headphones and spoke into the mic.


"Well, looks like I finally found your hideout Ringtail!" the triumphant (with a Latin accent) voice of Inspector Fox came through the speakers "Now I will finally get to see you in handcuffs".

How she found them Sly will never know, maybe Bentley would, but he and Murray were out of town on a job and Sly, was at home at the hideout recovering from a leg wound, now normally Sly loved the opportunity of being chased by his favorite Interpol officer, but not that night, He had not been up to anything the past few days due to his injuries, so for once, Sly felt annoyed at Carmelita as he thought "why tonight, can't a thief get some peace and quiet around here?".

He tried to reason with her "Carm, can we save this for some other night, I'm not-"

"NO WAY!" Carmelita shouted "I've been waiting for this day for years, the day I would hunt you down and take you in Cooper!"

The amount of fury in her voice frightened Sly, he slammed down the receiver and got up from the table in the living room and walked back to the couch where he had been laying before the furious vixen had called, pain sizzled from his left leg despite the ointment Bentley had put on beneath the bandages before they left that afternoon.

"Why now when my gang is awa,y and I'm vulnerable, well, I guess I'll have to evade her until morning when Bentley and Murray come back" thought Sly.

He headed to his room to change out of the blue pajamas he was wearing, careful to ease up on his wounded leg with each step.

Sly knew why she was furious with him, the kiss he had given her back in Russia after they defeated Clockwerk had been a great moment for him, but when he when to spy on her earlier at work through her office window, he saw Carmelita sitting there in a foul mood and at first he didn't know why, but then he heard a voice that made both him and the fiery vixen jump.

Interpol Paris Headquarters, Earlier in the day

"Cooper and Foxy, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!"

The voice coming from the front of the red door was in an annoying singsong that surprised Sly but infuriated Carmelita.

"Knock it off Russo or I'll-"

"Oh, come on, I'm just kidding Inspector" replied Russo "not my fault your boyfriend kissed you and then hang cuffed you to a railing to escape being arrested".

Carmelita got up from her desk and opened her office door to face her partner, Constable Russo, the young American Fox who had just been transferred from his home state of Florida who loved poking fun of Inspector Fox whenever he had the chance, and being the natural jokester, he took great pride and fun in not just pranking her, but other Interpol Officers as well.

"He's-not-my-BOYFRIEND!" yelled Carmelita as she shook with rage on every syllable that sent Russo reeling back against the hallway wall a few feet from Carmelita's office.

"Honestly, I have seen people be stupid, but not as stupid as you Constable Russo" screamed the Latin Vixen, whose very voice echoed down the hall. "Do this department a favor, by GROWING UP!"

With that, Carmelita slammed the door shut, leaving Russo with a shocked look on his face and eyes bloodshot as Carmelita's voice still rang in his ears, not noticing other officers coming out from the conference room next door.

"I can't believe this happened, ever since he got wind of Cooper kissing me in Russia, Russo has told everyone in the precinct, he's made me the laughing stock of Interpol, and so far, no sign of that raccoon Cooper for miles today" Carmelita grumbled to herself as she paced around her office not noticing Sly's brown eyes looking in on her.

"What I would give if somebody would just give me a sign of where he is" she finally yelled out loud with frustrated rage. "WHERE ARE YOU RINGTAIL?!"

"Right here" came Sly's calm voice,

Carmelita jumped out of her fur. Quickly grabbing her shock pistol off the couch, Carmelita cautiously moved to the window and looked out to see the Raccoon criminal across from her on another rooftop, waving goodbye before disappearing out of sight, leaving her even angrier than ever.

And now, here Sly was, in his room, trying not to panic, as he nervously glanced around, the silence in the air driving him mad. Just as he was putting his cap on his head, he heard it.

The front door fell open with a crash, followed by Inspector Fox's booming voice "freeze raccoon!"

Sly silently moved to the window and slowly eased it open; he slipped through just as his bedroom doorknob began to turn.

9:30pm, the streets of Paris

"where is he, it's not like him to suddenly remain quiet, is he sick, is he hurt, did he give up thieving?"

All these thoughts swarmed through the Inspector's mind as she tried to piece together the hints of Cooper's whereabouts. He had shown his face today, but it was just to spy on her, why she did not know, but she would find out soon, but not yet.

