By: TheWildFool2011

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Self-Destruct and Die

I've been in the hospital for about a week now…

They are allowing me to walk around in my room, but they still won't let me leave.

Chie comes to visit me on the daily bases, along with Teddie.

Kanji and Yukiko would always swing by around about four days out of the week.

Rise and Naoto do also.

They come around night time though, I'm always sleepy around the time they come…

Yosuke looked at the clock from where he was seated. It read 12 p.m. He and Teddie were playing cards, but then he started to complain about how hungry he was. Chie shooed Teddie out of the room, so he wouldn't starve himself just to play cards with Yosuke.

Chie leaned into the nice sized window. She watched as birds flew by and people walk in and out of the building. She hardly spoke to Yosuke, nor looked at him because she would get emotional.

Yosuke never really understood why. He would try to start up a conversation with her; which lead to absolute silence. Some of the things the others say and do he could not comprehend as good as he used to.

It's the drugs…

I just know it's the drugs. They are messing me up.

But why does it feel so good?

Naoto walked into his room. She was dressed casual today and with a baseball cap! That's something new. "Good afternoon Hanamura, Chie-chan." She bowed as usual. Though something was different, there was a small present in her hand.

Yosuke looked at the present and then at Naoto. Her eyes stared hard at his arm. "Ahem, uhh…so you got a box there…"

"Oh!" Naoto was slightly taken off by his outburst. She blushed and nodded. Grabbing a seat in Teddie's spot, she slide the present over to him. "Yes, but…please don't open it yet. Uh, the other part of it is with Rise and Kanji…so…" she trailed off. There she goes again staring at his arms.

Yosuke smiled, "Thanks detective. Hopefully it's something that I can put to use…" Naoto's brow furrowed. He rubbed the back of his neck, "Uh, in a good way. Sheesh…"

"Good." Naoto crossed her arms and leaned back into the chair. A child's television show was playing. Smirk Naoto looked at the screen, "Phoenix Ranger Featherman R…"

"Yeah, it's a classic dude. Can't get pass that…" Yosuke sat his cards down. He pulled his full attention to the television show.

Chie frowned when she looked at Yosuke. His back was turned, so she would take a few glances at him. Burying her face into her arms, no words came from; nor to thought. She was not like Souji. He would know what to do in this situation, he always knew what to do. The only thing she did was make things worse.

Maybe it was her constant nagging? Or was it all those times she had kick Yosuke? It could have been all the times she had teased him. But there was no going back to find out what made him this way. They had to continue onward, to the future and support him in every way they could.

She wasn't good at supporting, but she'd be damned if she'd give up on him now. No, not now. Not ever.

Naoto looked in Chie's direction. "Chie-chan…?" Yosuke looked at her also. Every time he would look at her, there was a tense feeling. "Is something wrong…?" Naoto direction her question to Yosuke.

"She hasn't said anything to nobody…not even Ted." Yosuke cheerlessly looked at her. "I know it's me. It's always been me since the day she found out…"

Naoto took her cap off and sat it down. Running one hand through her hair, she searched for the correct words. Teddie had just walked into the room with two trays filled to the brim.

"Got food for everyone! Oh! Hey Nao-chan! S'up?" Teddie sat both the trays down beside Naoto's hat. He hugged her from behind and kissed the top of her head.

Naoto giggled slightly and patted Teddie's forearm, "Yes, yes good to see you to Teddie." He walked over to Chie with what looked like a pie in his hand. He tapped her shoulder. She didn't budge and mumbled.

"Chie-chan…I got you pie. A new edition too! It's steak!" Teddie jumped up and down like a teenage school girl. He waited in amusement for Chie to snatch the pie from his hands, Yosuke also watched. Nothing happened. She stayed in the same position unmoving.

Teddie sighed heavily. "C'mon Chie-chan you just gotta eat! No way you can ignore steak pie…you always said you wanted it…" Teddie pleaded with Chie to take the pie. Yosuke lifted from his seat and scooted Chie over. He put one arm around her shoulder and laid his head on her shoulder.

