Chapter 5

We travelled around the compound for a while until we came upon a puzzle. It was another riddle with a cryptogram: Entslcdi. A pile of letters appeared in a box near the door.

"I'll take care of this Hershel!" Emmy stated. "Let's see… When the Sun and Moon align, this shadowy figure appears in the sky."

"You want a hint?"

"A penumbra, Hershel?" she asked. "Because it was eclipse, the first letter wouldn't be an E as well."

"I think maybe you're right." I picked up some of the letters and pushed them in. Emmy picked up the rest and pushed them in. The door started to swing open. "Great job, Emmy," I said happily.

"Thanks, Hershel." The door opened to another room. It seemed to be some sort of control room.

"You're welcome, Emmy." I stared at the room. "Shall we go in?"

"I don't see why not." She shrugged. We both nodded and walked into the room. The room was small, with many control panels with buttons of many different colours. There were several screens in the room, all with different videos on each of the screens. This must be how he monitored our every move.

"That's odd… Hershel." She pointed at the conveniently placed fridge in the middle of the room.

"That… is odd. He must have wanted to keep a very close watch."

"Mmm!" a muffled voice said.

"What was that?" she asked.

"It sounded like a voice to me. Let's look around the room." I started looking around the room. There appeared to be no places to hide a person, except for… the fridge. "…In the fridge?" I looked at Emmy. She shrugged. I kneeled down to eye level. There appeared to be a puzzle. There was a note on the door of the fridge.

"I am the most prominent figure in the northern sky. I have a well-known asterism inside of me. Who am I?" I read it aloud.

"I'll take care of this." She grinned. She moved the dials of the puzzle around. "Ursa Major," she stated. "It's the most prominent constellation." The door unlocked, swinging open. A person fell out of the fridge. It shocked us both.

That person was Clive. The ropes were bound around him tightly. He had tape around his mouth. I had no time to describe him; he needed to be untied ASAP. Emmy and I grabbed the ropes and untied him quickly. I grabbed the tape and carefully pulled it off his face.

"Ugh…," he simply responded. He looked awful. His face was wan, and his eyes were red. "Professor? Yellow-jacket?"

"Clive… it's me, Emmy. Emily Altava. Don't you remember me?" she asked.

"E-Emmy…? I-I didn't recognise you…" He started coughing. "I need my antibiotics soon. I've been without them for three days. I'm scared I'll die." He coughed again, sending blood splattering all over his hands. "I have really bad pneumonia."

"Did Descole capture you?" I asked.

"Yes. He wanted to extort me, but I wasn't going to fall into that trap." He chuckled slightly, smirking. "I too, an 'evil' genius and I know the consequences of extortion." He coughed again. "Please get me back to my home."

"Right. Emmy, let's find a way out of here." I started looking around the room. "Clive, do you know of a way out of here?" I looked at him.

"Before being stuffed in that fridge, I remember him exiting through that door over there. I think there's a puzzle on the door. I do believe I know the answer." He weakly got up and walked over to the said door. We walked over with him and watched him closely. He began to spin the dial. The word was 'tern'. Why he would choose a bird, who knows?

The door swung open, exposing us to the outside elements. We were high off the ground, by least hundred feet. "We're in one of Descole's machines. We need a find a way to get down!" He pointed to the earth below us. Wind whipped past us. The machine appeared to be moving, something we didn't realise before. "And yes, the machine is moving."

"Do you know where it's going, Clive?" I asked.

"It's heading towards a new Azran location that none of us ever knew about. It's the Lost City of Atlantis. This machine is going to submerge soon."

"You've got to be kidding me, Clive!" Emmy said shockingly.

"Atla…Atlantis, you said?" I blinked.

"And I thought that was only in stories, Hershel…"

Clive's ghastly face turned slightly green. "I think I'm going to be sick."

"Calm yourself, Clive." I put a hand on his shoulder.

"It's starting to submerge…," he noted.

"Do you get seasick, Clive?" I asked.

"Sort of, Professor…" he replied. "Let's shut the door." He walked over to the door. I helped him push it that it would close properly. He collapsed on the floor. He coughed again, even more blood spraying from his mouth and covering his hand. "I need medicine soon…."

"Yes. We'll try to figure out how to get out of here. Do you know how Descole controlled this thing?"

"Sadly, I don't, Professor. I bet you can solve it." He coughed again. He was too weak to move. I searched around the room but didn't see any buttons. They must be hidden amongst something.


"Yes?" she answered.

"Try putting your hand in there. Yours are smaller than my hands." I pointed to a hole that was in the middle of the room. She nodded, placing her hand inside the hole.

"I think it's a puzzle…" She immediately gasped.

A voice started talking on intercom, "very well, Emmy. I see you have figured out my puzzle. You will have five minutes to solve it."

"What am I supposed to do with this?" she asked.

I couldn't figure it out, since I couldn't see the puzzle. "Emmy, do your best."

"I think I've figured it out. I have to put my fingers in a certain spot." She gritted her teeth. Although I couldn't see her hand, I could certainly see her arm moving. Her face was tense as she concentrated on the puzzle. Suddenly, something moved in the middle of the room.

The voice spoke over an intercom again, "congrats. You have solved the puzzle. The prize is medicine for the ailed Clive." A bottle of medicine appeared in the middle of the room. Emmy was about to get her hand out of the hole, but something weird happened. She gasped in horror as she took her hand out.

It was covered in blood…