All of a sudden she heard a voice as she tweaked the frequencies of her radio

"Wizard, this is Sitting Duck, over"

"Sitting Duck, I read you loud and clear, the Murray and I are about to execute Operation Clockstopper, Wish you were here though, over"

"Don't worry Wizard, if trouble comes to you on sneaking for this mission, just contact me on my binocucom"

As soon as she heard "Sitting Duck", she didn't eyes to recognize who that voice belonged to.

"Base, copy that last transmission and see if you can pinpoint its location" Carmelita spoke into her wristwatch that linked her to Interpol HQ.

"Roger Inspector Fox, location found, sending coordinates now"

"Sorry Cooper, this time I've found you, you can run Raccoon, but you can't hide"

Sly Cooper was in a panic, it was amazing his head hadn't exploded because he was thinking about everything important he left behind.

First up was the only picture he had of his dad and also his dad's hat and pipe, he had to get those back since it was all Sly had left of his late father

Last was the most important to Sly, the Thievius Raccoonus, the ancient manual contained generations of master thief moves, stories, and secrets written by his family members and ancestors, the old book meant a lot to him, he, Sly Cooper, was the Last of his Family line. If anything happened to that book, Sly would have to hunt for it again…unless Interpol destroyed it.

"No, that's not gonna happen, I won't let it happen" thought Sly "if Interpol decides to do that, they'll have to pry it from my cold, dead hands first".

He got off the edge of the roof he had been sitting on and ran back toward his hideout.

9:50pm, Cooper Gang hideout

Carmelita found herself intrigued by the fact that she knew where this building was; she drove by it every time she went to work. That rascal thief had been hiding right in front of her the whole time she had been endlessly pursuing him. But now here she was, ready to finally put him behind bars.

Carmelita kicked open the front door and with a yell of "Freeze Raccoon" stepping inside to find the hideout dark, save for an old television in the living room of the building that lit up the room in a bright static color every time it switched to a different scene. On the couch was a pillow and blanket and it looked like both had been thrown aside in a rush. She spotted light coming from underneath one door at the end of the hall and headed that way as noises came from the room.

Slowly, Carmelita opened the door and stepped in, pointing her shock pistol around in search of her prey. Finding him gone, she holstered her gun and proceeded to turn and look around Sly Cooper's room.

It was a small, brightly lit room, in one corner near the slightly open window, was a medium sized bed that had a pair of blue pajamas strewn across it. She picked the pajama shirt up and felt the inside of it, it was still warm.

"So, Ringtail was sleeping when I called, hmmm that's funny, I thought he slept during the day?"

She then noticed the bookshelf opposite the bed, it was empty of all books, accept one large tome that looked old and faded from its age.

She pulled it out to look at the cover, "the Thievius Raccoonus?" Carmelita read aloud "what's Cooper doing with something like this?" the fox tucked the ancient book into her bag, deciding to examine it later for evidence.

"Interpol, I have found the Cooper gang hideout, requesting backup immediately!" Carmelita spoke into her wrist communicator.

"Roger Inspector, sending units to your position"

"Bentley, this is Sly come in, do you copy over?" after a minute he received a response

"Sly, how come you're calling at this hour?" came Bentley's groggy sounding voice

"Our favorite Inspector found out where we live, I barely escaped before Carmelita busted the front door down"

"What!?" cried Bentley, fully awake and now full of panic, "this is awful Sly, Murray and I need to come back right away, luckily we had just finished the job when you rang"

"it's much worse than that Bentley, Carmelita's got the Thievius Raccoonus, and there's no way I can get it back right now, the whole area is swarming with Interpol Police, I'm going to stay hidden in this chimney where I can keep an eye on the hideout, and Carmelita"

"Just be sure to watch your leg Sly", said Bentley "it was still in bad shape when we left and we're still far away enough that we won't be back till morning"

"My legs fine" replied Sly , though as he spoke he accidentally rubbed his leg against the chimney wall, causing Sly to hiss from the pain .

Sly bit his lip to keep from crying out as he spied on Carmelita with the binocucom as she paced through the front yard. Even if he was hiding from her, Sly felt himself melt as he watched Carmelita's every move.

