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The storm was a freak of nature, and that's what led the Winchesters to it. Of course a snow storm in the north east was nothing unnatural, but in the middle of June? Something strange had to be going down. John suspected maybe a god or goddess, but Sam also had his suspicions, and his were what worried him most.

Sam was afraid that Jack had something to do with it. He hadn't seen his friend in about a month, and the fact that he hadn't shown up by then was a bit disheartening. What he was most concerned for was, if it really is him, what will happen to him if his dad runs into him. The scenario was likely not to be a good one in any way shape or form, and he didn't want to see his friend hurt, or God forbid killed.

That's what put him out in the very heart of the storm, the middle of the mountains in Pennsylvania, settled down on the side of the road. Sam hadn't seen a single car since about an hour ago when they first entered the state, and he could see why. The storm had hit so suddenly it left many unprepared. One would be insane to drive around out in a storm like this. The Winchesters just happened to fit that description though.

So here they are, parked on the side of the road getting ready to go search for whatever is causing the ruckus. The family had determined the center to be a small forest outside an even smaller town. John had estimated that the forest was not very big, probably a mile long at the largest. Whatever was hiding inside shouldn't be too hard to locate. With that, they set off.

Meanwhile, Sam kept a sharp eye out through the trees though it was difficult. The snow falling around them was so thick that Sam could hardly make out the trees ahead of them, but that didn't stop him from catching a flicker of movement to his right which made his heart leap. About thirty minutes into the trek with nothing notable, Sam was ready to give up, but his hope was restored as he whipped his head to the right. Sure enough, he saw a blue shape disappear into the void of white, the snow and wind seeming to bend and whirl around it. It has to be him.

Glancing back at his dad and brother, he made sure neither was looking before he trudged off in the direction he saw the blue form go. Steadily, he made his way after the shape. It has to be him, I just know it. His heart was beating at a mile a minute as he tried to catch up. Finally, he found himself standing on a dirt path, only a light dusting of flakes coating the ground. Ahead to the left the path opened up to a small clearing. Sam followed it this way and stopped when he got a good look at the scenery.

In the center stood a small gazebo, its wood old and creaking in the harsh wind. Sam was surprised the whole thing didn't blow over. Snow piled high atop the roof, and above that sat the familiar form of Jack Frost.

The boy was turned away from Sam, his hood up and his shepherd's staff lying on his lap. Sam cautiously approached the gazebo, confusion and worry clouding his thoughts. When he got close enough, he attempted to get his friend's attention.

"Jack! Jack Frost! You hear me up there?" Sam yelled. Jack sat up in acknowledgement, and Sam was somewhat surprised he heard him over the roaring wind. Jack flicked his head around, trying to pinpoint the source of the yell till his eyes landed on Sam. His eyes widened, and he jumped up and floated down from the roof to meet his friend.

"What are you doing out here?" Jack asked, worried. The snow and wind was no longer buffeting the two anymore. Instead it seemed to flow around them in a strong current or like a bubble of calm. Sam was happy he didn't have to yell.

"I could ask you the same question." Sam replied, his friend's worry mirrored in his own countenance. "A snow storm in the middle of June? Something's wrong Jack." Jack sighed, and if Sam didn't know any better it looked like Jack was deflated in spirit, his usual joy and mischievous attitude nowhere to be found.

"It's hard to explain, I'm just… depressed I guess you could say, though that's not the exact word I'd describe it as." Jack said.

"Well, you've always consoled me when I've had hard times, so I guess I should do the same for you. Whatever is wrong, you can talk to me." Sam offered. Jack gave him a slight smile.

"An… acquaintance, I guess you can call him that, said some cruel remarks to me, and I guess I got worked up. It wasn't just some petty fighting either, I said some things I regret and he said some things I hope he regrets and that was that. I really shouldn't have let my emotions get out of hand like this." Sam could feel the wind around them subside a bit as Jack lamented.

"Yeah, you probably shouldn't have, especially since it caught my dad's attention. Hopefully he doesn't come this way." Sam said. Jack nodded.

"I wouldn't want to get shot at, that would make my day a whole lot worse." He chuckled.

"Speaking of which, they've probably noticed I'm missing by now, I should really get back to them."

"Do you know where they are?" Jack asked.


"I'll take that as a 'no'." Jack sighed. Sam nodded. Suddenly Jack put two and two together. "Wait you're saying you left them carelessly in the middle of a blizzard? Sam, are you insane? You could have died if you didn't find me!" Jack scolded him.

"Well, I saw you pass by so I knew you were here, but I guess I should have thought this through a little better…" Sam said feeling guilty.

"Yeah, you think?" There was a moment of silence before Sam made a suggestion.

"I guess I could just wait for them at the impala, they'll have to go back there at some point." Jack sighed.

"Sounds like the best plan for now. Which way is the impala?"

"Well I came from that path over there, but from there I don't really know. Do you know how to get back to the road?" Sam asked.

"I'll have to go check. I'll be back in a few minutes, just hang tight okay?" With that, Jack took off into the wind.

Dean was on the verge of freaking out, but that would be a very un-Dean-like thing for him to do, so he tried his best to remain calm.

When the two had finally noticed Sam missing behind them, Dean's heart had dropped. Immediately his father told him that they had to turn back, and Dean quickly agreed. His heart raced as they retraced their steps. The new snow had completely covered their old footsteps by now, so the two felt at a loss on how to track the missing Winchester.

"Sam's smart, wherever he is he'll know to get back to the impala to find us." John said. Dean nodded, though he was barely acknowledging anything around him. Even the biting chill of the storm no longer fazed him. All he could think about was how his brother was missing and it was his fault. It was his fault he wasn't paying attention. It was his fault Sam was probably in danger as well as lost somewhere. He could never forgive himself if something happened to him and he was responsible.

