A/N: Prompt – mast sex/rain sex/rain kissing/Jolly(Jelly)Roger. I'll warn you all this was written between the hours of 10pm-1am, whilst mildly intoxicated and giggling in Captain Swan tinychat. I am not liable for any grammatical errors or follies on my part. Yes I am what am I saying? Enjoy.

"Hook, it's going to start raining." Emma almost whined, following behind him as he led her towards the massive pirate ship that was docked alongside the pier. "Can this not wait until another day?"

Killian stopped in his tracks and turned around, his head tilting to the side as he glared at her. "Swan are you honestly turning down an offer to steer my ship?"

"Wait-" Her eyes widened," You're letting me sail it?"

"I was but obviously you're more intent in seeking cover from the rain," He waved his hand dismissively, "Carry on, be on your way." He fully knew that she wasn't going anywhere, not with that bait set out to snatch her up.

"I might have to take you up on that offer," Emma debated for a moment, glancing up at the sky as a drop of rain fell on her cheek. "What the hell, let's do this." She clapped her hands together and couldn't help but laugh as he practically pranced his way on deck.

"Right, ship terms." Killian wasted no time pointing out every little detail of the Jolly Roger. Port, starboard, bow, mast. Everything that she could possibly never have to use again but his enthusiasm and that damn smile on his face was too hard to resist.

She had never seen him use that smile on anyone but her. Similar smiles were used, but they never carried into those blue eyes that had caught her attention again. Emma would never admit that she had had several dreams about those eyes being much closer than they have been. Dreams that left her breathless and a little bit confused. She should not be lusting after Captain Hook – that seemed ethically wrong, somehow.

"You ready to give it a whirl?" Hook was standing extremely close to her now and his eyes were fixed on her lips, much the same as she had been doing to him while he listed out things she needed to remember for sailing the Jolly Roger. She was definitely interested – but not in the ship.

"What?" Emma swallowed dryly, her eyes flickering back up to his.

"I'm thinking that you want to give something entirely different a whirl," He purred out, drawing his tongue across his lower lip and chuckling at the way her eyes stared at it.

Killian was flat out tired of dropping hints with her only to have her deflect or just flat out ignore him. He'd even kept his distance when he felt like he was doing far too much flirting, tried to avoid her at all costs. But, then she'd find ways to show up and need to talk about anything. Like the weather. She'd honestly come by his hotel room at the Inn and asked him about the 'red sky at night' lore. Just for the sake of seeing him and he knew this because all she did was stare at him with that same cloaked desire that she was right now.

"Emma," He whispered quietly, bring his hand up to brush a strand of yellow hair behind her ear. His whole demeanor changed as he leaned in ever so slightly, eyes drifting closed as he leaned in-


The sharp crack of lighting jerked him away from her before he could even press the lightest of kisses against her lips. But even more startling than the crack of lighting and the sudden onslaught of tiny glistening drops of rain, was the fact that Emma was now edging towards him like a woman on a mission.

"Swan?" He looked slightly wary, he'd learned early on that Emma was not as easy to read as he thought, par being locked in a Giant's lair for several agonizing hours. "Look, I wasn't goin-"

"Shut up," Emma snapped with a grin as she leaned up and pressed her lips to his. At this point, she no longer cared about the rain that was falling, wetting her hair down and dripping down the collar of her leather coat. She was kissing Killian.

Her hand fisted in the now damp material of his shirt, tugging him closer as she felt the weight of the hook against her spine. His fingers tangled in her hair, tugging at the strands that threaded between his fingers as he pulled her flush against him.

"Emma." He groaned like a broken prayer as he pulled back from her lips, giving them both a chance to breath "Kiss a man like that and he's going to think you're initiating something more than a kiss, lass." That cocky grin flared and he leaned in close, brushing his fingers over the raindrops that slid down her cheeks and nose.

"I thought maybe this time I'd be the one giving you a hint."

He glowered, "You knew all along what I wanted."

"It was never the right time."

Killian rolled his eyes, "But my pirate ship's the appropriate place?"

Instead of speaking Emma took slow step forward, fingers curling behind the nape of his neck and she tugged him into another kiss. This time it was less about being hasty and more about exploring every nook and cranny of the other's mouth. Learning which way to swipe over the other's tongue to make them moan out in pleasure against their lips.

Killian walked them backwards until he had her back pressed against the mast and he was breaking from her lips to press lazy kisses down the column of her neck, licking off the droplets of rain that clung to her ivory skin. He nipped at the junction of her shoulder and her neck, relishing in the fact that the motion caused her to buck her hips forward into him.

"Hook." She moaned quietly, her head tilted forward and rain, matting her hair to her cheeks. The sight of his lips skimming over her breasts through her thin and soaking wet tank top made her all the more desperate for him.

"Say my name." Killian growled against the swell of her breast, scraping his teeth over the skin before looking up at her.

"Hook." She returned, a small wry grin hidden beneath drawn out lips.

"My name." He gritted, trying his best to play nicely with this game, but her arrogance at his little request forced him to grind slowly between her legs, using his hook to tug her stance open wider.


Killian felt his resolve snap when she refused to say Killian, he stepped back from her instantly craving the contact again. Wanting nothing more than to wind his fingers through her wet hair, brushing the clinging strands from her cheek and kissing her senseless, until they both wound up exhausted and sated in his cabin.

But he could be stubborn too.

