This was an idea that popped into my head last night and I knew I had to write it out. This is my first fic for these two series (not my first fic on the site though) so if the characters seem a bit OOC, that is why. Enjoy!

Unlike his brother and father, Sam wasn't particularly interested in the 'family business'. Of course he joined in on the hunts now that he was old enough, but that didn't mean he enjoyed it. What he did enjoy was the company of his brother, but then there came the stress of how Dean would watch his every move. The elder sibling was a bit, well, over-protective. Sam knew that Dean felt that it was his job to watch over him, and that's what he was going to do. John was cautious on letting Sam do any dirty work or go on more dangerous hunts, but Dean used the argument that he was Sam's age when he began to get into the rougher and tougher jobs to vouch for his little brother. John finally relented and allowed the youngest to tag along more and more.

Sam could stand the hunts. He could endure the things that were thrown at him at such a young age. He just hoped one day he could be on his own.

They had stopped in a small town. Their dad said they would probably be here for two weeks, perhaps more. Another long hunt that was most likely for the demon, so this time Sam and Dean were to be left out.

"But why dad? I can handle whatever is out there!" Dean protested as their dad packed the trunk of the impala with various supplies.

"Dean, this is unlike anything we've hunted, and if it really is here, I can't risk you two being in danger. Take care of Sammy, don't let anyone in the room, and don't draw attention to yourselves." He slammed the trunk closed. Dean scowled, letting out a puff of hot breath into the chilly January air, knowing he couldn't disobey his father. He was just too loyal.

Sam stole up his courage to ask what had been on his mind since they had arrived.

"Um, dad, since we're going to be here for a while, could I attend school?" Sam asked awkwardly. John stopped and looked down at his son, seeming to be weighing his options in his head. Finally, he sighed.

"Alright, just don't get into trouble. Like I said, stay low."

Thinking back on how John had just up and left, it didn't really faze Sam at this point. When he was younger, he used to be bothered by it. Now, it seemed almost like second nature. Sam knew it wasn't right to leave two kids alone by their selves in motel rooms all the time. That had started to sink in when he started going to school more often and saw the interaction between the other students and their respective families. He couldn't help but feel jealous of them all. Most would complain about their normal lives; complain about how mundane it all was. Sam yearned for that life. He would give anything to have his family be an actual family with a house and neighbors and the silly little drama that occurred over ridiculous rumors.

It was sad that a twelve-year-old was discovering this himself.

"Look! It's snowing!"

He was brought out of his melancholy to flick his head up to look out the large windows that covered the right hand wall. Kids flocked from their seats, standing on their toes to lean over the radiators that lined the wall and gaze outside in awe. Sam followed, watching the soft flakes fall from the sky.

Sam had seen plenty of snow. He'd gone through mountains that were covered with it year round. The amazement and wonder seemed to fade, mostly because he'd never really gotten the chance to enjoy it, and it just seemed to slow them down from getting to where they needed to go. John never let the two out of the room when he was on hunts, and it was best not to disobey. Dean would have happily obliged, if he wasn't so terrified to go against his father's orders. His brother used to be more lenient, but there was no more time for fooling around since Sam was old enough to come along. Snow stopped being something he enjoyed years ago.

A lone figure caught his eye in the distance. He couldn't say why, but his eye seemed drawn to the boy (or what he assumed to be a boy) who was dancing through the town. Sam watched him in amusement for a few moments before the teacher told them to sit back in their seats. She gave them a simple promise. Behave and listen for the next two minutes, and she would allow them to play outside for the rest of class. Needless to say, it was a done deal, and two minutes later Sam and the rest of his classmates were out in the cold air, kicking up snow and having a great time.

The Winchester boy stood awkwardly to the side though, not really knowing whether or not to join the others. He shuddered as a cold breeze brushed his neck. The winter months were not his favorite time of year, that's for sure.

"Why are you standing all alone? You should be over there playing with the others." Sam flicked his eyes to look at the figure that had stopped to stand next to him. He was surprised to see the boy that he had seen moments before. He was taller than he thought, bearing a cobalt blue hoodie, tattered pants, and what looked to be a shepherd's staff made of knotted and gnarled wood. Most notable however was his starch white hair. Ignoring the odd sense in fashion, Sam didn't turn to acknowledge to teen, instead taking interest in his shoes which were gradually becoming soaked with water.