Tonight she was wearing tight leather pants in place of her blue jeans, along with her usual midriff top and laced up boots, but the leather jacket she wore tonight was different, brown instead of her usual yellow one, though her wardrobe wasn't the only best thing about her this evening, it was the way she walked as well. The Raccoon's jaw fell to his chest the way it often did whenever he watched her move her curved Latin hips side to side as she walked, the leather pants hugging her every curve only adding to tonight's show for the thief.

His eyes roamed up from her waist to her wonderful face, he observed her curled blue locks that were tied back into her usual braid, the two amber orbs that glowed with toughness only a cop would have, and then her lips, her lips were a shade of dark red that Sly had never seen anywhere else, lips that any man would long to kiss.

But what amazed even Sly himself on how attracted he was to the woman who had been chasing him for years, was how cute he thought she was whenever she was angry and Sly knew most other guys thought of her as cold as ice whenever the Spanish Fox displayed fury.

Carmelita then went over to the sidewalk to talk with her colleagues for a while. Sly watched them for a few minutes before he realized, that if he was going to get his family's manual back, he would have to follow the tough as nails cop either back to her office or her apartment, but which one?

"Inspector Fox!" came a sharp voice that caught everyone's attention.

Everyone turned to find Inspector Barkley, Carmelita's hot tempered boss walking toward the vixen and her fellow agents.

"Excellent work on finding the Cooper gang's hideout", said Barkley "I think you deserve the rest of the night off".

"Sorry sir, but I found some key evidence here today", replied Carmelita "and I'm not leaving till I find the rest of it, so I can finally catch Cooper, and finally see him behind bars after all the trouble he's caused"

With those words, she began to pull the Thievius Raccoonus out of her backpack to show it to everyone present, but stopped for a moment.

"I think better keep this one a secret" she thought to herself "there's something odd about this ancient dictionary, I don't know what it is; but that why I'm gonna find out myself".

Carmelita watched her fellow officer's talk, and even joke about her and Sly again, but she wasn't even listening to their chatter, all her mind was focused on was the ancient book, which drew in her curiosity with each passing minute.

Finally at midnight, long after everyone else already left the scene for the night, Carmelita got into her red police cruiser and left for the station to gather up the rest of her stuff to leave for the night, all the other evidence had turned out to be worthless compared to the tome she carried in secret. As the vixen drove toward the Interpol HQ, thinking about what the book lying beside her on the passenger seat possibly contained, Sly watched her from the tiny crack in the back seat cushion from his hiding place in the trunk.

" I hope Carmelita doesn't open the door to her trunk" the thief silently prayed.

The car gave a sudden jolt as Carmelita drove over a speed bump. "Sometimes", came the voice of the beautiful Interpol officer, "I wish men had more common sense like us women do".

Sly's ears perked to Carmelita's monologue conversation.

"When will any of those idiot's at the office realize, that I'm not into either one of them, there's plenty of other girls at Interpol, yet I seem to attract the attention of every man for miles, well, better not worry about that now, all that matters for me is finally seeing why Cooper has this ancient tome".

She had seen that book before; Sly had been holding it when they were on that ledge after he had defeated Clockwerk. Carmelita then thought about that moment when Sly had kissed her.

Carmelita remembered the heat that had filled her cheeks when he had locked lips with her, her mind going from stern to confusion at his daring stunt, and her heart spinning after the Raccoon had pulled away. Thought the fox would never breathe a word of it to any of her fellow agents, she had enjoyed that kiss greatly.

Here she was thinking about that moment, when all of a sudden, Carmelita began to see Sly in a way she never had before. The way he was a complete gentleman, how treated her with complete respect, and how he was the only guy she knew, that didn't size her up like piece of meat.

"Knock it off chica" Carmelita said, "How could you even think about him with feelings like that?"

"Him, him who?" thought Sly

The car came to a stop and Sly heard the engine fall silent, followed by the sound of Carmelita's car door being opened and then closed as she exited the vehicle.

All Sly had to do now was wait for her to grab her purse, clock out for the night, then finally find a way to get back the Thievius Raccoonus from Inspector Fox once she got home; what seemed like hours later to him, due to the vixen taking longer than he expected, Sly Cooper dozed off.