"Chie…eat for me? Please?" Yosuke knew that this was asking too much from her. She had practically begged him to stop using drugs. Did he ever stop? No.

"Go away…" Yosuke sighed and nudged Chie. She nudged back harder. "Just fuck off Hanamura…" lifting her face she glared at him. "Haven't you hurt me enough? Teddie I appreciate the thought but I'm not in the mood."

Chie left Yosuke's grasp and walked passed Naoto, who stopped her in her tracks. Chie looked down at Naoto's strong grip on her arm, "What is it Naoto?"

"Meet me outside to talk. The front of the hospital, okay? Don't go anywhere." Naoto muttered loud enough for her to hear. Chie just nodded and walked freely.

Teddie stared at the spot Chie stood at. His expression was chagrined, clearly disappointed that Chie walked away from a steak pie. Yosuke scratched at his arms.

"Stop that." Naoto snapped at him. She glared in his direction. Yosuke pouted, "C'mon you're acting like Chie now…"

"This is gonna get nowhere…" all of Teddie's happiness was sucked out of him. He stayed kneeled down on one knee with the pie box in his hand. "Yosuke I might leave a little early. I- have things on my mind. I need to deal with them…"

Yosuke ruffled Teddie's hair. "Gotcha bro…" Kanji and Rise entered the room. Rise wasn't dressed all nice like she would always be and Kanji didn't look so good himself.

"S'up…" Kanji took at seat across from Naoto. Rise sat next to Yosuke. She began ravaging through her purse.

"Uhh…Souji called." Yosuke was snapped out of thought. Kanji paused for a moment looking for the correct words. "He apologized for not callin' like he use to…parents and stuff ya know…"

Yosuke just nodded. He didn't know what to make of the information Kanji was giving out. He was happy that Souji called, but he was also scared. Terrified that Souji would look down at him, that he would be disappointed.

"He was…uhh askin' 'bout everyone. Wanted to know if we were all alright, ya know." Kanji put on his normal grin. "He said he'd send us some money and shit."

"For what…?" Naoto raised a brow challenging Kanji. Kanji shrugged. "Dunno, maybe he's just bein' cool, like he's always been. Oh, Yosuke he said he found some cool pairs of headphones for ya. He thought you'd like 'em…"

Yosuke smirked and leaned into the window. "I'm sure I would. Color?"

"Not sure, probably somethin' good. Uh, reds, blues, maybe purple?" Kanji kept a smile on his face. He propped his feet up onto the table, "Todays gonna be a great ass day. I'm tellin' ya. I can feel it."

"Ah ha!" Rise pulled out a dark red box. For a moment she shook it, "Ah! Right box!" She shoved it into Yosuke's grasp.

A promise…

A promise to keep.

Can I even keep a damn promise?!

I wasn't even able to keep the one I had with Chie…

"Err, a box full of rings…?" Yosuke muttered as he glared at the box. Rise hugged him tightly and grabbed a pink promise ring. Yosuke stared down at the floor.

He didn't deserve it, he couldn't even keep a promise. None of what he got today. He did not deserve. Kanji tossed Naoto's present over to him.

He looked up at the two wearily. Both of the young peers nodded, urging him to open the package. Yosuke pulled the loose part of the bow, instantly untying the bow. There before his eyes, was an orange ring. He looked on the inside of it and in scripted it said 'Everydays Young Life'

"Well…I don't really know what to say. Honestly…" Yosuke's smile slowly started to fade away. He set the presents aside. "You guys know, I'm not gonna be able to keep a promise right…?"

Naoto and Rise nodded at the same time. Kanji gave Yosuke a very irritable look and snatched both the presents from where they sat. "H-hey! What the hell?!" Yosuke stared astonished and angry, "The hell are you doin'?!"

