Ok, so this is the first story I've written so it might suck, it might not. Just as a warning some of the time frames will not be correct. As in Greek and Roman times, for one its fan fiction and I really don't care if it's historically perfect or if it coincides with PJO or HOO because it's not PJO or HOO because I don't own them! If I did then that would be badass because I'd be filthy rich and not racking up students loans that will take a decade to pay off. Love it or hate I don't mind but if you are just commenting to tell me I suck at writing then don't waste your time because I don't really care, if I was good then I'd write a book to pay off my students loans. But I can't because I'm not a writer but oh well here goes nothing…

As for the story, it's gonna have a little of all my favorite stories in it but at the same time be different. I gotta say I took the idea of Lupa having a kid from Theseuslives, but that's it, it'll be nothing like Perseus and the Monster Force, which by the way is a great fic if you're looking for a good one to read, actually all his stories are good so read those, they'll be better than this one. Oh and this is an AU…. Percy's not a demigod, hes a god…

Oh and just in case you didn't catch it in my rant, I don't own PJO or HOO. Rick Riordan does. I wouldn't write on fan fiction if I did, I'd be wasting my millions on pointless cool shit.

Prologue: Birth of a Savior

3rd Person POV:

Deep in the woods of the Roman empire, a large wolf sprinted further and further into the wilderness trying to find a cave or clearing where she could deal with the golden glow emitting from her stomach. Eventually the pain became too intense and she settled herself beside a tall tree. The wolf began to glow with a blinding light until in the place of the wolf stood a beautiful woman with noticeably large canine teeth whenever her mouth opened. With no experience of her own she did not know what she should be doing and prayed for a miracle to save her from the misery of her first childbirth. While she had raised many children of Rome such as Romulus and Remus she has never dealt with childbirth, especially not the birth of a godling. As she waited a wall of darkness appeared and out stepped a man around 6 ft 6 with pitch black eyes that seemed to radiate intense power. As the man approached her, her vision became blurry and she could feel herself losing consciousness. Before the darkness overtook her, the man knelt beside her and said, "Relax mother of Rome, I am her to help ease you of the burden inflicted on you".

When the wolf goddess awoke she found herself in a pure white room with no memory of how she got there. She began to worry what had become of her child and the man who showed up claiming to be there to help her. As if hearing her unasked question, the man stepped into the room through a door that she swore had not been there a moment ago. In his arms, wrapped in a blanket was a small young baby boy with jet black hair, red eyes and familiar large canines protruding just barely out of his small infant mouth. The man walked near the bed, snapped his fingers and produced a chair where he sat down with the infant still cradled in his arms.

"I know what has brought you here and this child into the world", the man said. "I know what that bastard war god did to you and for that I am sorry." The Goddess Lupa began to feel tears welling up in her eyes but quickly regained her composure like a true Roman and steeled her nerves enough to ask the question she thought she knew the answer to but had to be sure.

"Who are you?" She asked with conviction in her voice but also apprehension as she knew if this is who she thought it was this man could wipe out an entire galaxy with a snap of his fingers.

"Why I believe your know the answer to that Lupa, I am Chaos the creator, the first primordial. As for your next question, I am here to help you and your son but first I must ask you, what it is you want to do with your child?" Chaos asked in a kind tone but laced with curiosity about her thoughts on the child.

"I do not blame the child for what happened to me, despite him being the son of that bastard war god; he is still my child, my only child, my own flesh and blood. I would raise the child but I do not think it is possible. If Jupiter or the other Olympians found out about him they would most likely try to kill him before he could be a threat. The child will not be able to find a place in this world. He will be an outcast, he will not be accepted in Rome as he is half Greek, and the Greeks will not accept a child of Rome into their world either." Lupa stated with worry in her eyes. "The bastard did not even have the decency to assault me in his Roman form, he chose to rape me as Ares as if to add insult to the injury he inflicted on me."

"Does the war god know of the child in any way?" Chaos asked as he took in the information provided by the Goddess.

"No. I have avoided him and the other Gods and Goddesses the last few months to ensure they did not notice a change in my aura that could tip him off to the pregnancy." Lupa replied.

Chaos was silent for several minutes as he seemed to be thinking over the best route to take concerning the child. "If you wish it, I will raise the child here, in the void, as if he were my own." He said as he looked at Lupa to see her reaction.

"So I will never see my child again?" Lupa asked with worry in her voice.

"That is up to you my dear Goddess. I can give you a way to contact me which will allow you to visit him here or I can use my powers to hide him from other gods and allow him to come to earth the visit you for short periods to time when he is older. I do not wish to take your child from you but as you know he is a God. A very powerful one at that as he is the first child of the mother of Rome and the first child of the Greek Olympian God of War. I will teach him about his powers and abilities as I raise him but he will also gain more powers and abilities from my blessing. I would also like to adopt him as my son and make him a true son of the creator. I will not hide his origins from him either. When he is old enough I will explain to him the facts surrounding his creation that led him to my care." Chaos replied.

"I must tell you that eventually he will return to earth as I have foreseen a day far in the future when the survival of the Gods will depend on him. That day is still far into the future but when it comes he will be the only hope for the survival of Olympus." Chaos said looking deep into Lupa's golden eyes for her reaction to his proposal.

"I see no other option for my son's survival. I will be forever in your debt Lord Chaos." The wolf goddess replied sadly as she looked at her son.

"You owe me nothing, I am more than happy to help a true hearted goddess like yourself. I will make sure no one learns that you are no longer a maiden so as to be sure you are not cast out of your home." Chaos kindly responded.

"Now what would you like to name your son?" Chaos asked.

"Perseus." Lupa replied looking deep into her son's eyes, which she could not help but notice were so much like her rapists; which brought anger and fury into her heart but despite the reminder of the child's father, she looked at her son with a combination of love and sadness. Love for her only child and sadness for the fact she cannot raise him herself. "He will need luck on his side just like the Greek hero Perseus had, for his return to earth."

"Very well, from this day forward he will be known as Lord Perseus, son of Lupa the mother of Rome and adopted son of Chaos the creator" Chaos stated before he began to chant quietly in a language Lupa could not understand. After he stopped chanting, Perseus began to glow the darkest black imaginable. When the glowing died down, Lupa looked at her son and gasped when she saw his eyes, they were a glowing mix of black, and silver, and pulsed with power similar to the eyes of Chaos.

Chaos handed the baby to Lupa who smiled a fanged smile at the baby boy in her arms.

"I thought it would be better if the child had no physical reminder of the war god." Chaos stated as he looked at the happy face of the wolf goddess as she looked at her son.

"Thank your Lord Chaos. Thank you for everything you have done for us." Lupa said.

"It was my pleasure as I now have a new son of my own as well." Chaos replied with a smile.