12:21am, Carmelita's apartment

Carmelita opened the front door to her apartment, unaware of the raccoon fast asleep in her car outside. She switched on the lights and stepped into the kitchen to make tea, stopping for a moment to observe the full moon that glowed like a white crater covered pearl of light in an ocean of darkness outside the kitchen window.

Twenty minutes later, Carmelita sat in the sofa chair in the living room, beginning to read the Thievius Raccoonus, a notepad and pen lay on one of the sofa arms should she find anything interesting.

Before looking inside the book, Carmelita had expected it to be a guide to thieving, and in a lot of ways it was. But once she looked through a few pages she saw that it was a book composed of past entries made by Sly's family, from Slytunkhamen Cooper II of Ancient Egypt, all the way up to present day, where on the last pages(which appeared to have been recently added) were a few entries made by Sly Cooper himself. Carmelita read through one of them immediately.

August 15th, 1998

Today, Me and the gang pulled off our first heist in Paris, we took the stolen knife of Abraham from a Mr. Jaq Bowers, most notorious crime lord in all of France, and boy was he mad when we relieved him of his most prized possession.

Bentley came up with the perfect plan(like he always does) for me to slip into his penthouse apartment while Murray distracted the gangster's men by challenging them to a race, he won, after I had already snagged the knife and Murray had left Jaq's men in the dirt.

Sneaking into the penthouse was pretty easy, although I did have to dodge a few security lasers in the hallway outside the front door when I left, then I made my way down to the rear entrance for the supply trucks to Jaq's hotel where he confronted me.

Not a bad victory for my first fight, though Jaq still gave me a black eye for my effort.

-Sly Cooper

Carmelita remembered that night, She had arrived herself after they had left to arrest Jaq, the cop had always wondered how the knife of Abraham ended up back at the Smithsonian where it had been on display before being taken by Jaq.

"I had just joined Interpol under Inspector Barkley as his Constable only the day before", said Carmelita, as She continued to read Sly's entries.

Outside in the car trunk, Sly woke up with a yell. "Whew, I'm still in the trunk, better find her loveliness now, and get back the Thievius Raccoonus".

Sly pushed the cushion down, crawled out of the trunk and exited the left back door of Carmelita's police car, taking care to relock the car before he began to climb the building, looking for Carmelita's balcony.

A few minutes later, he spotted her sitting in her living room chair, looking over his family's ancient book of thieving secrets and tales of stealing. Carmelita appeared to have already gotten ready for bed since she now wore a t-shirt with pajama pants and pink bunny slippers, her wavy hair now up in curlers, and she had her reading glasses on.

"Wow", thought Sly "interesting nightwear Carm" chuckling to himself as he continued to watch her from behind the curtains that hid him from the vixen's sight.

"Tonight was the night I was chased by Interpol Inspector Carmelita Fox for the first time ever" Carmelita read aloud, "interesting", a smirk full of curiosity on her face.

"Oh no, don't read that" Sly said to himself as he felt his cheeks flush with embarrassment.

"The gang and I were in Rome to steal the famous Mona Lisa painting from Lady Mckenzie, black market dealer, and nightclub owner who had an illegal collection of stolen paintings…"

Sly felt his nerves in shreds as Carmelita got to the part of that days entry that he did not wish for her to read, the part where Sly had commented on her beauty, and then about how her chased him after he had escaped Lady Mckenzie with the Mona Lisa.

"I was making my way to the van, when I was cornered by the gorgeous Inspector, I had seen her last week at that Opera house where I had helped her catch that slinky stage manager Pierre from making off with Madame Pachyderms diamond necklace, and I'll say, if I hadn't shown up, She would not have been promoted to the lovely Inspector She is today".

"Being cornered by her amused me at first, all the other officers that tried to catch me before were men, so it wasn't till I was nearly hit by a blast from her shock pistol that I stopped my flirting and ran for it with Carmelita running close behind me , yelling curses in Spanish AND English….."

"I still got away, but now, every time I do a job, I look forward to the little rendezvous I always have with her, where I get to look into those wonderful eyes of hers before she chases me"

Sly saw Carmelita blush at his comments on her which surprised him completely, he expected her to react the same way she did earlier about her male colleagues.