"I don't know. I guess I just don't feel like I fit in." Sam replied. He jumped when the boy fell backward slightly as if pushed over, spluttering. If he had thought the teen was weird, he definitely had his suspicions now. Sam cocked an eyebrow at the odd boy as he pitched himself up with his staff. He gazed at Sam wide eyed, his light blue eyes shining.

"Y-You just talked to me?" Sam nodded slowly, slightly confused. "You can see me?" He asked. Sam nodded again. Relief seemed to spread through the teen's unusually pale face, so pale he was almost ghostly.

"For the longest time no one has been able to see me, or even hear me! It's like I was a ghost or something - and for a while I thought I was - but this. This is- this is just awesome!" He yelled, bringing Sam into a tight hug before dropping him. Sam swayed as he caught himself. Straightening his coat, he looked up at the teen.

"Trust me, you're no ghost. I've seen a lot of ghosts, and let's just say you're a bit too far on the happy side." Sam replied. The boy still seemed to be ecstatic, and Sam found himself becoming curious. "Who are you? What's your name?"

The teen straightened himself out and looked down at Sam.

"My name's Jack Frost." He smiled, extending a hand down to Sam. Sam's eyes widened slightly as he took Jack's hand.

"Sam, Sam Winchester." He sent back a warm grin. Sam knew he could get in trouble for befriending a supernatural being, but there was just something in the way Jack had acted and reacted to Sam that didn't present him as threatening. Odd? Yes. Killer? No. Sam was cautious though, he knew things could get deadly with the flip of a switch.

"But, if you can see me, then that means… You believe in me?" Jack asked.

"Well, other gods and goddesses exist, so I suppose the spirit of winter could too. But wait, people have to believe in you to see you?" Sam asked. This had never really happened before. Everything the Winchesters had gone against could easily be seen by anyone and everyone. So why did this not apply to Jack?

"Nope. It's been me and only me for a long time." Jack's face was downcast, and Sam felt truly sorry for the spirit. It must be a lonely life to live, all by yourself, where no one even realizes you're there.

"Enough about me though, what about you? You should be out there having some fun, not sitting here." Jack crouched next to Sam.

"I don't know, I don't really know anyone, and I don't know how to really ask to join so…" Sam said in embarrassment. Was he really this socially awkward with other kids?

"Oh, you just need to go have some fun. How about I help you?" Jack smirked, and before Sam knew it a snow ball was flying straight for one of his classmates where it landed clean on the back of their head.

"Who threw that?" The boy yelled, turning to spot Sam. Sam's eyes widened in realization and shock. He turned to look at Jack but the spirit was already gone. Sam braced himself as he was thrown into a snow battle. To be honest though, it was the most fun he'd had in a long time.

After school, Sam sat outside the building waiting for Dean to arrive to walk him back to the motel. It wasn't a far walk, but Dean didn't like his little brother being alone on the streets.

He heard a small thud next to him, and he turned his head to see Jack sitting cross legged next to him.

"So, how'd it go?" Jack asked, clearly pleased with his handiwork. Sam smiled.

"It went pretty good, though I was blamed for the bruise you left on the boy's head." He chuckled.

"See? What did I tell you? Just need to have a bit of fun, that's all. Though, there can be some minor bumps along the way."

"I guess you're right." Sam agreed. "Jack, I think I should thank you." Jack flicked his gaze to Sam.


"I think I was a little upset, just in general. I don't have the best life you know, but you gave me some time to take my mind off of it. So, thank you for that."

"You're welcome, Sammy Winchester." Jack ruffled Sam's shaggy brown hair.

"Hey!" He protested. "Don't call me Sammy!" He grumbled. Jack laughed, and soon Sam's voice joined as well. When they finally grew quiet, Sam smiled.

"Jack, can you stay for a while?"

"What do you mean?"

"Just… Can you stick around and hang out for a week or two?" Sam asked. Jack stopped for a moment, his mind seeming to be dwelling on something for a few moments.

"…Yeah. Yeah, I'd like that."

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