"You just said what we were hopin' you wouldn't say…" Kanji tied the bow back onto the box. He grabbed his promise ring which had a customized skull on it. Naoto also grabbed hers, which had 'Prince Detective ~ Shirogane Inc.' in scripted into it.

Teddie grabbed his ring which was multi-colored, blue and red. His named and the company name Junes was in scripted into. The instant he slipped he was basically energized.

"WOW! THESE ARE AWESOME! HOW DID YOU GUYS GET THIS LIKE…." He paused for a moment and pointed to the inside of the ring, "Like this? With the words and everything!"

"Uh, Naoto-kun and Kanji-kun know people." Rise giggled at Teddie's sudden burst of energy, "And little ol' me of course."

"That's the problem Hanamura." Naoto looked back at the television. "When can we ever trust you? Do you even have trust in us? You have to force yourself to keep the promise…"

Rise nodded in agreement, "Yep, so we are taking you to a special place once you are able to leave, 'kay?"

"Also, once we receive the money from Souji" Yosuke looked Kanji right in his eyes, "You ain't gettin' yours. Naoto's gonna be holdin' onto it for ya. So don't be bullshittin'."

Yosuke shook his head, "Yeah, yeah whatever…" Naoto signaled Kanji. He threw the ring back over to Yosuke. Kanji cracked his knuckles, "Better keep your damn promise."

Teddie gathered his jacket and motorcycle keys and his fedora hat. "Leaving so soon?" Kanji asked as Teddie made his way to the door.

"Yep, gotta go to work. I'll call one of ya'll later."

He smiled and put his hat on as he walked out the door. Naoto got up from her seat, "I'm going to go talk to Chie real quick."

"Alright, Naoto." Rise tossed a ring to Naoto. "Give that to her for me will ya? And you have Yukiko's right?"

Naoto nodded as she walked out of the room. Kanji pondered deep in his thought. "Why'd you guys come so early?" Yosuke broke the silence with his question.

"Uh, I was planning on coming later tonight but…" Rise went silent after her crazy answer. Kanji shook his head, "What she means to say is, that me and Naoto wanted to come and see ya."

"So….?" Yosuke crossed his feet waiting for a response. Kanji glared at him. "Well?!"

"Who you think you yellin' at huh?! And what the hell do you mean so…?" Kanji leaned in to hear Yosuke clearer. Yosuke stared at him for a while. Kanji was unfazed and continued to glare.

"Anyway…" Rise sat her purse beside her foot, "What's Naoto gotta talk to Chie about?" Yosuke's face twisted with confusion. He looked at Rise, "I don't know. The only thing I know is that she wouldn't talk or even look at me when she came in."

"Who? Naoto or Chie-chan?" Kanji asked with a blank face. Yosuke sighed in frustration and threw his arms up in the air.


"But Naoto was just talking and looking at you?" Rise replied with a neutral look. This only drove Yosuke up a wall.

"Ah, damn I meant to say Chie. Shit, why you guys gotta be screwin' with my mind right now? You all know I feel like shit now." Yosuke leaned his head back. Rise sighed heavily and looked at the door.

Chie glanced down at her watch. She impatiently tapped her foot. Normally she would never be impatient like this but, this time seemed like an exception; to her at least. "What is taking her so long…"

"Hey Chie!" Chie turned around to see Teddie and Naoto walking out of the building together. She glared long and hard at Naoto.

"Where the hell have you been?!" Chie stomped towards the two. Teddie placed his hands in front of himself defensively. Naoto only took one step backwards. "I've been waiting for what seemed hours!"

"B-but…" Teddie stuttered as he tried to intervene in the conflict between Naoto and Chie. Chie grabbed Teddie by his shirt, "You might just want to be leaving Ted. Now get going!"

Teddie nervously nodded. He took off as fast as he could to the parking lot. This only left space and opportunity between Naoto and Chie. Naoto stood there quietly. She had refuse to say a word and waited until Chie let all her frustration and anger out on her.