Sly continued to watch her read through the Thievius Raccoonus for the next two hours, She took notes on various things written in the book, read some more entries from other Cooper clan members, such as Sly's great grandfather, Thaddeus Winslow Cooper III, Heinriette "one eye" Cooper (who Carmelita found to be quite the interesting pirate), and then she read a couple entries by "Tennessee" Kid Cooper.

"the secret to robbing coaches and trains" read Carmelita "the rail walk and rail slide"

Carmelita found the techniques used by the Coopers very useful, she wrote them down in her notepad to use for later. Outside Sly grew impatient as the night dragged on.

"Maybe I'll even incorporate some of these moves with my own gymnastic style for chasing criminals".

"Over my dead body!" yelled Sly as he entered the room, unable to take it anymore.


Carmelita leaped up and grabbed her shock pistol from the coffee table, taking aim at his chest.

"What are you doing here?" said Carmelita, her voice full of surprise and anger "I thought you were a million miles away by now, being the cowards you criminals are"

"I'm not a coward Carm" Sly said in a tone that Carmelita had never heard him use before

He sounded just as mad, although it was obvious he was trying to remain calm.

The red in his eyes made the vixen back up a little, even as she held her shock pistol.

"That book you stole from my room has been in my family for generations" Sly spoke up, he reached a gloved paw toward her "give it here, now!"

" I beg to differ Cooper" Carmelita said, grabbing the book and holding it under her arm, not taking her sights off him, "this book is case evidence, and belongs to Interpol now"

"then what are you doing with it?" asked Sly, " isn't all evidence supposed to be kept in an evidence locker, not in some Inspector's apartment where it's used for secret reading"

"it's not a secret"

"then how come you didn't report it to your boss like you're supposed to?" asked Sly, now amused that his arresting officer had basically done something he would normally do.

"My reasons are my own business, so back off criminal!"

"No Carmelita, you're the criminal this time" Sly told her, a mischievous grin on his face.

His words brought her realization in the form of panic, he was right, she had stolen the book, if he went to Interpol right now and the chief got word of her taking the book from the crime scene without authorization and not only read it, but had not even reported it along with the other pieces of evidence. It dawned on Carmelita that she could be promoted down to Constable again; maybe even have her badge suspended.

Fear preyed on the Vixen's mind in the form of Inspector Barkley, yelling at her for her unlawful actions, thoughts that sent a shiver up Carmelita's spine.

"Sly" said Carmelita, looking up again at where he had been standing; only now he wasn't there, he was gone then Carmelita realized the book was gone.

"Where did he go?" said Carmelita turning around the room, looking for the raccoon.

She looked out the window to see him running full pelt across the rooftops, grasping the Thievius Racoonus in one hand and his cane in the other.

Carmelita fired a shock blast at Sly, managing to hit him in the back by good luck than good aim.

She took advantage of him being down to put her glasses away and quickly slide her boots on, before jumping out the window to run after him.

Sly picked himself up from the roof he had collapsed on when Carmelita had zapped him from far away, he felt pain over the spot on his back where the vixen had hit, reaching around, he rubbed the spot to discover his sweater now sported a hole over the burn.

"Great, my leg is bad enough, now I've got even more pain to deal with now"

Sly began running again, running across wires to escape, and find a safe place to hide until morning when his pals came back, he heard yells coming from a distance behind him, Sly turned to find Inspector Fox running toward him, leaping across rooftops, closing in fast.

"Come back here Raccoon!"

The fox fired another shot at him that sent adrenaline through Sly's body, causing him to sprint at full speed toward the towering cathedral up ahead.

"Notre Dame" Sly breathed "if I can climb up to the top of the bell towers, I can give Carmelita the slip".

He leaped down to the street and ran up to Notre Dame, taking a moment to look back at how far away Carmelita was.

She was back about a hundred feet, but still firing off shots that missed Sly by inches, he jumped up and began to climb, still dodging shots from the angry vixen.

Soon Sly reached the bell tower, he had only twenty more feet to climb before he reached the roof when yet another shock blast made him look down to find Carmelita not far behind.

"I didn't know you could climb? said Sly, shock taking hold of his features.

