When a child is born, many people are happy.

Especially the parents.

And especially Hermione and Ron.

From the moment she was born, they doted on Rose.

They wanted her to be smart.

They made sure she was.

They didn't want her to have a temper.

And she didn't.

Their daughter was always in the spotlight. She was their pride and joy.

But Hugo, oh Hugo, he was another story.

Hugo, they thought, was the misunderstood one.

Nobody could understand him.

Oh, they offered him help, alright.

But when he rejected it, they let it go.

They didn't persist.

And so they lost both of their children.

They just faded away, into their own worlds.

They didn't understand.

They didn't understand why after Rose left Hogwarts she became so bad.

They didn't know why Hugo was so lonely. They didn't know why he always looked like he was in a box, not able to show his feelings.

Poor Ron and Hermione were good people, really. They just weren't sure how to be parents. And they stuffed up.

They never went to Rose's wedding.

They were never invited.

They never went to Hugo's wedding.

They never had his wedding to go to.

And so, they sat there, ageing, hearing about their family meeting up with their children and loving each other.

They sat there wondering where they went wrong.

And they sat there wishing they were that happy family you see on TV.

So desperately wanting their children back.