Dear Professor Layton,

It's I, Clive. I've been released from prison for good behaviour. I have been doing community service and I promise to stick to it until it's over. I kept that promise for over six years now. Remember, Professor, when I said I would atone for my crimes? Well, this how I will pay back.

Sadly, this was cut short. I was kidnapped and beaten, left for dead until a brown-haired, yellow-jacketed woman saved me. I didn't catch her name, because they beat her up as well.

Professor… I should not even be writing this. If they found out I was talking to someone, they might kidnap me again. It is dangerous to walk the streets because of them!

I have no idea who these men are! Please listen to me…

Please rescue me…



P.S. You can find me on Carnaby Street.

The blue-capped, dark-eyed man dropped the letter into the mailbox, carefully eyeing his surroundings. He wasn't careful enough, though…

He was grabbed and dragged away.