"looks like your little book taught me something" replied Carmelita, flashing a sly smile of her own

Sly swore under his breath and then continued up.

"Only three feet now, come on Cooper"

He reached to pull himself up onto the balcony but he never grabbed it

At that moment, a shot from Carmelita's shock pistol hit his bandaged leg, sending unbearable pain through Sly's leg, he lost his balance and let go of the ledge he was holding.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH", yelled Sly as he tumbled down the side of Notre Dame

"SLYYYYY!", cried Carmelita as she watched in horror.

The fox reached a hand out to grab him; managing to gain hold of his foot, but his weight caused her to lose her grip, sending both falling toward the ground.

"Gotta act fast or we're both dead" thought Carmelita as the pavement grew too close for comfort, grabbing the cooper cane, and putting an arm around Sly, She managed to hook the hand of a gargoyle, and stop them just short of hitting the ground, then let go and dropped down onto a patch of grass only fifteen feet down, rolling as she landed.

Carmelita laid Sly down on the soft grass to look him over; he was sporting smudges of soot from hiding in that chimney earlier. Then she noticed the torn bandages on his left leg that peeked out from the top of his knee high shoe.

Careful to not hurt him any further, Carmelita gently slipped the shoe off to find the rest of the area just below his knee that extended to his ankle bandaged as well, sending alarm through her brain, Carmelita unwound the bandages to find Sly's leg covered in blisters and singed fur that exposed raw skin where a couple drops of blood began to leak out in places.

The Fox gasped at Sly's injury, how he had been able to even move with a wound like this, she didn't know, it looked like Sly had hurt himself badly somehow.

Carmelita helped Sly to his feet, draping an arm over her shoulder to support him, walking him back to her apartment.

Once they got there, Carmelita laid Sly down on her bed; laying his hat down on the nightstand Carmelita then walked to the kitchen to grab the first aid kit and then returned to the injured master thief's side.

A groan of pain came from Sly's lips as he awoke to find Carmelita sitting on the edge of the bed, addressing his leg with burn ointment, he watched her with surprise as she rubbed the soothing cream onto his leg wound and then wrapped it tightly in fresh bandages.

Carmelita looked up to find Sly staring at her with wide eyes.

"What?" asked the Interpol officer

"I expected to wake up in a jail cell, why am I here at your place again?"

" I couldn't take you in, one I'm not on duty, and two, you're in bad shape enough already" replied Carmelita, looking at Sly as he looked dumbfounded at her statement, "and stop staring, didn't your mom ever tell you it's not nice to stare?" asked Carmelita, slightly annoyed.

"No" said Sly "She didn't, though Ms. Puffins once did when Bentley, Murray, and I watched her eating those cookies we stole from her once"

"Ms. Puffins?"

"Yes, the headmistress of Happy Camper Orphanage where I grew up"

"Right Ringtail, that was in your police file, along with information on that night the fiendish five came to your home" said Carmelita "I wonder, what is it exactly with you and this book?" she held the Thievius Raccoonus out to Sly, he took it from her, and stuffed it into his backpack.

Sly told her his story, starting with the stories his father once told him of his ancestors, when he met Murray and Bentley, finding out about Clockwerk and how he was the Cooper's sworn enemy.

Lastly, Sly told her of the night of his parent's murder, Carmelita couldn't help feel bad for Sly when he got to the part when he saw his father fall at the hands of Clockwerk.

"How could you get over something like that?" asked Carmelita, astounded at his description.

"I never have gotten over it completely" replied Sly, trying not to feel sad "but time has a way of healing all wounds"

"What about the rest of your family, don't you have any relatives?"

"I don't have any other family, save for Bentley and Murray" said Sly, he turned away from Carmelita "Currently; I'm the last Cooper left"

After a few moments, Carmelita She moved closer to where the master thief lay.

" I know how it feels to lose a parent myself" Said Carmelita, taking one of Sly's hands into her own as she spoke, making him turn back to her again.

" I lost my Father when I was ten, he was a police officer for Interpol just like I am now, one day he got killed by a gang who had broken out of prison to get revenge on my dad for tossing them in jail".

She paused for a moment, Sly could see a hint of sadness behind her amber eyes

"I am sorry that happened to you Inspector" said Sly "but I'm curious though"

"about what?"

