Ch.23 The Epilogue

Perseus sat on his throne inside the throne room on Olympus listening to Poseidon go over the state of affairs of Olympus. Perseus smiled to himself, this was what a council meeting was supposed to be like. Everyone sat in their thrones listening to Poseidon speak. No one was arguing or even glaring at each other. The past three years had been completely peaceful. No battles, no wars. Monsters still attacked but that couldn't be avoided. The hunt was more than happy to track down groups of monsters that posed threats to demigods. Perseus looked to his left and smiled happily as he watched his wife listen to Poseidon speaking. Perseus looked around and saw his daughter Thalia staring at a throne across from her. Her face was smiling and her cheeks were red. Perseus laughed to himself when he saw who she was looking at, Nico Di Angelo, son of Hades. Perseus assumed Thalia would have fallen for Hermes' son Luke but both her happy and still best friends. After being made gods, Luke and Annabeth fell in love. They got married a year ago and even had their first baby godling a few weeks ago. Athena wasn't thrilled with Annabeth's choice but knew Luke was a good guy.

Athena and Poseidon had followed Zoe and Perseus to the altar even quicker than Perseus predicted; but they had been together for centuries in secret so he supposed it made sense. Despite not having any children yet, the small bulge in Athena's stomach alerted everyone to the upcoming change in that, even if they hadn't mentioned it yet.

The most surprising thing that happened over the past few years was Perseus' relationship with Zeus. After a year, Zeus had let go of his anger after he realized that he rather enjoyed being God of Drama and Theater. Zeus apologized to Perseus and thanked him for fixing the problems on Olympus. Perseus laughed to himself when he thought about Zeus. The man had a knack for his domains. After Zeus apologized, Perseus asked his nieces to remove the arrogance domain from his titles; something that helped Zeus become more respected on Olympus again.

Perseus and Zoe had lived on Olympus for only a month when Perseus came across his first issue. His sister Clarisse had informed Perseus that Heracles had been trying to get with her. The next time Heracles tried flirting with Clarisse, Clarisse told him to piss off. When she turned to walk away, Heracles grabbed her wrist. He was quickly met with the close handed fist of Clarisse knocking him out cold. Heracles woke up to find himself standing in front of the Olympian Council. At Perseus' request, Heracles was stripped of his godhood but left immortal as the council couldn't take that away from him. Hades had offered to take him down to the Underworld and cast him into Tartarus but Perseus had his own ideas. He grabbed Heracles by the throat before dragging him to the edge of Olympus. Taking a page out of Zeus' book, he cast Heracles off Olympus. After his fall, Heracles was left a paraplegic immortal, forced to spend eternity on Earth without the ability to touch another woman again.

Perseus was brought out of his thoughts by a shadow descending in the middle of the throne room causing a wide smile to stretch across his face. The shadow solidified into three figures; two small ones and one large one.

"Daddy!" A little girl squealed happily.

"Mommy!" Another little girl yelled in joy.

Poseidon smiled and ended the meeting as both Perseus and Zoe were suddenly attacked by two little girls who jumped up onto their thrones and into their laps. The man who accompanied the girls smiled at the little girls' excitement.

Perseus looked down at the little girl in his lap smiling, "Did you have fun with you aunt and uncle, Andromeda?"

The little girl's face cracked into a wide grin, large canine teeth just like Perseus' were clearly evident in her smile.

"Yes Daddy. Grandpa showed us some other planets that he watches over. Then Auntie Nyx brought us shopping in Grandpa's city." The girl said excitedly, pulling a couple large shopping bags out of shadows to show her father.

"Your aunt and uncle spoil you two." Zoe said playfully as she looked up at Erebus who smiled sheepishly at Zoe. Zoe just smiled and shook her head at him.

"Are you going to say hello your grandma Artemisia? Zoe asked as she stared into her daughter's volcanic rock black eyes with some silver mixed in from her father.

The little girl's eyes widened and both girls jumped off their parents' laps and sprinted toward the goddess of hunt who was smiling at the girls happily.

Both climbed onto Artemis' lap and hugged her tightly, earning a wide grin from Artemis as she began to talk to the little girls.

Perseus got out of his throne and walked out over Erebus with a big smile, "Thanks for watching the girls for a few days. They've been bugging us to spend some time with you and Nyx."

Erebus grinned, "Anytime brother. The girls are little sweethearts. Thankfully Aether has been in a pain in his mother's ass lately so I could sneak them back or else you may have had to pry them from Nyx's grasp. Now you've got her asking me to have another child, she wants a daughter desperately after falling in love with your girls."

Perseus shook his head chuckling, "There's worse things in the world."

Erebus nodded and smiled before vanishing from the throne room.

Thalia, who was talking to Nico a few feet away from Perseus and Zoe, was suddenly tackled to the ground by two hyper little girls.

"Jeez girls, what are you trying to do, break me?" Thalia asked as Nico chuckled at her. Thalia's face turned red at Nico's laughter.

The girls starting giggling at Thalia, "We're sorry sister. We didn't mean to embarrass you in front of your boyfriend." Artemisia said teasingly, causing Thalia's blush to deepen.

Thalia turned toward her giggling sisters with an evil grin before starting to tickle them both. Both girls starting giggling even louder before they vanished from Thalia's grasp, reappearing behind their parents' legs still giggling.

Before they could react Thalia appeared behind them and snatched up each little girl in an arm.

"Oh no you don't," Thalia said. "You little brats are overdue to spend some quality time with your big sister." Thalia said before carrying the girls back over to Nico where they vanished off to another part of Olympus.

Perseus and Zoe watched the whole event unfold with warm smiles.

Zoe turned to Perseus and wrapped her arms around his back, "I love you Percy." She said happily as she leaned her head into his chest.

Perseus smiled and kissed the top of her head, "I love you too Zoe. Let's go home and enjoy some time together while Thalia keeps the girls entertained for a while."

Zoe looked up at Perseus and smiled at him seductively, "I think I know what we can do while the girls are out." She said with a wink.

Perseus grinned and leaned down kissing his wife tenderly before they both were engulfed by a shadow and disappeared to their palace.

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