Chie was basically cursing her out the whole time. Chie went as far as to push her backwards. Naoto took every small blow Chie took out on her. After Chie's sudden rage outburst she began sobbing into Naoto's shoulder.

Naoto stood firmly and hugged Chie close to her. "Shh, it's gonna be alright…I know how you feel. But if you react negatively then think how Yosuke will react…" she whispered to Chie.

"I-I fe-feel s-s-so useless Naoto! I've never felt so powerless in my entire life…" she choked through her words. Gripping onto Naoto's shirt, she gritted her teeth as she sobbed.

Pass byers stared at them, but Naoto shrugged their looks off. She even glared at a few who walked pass them. Chie was finally calm enough to sit down, but not to talk. She sat quietly glaring at anyone who looked her way.

"You know…um, glaring it's exactly protecting people from those who 'oppose' the law…" Naoto said in a joking manner. Chie shot an evil look at her, causing her to look down at her shoes. Naoto had to admit Chie was scary when she was pissed off, but much worse when she only glared.

Naoto only sighed and sulked deeper against the wall. Chie pulled her knees closer to her chest. It wasn't until Naoto closed her eyes Chie spoke up.

"You know..."

Naoto jolted, slightly startled by Chie's sudden courage to speak. "Hm…?" She tilted her head to the side and watched as Chie looked up at the clouds.

"When Seta-kun left, Yosuke slowly started to change. Once people notice that his shield was gone and out of the way, they started poking fun." Chie balled her fist, "He would start showing up to class with bruises and classmates would talk behind his back."

There was a pause as a light breeze drifted by the girls. "I just thought that maybe ya know, he crashed his bike again, or maybe tripped over something and got bruises on his face. That could happen right?" Chie sighed in distress, "It was only until Daisuke told me that he saw a few guys cornering Yosuke in some alley way, lucky for him Daisuke was there…"

Naoto fixed her eyes to the sky. Her heart skipped a beat with each bit of information she learned, about Hanamura's last year of high school. She allowed Chie to continue, she wanted hear the plight Yosuke had gone through.

"This is your first time hearing this, huh?" Chie looked over at Naoto with emotionless eyes. Naoto nodded and bit the bottom of her lip. "He claimed he didn't want to worry anyone. Even tried to get me to stay out of it…"

"But you were unable to…and wanted, no strived to save him…" Naoto muttered and hooked both her pointer fingers together.

Chie nodded with a sad smile on her face, "Yes. You're right, I strived to save him. Daisuke, Kou, and myself along with someone else, spied on him for the last few months of school. Somehow, he managed to smile on graduation day."

The conversations silence, darkened as well as it thickened. Naoto took a deep breath, remembering that day she and the others took a pick together after the three Third Years received their diplomas.

"He was hiding his feelings…?" Naoto whispered silently. A tear slipped from her sharpened eyes. She gritted her teeth together, "How was I so blind not to see his pain…?"

"It's okay…I should've known something that first day he came in the class with those bruises." Chie pounded both her fist against the ground, "I should have went to a councilor…"

"Even after damn graduation day…those assholes never left him alone. They kept on mocking him. Scaring him into deeper solitude…" Chie stood up immediately, almost as if she had to go somewhere. "What the hell gives them the right to shit around with him?! I wish, I could've…"

Chie shook as she wept over her friends' plight. Before Naoto could say a thing or even try to catch her attention, she took off to the parking lot. Naoto stared on where Chie stood. Once again she leaned her head back and rubbed her temples.

The only thing she could do was hope that Yosuke would make it through this strange ordeal that was violently force upon him. Not only this, but now Chie is slightly running rampant, which could pose a serious threat to anyone who got in her way.

Naoto sat in silence thinking of many ways she could get Hanamura to try rehab. She however wouldn't see him off to some place, she wanted to help him herself. Quietly, she sat for hours outside of the hospital, plotting ways the others and herself could save Hanamura from himself.