The trip back to the impala seemed like only a moment, though Dean knew it had to be much longer. His mind was so preoccupied, so worried and anxious, that he started to lose his sense of time and place. One moment he was in forest clearing, another he was blinking in surprise as the two walked down the small slope to where the impala was waiting, now covered in a few inches of snow. Dean's breath hitched in his throat.

"He's not here." He could feel his heart skip a beat and a heavy weight settled in the pit of his stomach. Not a moment later John made a decision.

"You wait here, get the car heated and ready and watch to see if he comes. I'll head back and see if I cross paths with him."

"But dad I-."

"No buts! I need you to wait here in case he comes back." Dean turned his head away to face the ground in guilt, but brought his eyes back up when a firm hand grasped his shoulder. "Don't put this all on yourself, it was both of us that were careless. We will find him, I'm sure of it. Now then, call me if anything happens." Dean nodded in response before unlocking the impala and climbing inside. Though he was out of the wind, the car was still frigid. He jammed the key in the ignition and turned it, the car coming to life with a rumble. With Sam weighing heavily in his mind he sat and waited, watching out the window in anticipation and worry.

It didn't take long for Jack to locate the car parked on the side of the road, and, as soon as he did, he redirected the wind to take him back to Sam. He memorized the fastest route back as he went, and soon had a plan on how to get his friend back to his family. He quickly, yet carefully, touched down in the clearing.

"Sam!" He called through the inclement weather. "I found it! I can take you back now! Sam?" He yelled out. He was slightly worried when he initially didn't hear his friend call back to him, and with hurried steps and a few gliding leaps through the air he was in the gazebo. Off to his right sat Sam, huddled in the fetal position trying to keep himself warm, though Jack knew he wasn't faring well. "Sam? Sam are you okay?"

"I-It's c-cold. C-can't f-feel my t-toes." He replied slowly, his large shivers breaking up his words.

"Can you stand up? I found a way back to your brother." He said, crouching down. Sam nodded weakly and Jack offered him a hand. Sam took it and Jack gently lifted the boy off the ground. Upon removing contact, Sam's knees buckled and Jack's heart raced as he stooped to catch him. He knew that the freezing weather was starting to take its toll on Sam, and if he didn't get him to safety soon hypothermia would set in. But Jack was determined. He would get Sam out of there, he promised.

"C'mon, I'm going to get you back to your brother."

"But how? I c-can't walk a-all the way t-there." Sam replied.

"That's why I'm going to carry you." Without another word and before Sam could protest, Jack swept Sam's feet out from under him and caught the Winchester underneath his back as he fell, grabbing his feet as he did so. "Don't worry, I'm not going to let you freeze out here." He offered Sam a smile and the boy answered him with a weak one of his own. Determined, Jack set off into the forest.

The winter spirit began to bend the air around him, forcing the snow to flow around them like a protective bubble. Sam had closed his eyes about ten minutes ago, and now seemed to be somewhat asleep. Jack knew he must be tired, but falling asleep could be dangerous for him in this weather, so he tried to rouse him by talking or shaking him every now and then.

"Come on Sam, got to stay awake, can't leave me to do all the work, right?" Sam's eyes would flutter open, but after about a minute or so they would close, leaving Jack to wake him again. After about thirty minutes of trekking through the snow, the road finally was in view at the bottom of the hill.

Dean had been sitting for about ten minutes before he spotted something. Out in the white expanse, at the top of the hill, emerged a figure. It was an odd shape, and Dean squinted his eyes as his heart raced. It looked a bit tall to be his baby brother, but maybe the storm was screwing with his vision? As the figure came closer, he finally realized that it wasn't just one person, it was two. The shape walking toward him was unrecognizable, but the boy in his arms was certainly familiar.


Dean shot out of the car, gun already out and at the ready, safety off. As the figure approached he could finally make out the finer details of the figure. He knew this teen wasn't natural, from his abnormal clothing (seriously, who could survive this weather in just bear feet, torn capris, and a hoodie?) to his startlingly white hair and pale skin. Dean raised his weapon, prepared to shoot.

"Put him down!" Dean shouted to the mysterious boy carrying his brother. The boy seemed completely shocked, his eyes wide and his mouth hanging open slightly, though whether it was from the fact that Dean was aiming a gun at him or something else entirely he had no idea. The white haired teen set down Sam gently on the ground, then slowly rose up and lifted his hands in the air, his palms open. Dean followed every move he made with his pistol.

"Look, I don't want any trouble, I just wanted to get him home safely." The boy said calmly. Dean glared at the kid. Why should he trust him? Sam goes missing and suddenly this strange boy appears out of thin air carrying him.

"Likely story-." A soft voice from below him stops him in his tracks.

"D-Dean, no. He's only t-trying to help. I g-got lost and h-he helped me." Dean strode over quickly, squatting next to his brother. Relief washed over him as he noticed that Sam seemed to be perfectly fine with no injuries in sight. Still, he didn't let his guard down.

Dean turned back to the boy to see he had backed away a few paces, and sighed.

"I guess I should say thank you then, so thanks." He said curtly. "Come on Sam, let's get you warmed up." Dean looked back again at Sam's savior only to find empty air. He staggered for a moment, surprised by the sudden disappearance. He glanced around, trying to find the figure but eventually gave up as he helped his brother into the impala. After Sam was lying across the backseat safely wrapped in a blanket, Dean hopped in the front and pulled out his cell.

"Dad? Yeah, he came back, says he got lost. I think he may have a bit of frostbite, but other than that he's fine…" Dean ultimately decided to waive the idea of telling his dad about the boy, figuring it was no use at the moment. He'd save it for when they meet again.

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