"This, You've sworn to put me in jail so many times, and every time you encountered me, I always left you in the dust, yet here I am, unable to run this time, and all of a sudden you're showing kindness and even sympathy, instead of treating me like I'm the lowdown crook you always say I am"

A smirk came across the raccoon's face as he sat up "who are you, and what have you done with Inspector Fox?"

"Well, I don't care who you are, no one deserves to witness what you saw on the night your parents were killed" replied Carmelita "as for the kindness, don't push it, as soon as your gang comes back, and you can rejoin them, it's back to me catching you Sly, and I will get you one way or the other!".

From what Sly could tell, Old Ironsides was back in charge. She got up and walked toward the closet, grabbing a blanket from one of the shelves.

"Where you going?" asked Sly

"to lay on the couch", Carmelita answered while she got out a spare pillow, "you can sleep here in my bed tonight, but don't get any ideas"

"What do you mean Ms. Fox?"

"You know what I mean, we're sleeping separately"

"Sleep where you wish Carm, although this bed seems a little too big without someone to share it" replied Sly, scooting over to one side and patting the opposite one in suggestion.

At this the fox tossed a pillow at him

"Told you not to get any ideas Cooper"

"Hey" said Sly, "I was just trying to make a helpful suggestion"

His trademark grin was now back on his face, Carmelita snorted and rolled her eyes.

"Like I need any suggestions, especially when they're from a thief!" and with those words she exited, slamming the bedroom door behind her. Sly couldn't help but chuckle at her bad mood.

"How does she sleep in this bed?" Sly wondered to himself as he stretched his arms across the mattress, "this has to be a queen size at least, too big for one person" he sat up to take his other shoe off and soot covered shirt, leaving on only his sleeveless undershirt on. Then he snuggled beneath the warm, soft covers, laying his head down on the pillow.

"but it's definitely beats sleeping in my own bed, I need to find a new mattress"

He looked up at the ceiling fan, watching the blades move counter clockwise made the raccoon drowsy, within a few minutes, he was slumbering soundly.

Outside in the living room, Carmelita tossed and turned on the couch as she tried to fall asleep

"So Sly's an orphan?" She asked herself "well of course he is, it's clearly stated in his police files"

But since she still felt curious on Sly's family, Carmelita pulled out her laptop and searched for any information. But after an hour of no results, she closed it.

"So Sly really has no other family, Clockwerk really did hunt all of them down" Carmelita looked toward the bedroom door.

"well, I'm glad Clockwerk is gone" continued Carmelita, "But should he ever resurface, I won't hesitate if Sly should need my help again, I can't imagine how it must have been to be in the shoes of a Cooper, to be hunted by a giant mechanical Owl whose sole purpose was to kill off every last member of your family's blood line"

She shuddered at the thought of it, rolling over onto her side underneath her blanket as she continued her attempt to get comfortable.

"Oh forget it!" She almost shouted in frustration, finally kicking off the yellow blanket, and jumping off the couch.

Carmelita slipped her feet into her slippers and walked over the bedroom door, putting her ear to the door for a minute.

She heard nothing, so very slowly, Carmelita opened the door and peeked in, quite a sight beheld the vixen's eyes.

Sly lay asleep as the Inspector looked in, one arm lying across his chest on top of the comforter, he had taken his mask off as well, leaving the black fur around his eyes exposed..

Carmelita eyed the alarm clock, 2:00am

Pausing to take a deep breath, Carmelita walked to the vacant right side and slid in next to the sleeping raccoon, pulling the blankets up to her neck.

"That's better" whispered Carmelita laying her head on the pillow, "I need a new couch".

Turning to the raccoon that lay beside her, as she watched him, the blankets moving up and down from his heavy breathing, thoughts about what happened in Russia a few weeks back came through Carmelita's mind again

"I never did thank you for rescuing me from that owl", Carmelita spoke low as she continued to watch him "thank you Sly".

Carmelita leaned over, and softly placed a kiss on Sly's cheek as he lay sleeping; it felt nice for her to do that, even if the thief never knew of it.

"hmm, he certainly looks cute when he's asleep" the fox silently mused, wrapping her arms around Sly, a beautiful grin crossed her features as she finally fell asleep.

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