"Wh-" Emma leaned heavily back against the mast, her eyes wide as she stared at him through the rain blinding her vision. "What- where are you going?" She fumbled for words as she straightened her tank top as best she could.

"Sorry love, it's raining." He shrugged his shoulders, "No sailing today."

"Killian." Emma countered, not moving an inch from the mast.

"Hmm?" He looked over his shoulder with a positively sinister smirk, "Did you say something?"

"I did." She jutted her chin up slightly, "I said get over here and fuck me. This is a onetime offer." And to be honest, it wasn't a onetime offer to have sex – it was a onetime offer to have it pressed up against the mast in a rainstorm. That didn't happen every day. Especially with Captain Hook.

Sauntering back towards her, he made a show of himself with a bow, but he didn't stand back up to his full height. Instead he brought his lips to the front of her jeans and latched his teeth on to the little bit of material that lay over the zipper contraption. He tugged at the material, sliding his teeth down until he reached the apex of her thighs, stilled for a split second to make her think he'd go further.


"Stop being so demanding, my ship my demands." He snapped back, standing back up to look her dead in the eyes. "Say it again."

"Make me." Emma smirked, her arms wrapping around his shoulders as his lips descended. Unlike his lips she swore into his mouth as his hand slipped between her legs, fingers sliding over the jeans. Now he was just trying to torment her, because with every pass of his fingers, he pressed his thumb into the joining seam of her pants that pressed directly against where she wanted it.

Close, but he wasn't going to get her to say it that easily. Even if it was the first word ready to fall from her lips.

Killian pulled his hand away, running his fingers through his dark wet hair, shaking his head as his gaze swept over her body. Wet, was certainly one of the best ways he had ever seen Emma Swan. And boy had he seen her in a lot of ways in his mind, but it didn't beat the fact that right now, he was sliding her soaked tank up over her stomach and she was meeting him half way there as she pulled it over her head and letting it fall to the deck.

"Gods," Killian breathed out as he watched her unhook that piece of clothing he could only akin to a corset, only smaller, and far more enticing because even with it her skin was bared before his eyes.

Emma chewed on the inside of her bottom lip to keep from saying his name as his lips met her breasts. She had imagined that Killian would be a greedy lover, taking what he wanted and forgetting that his lover might want something in return – but she was utterly wrong. The time he was giving to each nipple, the way he caused tremors throughout her body as if it were nothing, impressed her.

"Say my name Emma," Killian murmured against her breast, before kissing his way up to the column of her neck where his tongue lavished that spot at the juncture, relishing when she mewled out something that was almost his name. "Close, but perhaps a little less garbled." He chuckled, using his good hand to unzip her jeans as his hook drew up a careful line along her side.

"K-!" She started but bit down hard on her bottom lip, her back arching as he snuck two fingers between her legs beneath her panties.

"Hmm," He hummed before kissing her slowly, his tongue sliding across her bottom lip, begging her to release so he could kiss her properly. Too focused on what his fingers were doing to release her lip, it wasn't until he pressed a finger slowly into her that the moan gave way for his tongue.

It still wasn't enough. The dizzying pace of his finger slowly thrusting into her and the intoxicating feel of his tongue matching the tempo – just wasn't what she needed. She caved and she didn't even care. "Killian."

"Oh lass," He whispered, pulling his hand away from her, chuckling at the whimper that escaped her lips and enjoying the way she gasped as he jerked both jeans and underwear down in one swift movement of his hand and hook.

Emma fumbled with the laces of his leather pants (that he swore that he would never forsake because jeans look wholly uncomfortable). Her fingers brushed against him, rolling her eyes at the fact that he chose not to wear underwear beneath his trousers.

"Emma," He swore under his breath as he used his hand to hoist her up, wrapping her legs around him as he leaned her back against the mast. Unconventional, to say the least. He pressed his forehead to hers, his cocky attitude about the whole situation simmering away. "Gods, I didn't imagine you'd actually want me, love. I thought I'd have to be up for this challenge till the world came to an end." And he would have, just for her, until she made him leave. Even now, he was willing to leave if she told him too. He only stuck around because he didn't want to leave her like everyone else apparently had.

"I do want you," Emma whispered, pressing soft kisses along his jaw and chin. She wiggled her hips ever so lightly, but she was sure he knew that her want was not purely physical, it was a want for whatever they had a spiritual level that they'd been fighting – that she had been fighting for weeks now.

"Your wish," He eased into her, his eyes drifting close as he savored the sensation of her wrapped so tightly around him. "My command." He muttered as he focused on pulling out and thrusting back in.

Her legs tightened their grip around him, drawing him in closer as she rolled her hips to meet his slow paced thrusts. The rain trickled down her skin, tracing their way over her breasts and stomach, running down the legs that were crossed at the ankles behind his back.

"Killian." She groaned as his hand slipped between them, relying purely on the angle and his hook to keep her balanced as he teased his finger against that little bundle of nerves that would help push her over the edge. With a throaty moan that was dampened by a crack of lightening, Emma's body tightened around him, milking him through to his own peak that made him jerk forward and ground out her name in ecstasy.

With a groan he slowly pulled out of her, his hand sliding up her bare side. "You're going to catch a cough," He chastised quietly as they came down from the high and he let her feet drop down to the deck. "What say we move our little… rendezvous into my quarters?"

"I say we," Emma wasn't going to be able to shake the smile off of her face for a very long time.

And then Hook took her into the Captain's Quarters and banged her like a gentleman. Now who wants to see that? *wiggles eyebrows*